Time to Lift the Veil

JLH has translated an article from Politically Incorrect about an essay by Oliver Jeges in Die Welt. The PI article included excerpts from the Jeges essay, but instead of including those, the translator has appended the entire piece after the text from PI.

(Photo caption: “A young Palestinian in Berlin demonstrates against Israel”)

Why Do Muslims Not Demonstrate When Muslims Are Killing Muslims?

by Michael Stürzenberger

Today WELT-online published the outstanding commentary: “Are Muslims really Incapable of Self-Criticism?” The author is Oliver Jeges, the son of an Austrian mother and an Egyptian father. He emphasizes the absolute necessity of criticism of Islam, and faults the West for exculpating this “religion” of its responsibility for terrorism. “Current opinion in Europe decrees that terrorism in the name of Islam is not connected to Islam. That is as absurd as maintaining that religious wars have nothing to do with religion.” We are drawing ever closer to public discussion of the heart of the matter.

For instance:

[Excerpt 1, see full article below]

The author, a graduate of the Axel Springer Academy, also addresses the ironclad cohesion of the Ummah — the worldwide community of all Muslims. They are demonstrating everywhere for their co-religionists in Gaza:

[Excerpt 2]

Another important point is that Muslims never see themselves as the perpetrators, but only as the pitiable victims:

[Excerpt 3]

To come to the point, here is the whole article in WELT:

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Commentary on Islam

Are Muslims Really Incapable of Self-Criticism?

by Oliver Jeges

Nine years have gone by since several cartoons almost unleashed World War III. On September 30, 2005, the Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 small caricatures on one page, which, among other things, depicted the Prophet Mohammed as a terrorist.

The best-known drawing was a full-bearded face with a bomb as a turban. It was by Kurt Westergaard — seventy years old at the time — who has since then been under police protection and only just escaped assassination in his own house by fleeing into a panic room built for that purpose.

Far more horrifying than this close shave is the fury which exploded all over the Islamic world because of these twelve drawings. For many Muslims, the satiric representation of their religion’s founder was a cue for unreasoning hatred and uncontrolled violence. Danish embassies in Islamic countries were stormed and their diplomats expelled.

Streets from Jakarta to London were the scene of violent riots, for the one and only reason that Muslims felt provoked and their honor wounded. As a result of the worldwide protests, 139 people were killed and 800 seriously injured. There were similar upsurges of violence after the announced Koran burnings by American preacher Terry Jones, as well as at the opening of the low-budget, Islam-critical film, “Innocence of Muslims.”

How is that proportional?

The impression that arises in the world because of this is devastating. There are protests in the Islamic world and in Arab communities only when Muslims are the victims of the West, America or the “Zionists.” But if Muslims are the perpetrators, there is silence.

For instance, when Israel insists on its right of self-defense after months of Hamas rocket attacks, there is a wave of protests throughout the Islamic world. On the other hand, when a terrorist militia like IS (formerly ISIS) terrorizes half of the Levant, bestially slaughtering Shi’ites as well as Sunnis and destroying sacred places, it seldom occurs to Muslims to raise their voices in protest.

And there is not a word about the 180,000 dead in Syria. All the talk now is about the “proportionality” of the Israeli attack on Gaza. Almost no one talks about the “proportionality” of the Muslim-inspired protests.

“Muslims do not murder” — Come again?

Presently, it is possible to see one demonstration after another in European cities, demanding “Free Gaza from Israel.” These demonstrations are not only home to the new anti-Semitic wave. Curiously, IS and Hamas banners are also being waved there, and none of the participants thinks of objecting.

It is not just Palestinian exiles who want to call attention to the situation in their homeland. Turks, Lebanese, Egyptians, Syrians and Iraqis are chanting for their “brothers in Palestine.” That is as if Finns, Poles and Italians were campaigning for the planned separation of Scotland from Great Britain.

But a Turk or Moroccan has about as much to do with Gaza as a Scandinavian has to do with the Commonwealth. Of course, Christians, Europeans and atheists demonstrate for Gaza because they are concerned about the tragic fate of he Palestinians. But you could ask why the pot always boils when Muslims are the target of a third party, but not when Muslims are the victims of Muslims.

Several days ago a German student of Arab extraction wrote to express his displeasure. His had seen that I wrote an article about Muslim fanatics. In three words, he summarized the message of his victim status: “Muslims do not murder.”

Terror in the name of Islam

That is an attitude encountered time and again among Muslims. Turkey denies the genocide conducted by the Ottomans against the Armenians. 9/11 is — take your choice — a plot by “global Jewry” or an inside job by the Americans. The IS is being guided by the “Zionists.” Osama bin Laden was a CIA agent. Boko Haram are not “real Muslims.” And all the assassinations from Madrid to Bali have nothing to do with “true Islam.”

It’s the others who are guilty. Only one thing cannot be: that a Muslim does anything bad. Apparently, because what is not allowed, cannot happen.

And when the Islamic world closes its eyes to something, that makes it easier for the West to relativize. Current opinion in Europe is: terrorism in the name of Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

That is as absurd as maintaining that religious wars have nothing to do with religion. Of course Islamist motivated violence has to do with Islam. And only Allah knows whether it is the correct or the false interpretation of the Koran.

Muslims should drop their victim mentality

Naturally not all Muslims are prone to violence. The overwhelming majority are peaceful — peaceful but, unfortunately too often mute. That is to say, just because you don’t want to have anything to do with Islamism, that does not mean you may not undertake anything in opposition to it.

So long as Free Gaza demonstrations are not accompanied by Free Syria and Iraq from IS demonstrations, where Muslims discard their victim psychology, the necessary criticism of Islam will not abate, but will increase.

Salman Rushdie, on whom a death fatwa was laid by Ayatollah Khomeini after publication of his novel The Satanic Verses, wrote an essay in the New York Times shortly after 9/11:

Under the provocative title, “Yes this is about Islam,” Rushdie described Islam as an ideology which consistently blames external factors for all the problems in Muslim societies. A culture incapable of self-reflection. Not willing to battle the evil in its own ranks.

It is time for Muslims to lift the veil.

Last published by the author: Generation Maybe (Haffmann and Tolkemitt).

7 thoughts on “Time to Lift the Veil

  1. https://gatesofvienna.net/2014/08/time-to-lift-the-veil/

    The translation says:
    In three words, he summarized the message of his victim status:
    “Muslims do not murder.”

    The original text has a correct word-count:
    Mit nur drei Worten brachte er seine Opferhaltung auf den Punkt:
    “Moslems moerden nicht.”

    The translation says: “what is not allowed, cannot happen.”
    This sounds suspiciously like the punchline of a famous poem
    by Christian Morgenstern, and it is: the original text reads
    “nicht sein kann, was nicht sein darf.”
    And here’s that poem, side by side in German and English:

  2. I find that most Muslims will happily condemn Assad and his regime, so they don’t feel much solidarity for Syria. Unsurprising, given that it’s controlled largely by Alawites.

    As far as protesting ISIS: yes, they point out the specks in our eyes, but ignore the logs in theirs.

  3. Yes. Do I detect early signs of Europe finding its voice – in spite of all the power ranged against it?

    Nature is beyond man’s controlling, whatever the liberal-lefties say. Our ancestral homelands are being taken over by hostile inassimilable aliens. Fact. However you dress it up it’s an inescapable fact that our living space is receding and as history confirms, there is always a reaction to such an action. And that it is paradoxically easier for someone from outside their number and not encumbered with the same guilt to grasp the nettle.

  4. The cartoon riots were not spontaneous: they were instructed and orchestrated, complete with fraudulently added images, some four and a half months after the publication.
    Muslims do as instructed in the mosque. If they do not they are beaten up.

  5. This insanity was all on purpose. After 9/11, the world’s leaders all decided that :

    1. There were too many Muslims in the world to fight them all.
    2. The correct attitude was to teach that it was only a few of the radicals who were to blame and go after these if we had to, always implying that they were a tiny minority.
    3. Never blame the religion as a whole. Never allow teaching of their Koran, or the Hadith’s.
    4. Hope, hope….for a Ataturk, or apostates, or a reformation miracle. Maybe it’ll go away as it did in 1683.

    Everyone in power knew this was a deception–they had the world experts advising them–and they are not that dumb. This had to be what happened.

    Good intentions. Wrong decision. Too late to change. Better to grow old and retire and die than to be accountable for screwing up entire world.

    Time for the adults.

  6. At birth each Muslim must be issued a Menu of Excuses. He/she need not even think when something uncomfortable about Islam is pointed out. Just run your finger down the list until something strikes you as compelling, and voila, there’s the explanation.

    The author points out a couple of the usual excuses,
    a Jewish or Zionist plot
    CIA involvement
    “They’re not real Muslims”
    “Islam has nothing to do with terrorism”
    “The Koran doesn’t say that”
    “That quote is taken out of context.”

    And on and on.

    And of course, the old standby, “Islam is a religion of peace.”

    I applaud Herr Sturzenberger’s efforts. He should know, and I hope he’s able to read these comments, that I (even here in Western Massachusetts) know of his educational campaign about Islam, and admire it. Stated otherwise, his voice is reaching across the globe. Because of people like him (and Gates of Vienna, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson and others), I carry on my own educational campaign about the murderous nature of Islam, sometimes pointing to Herr Sturzenberger as an example.

    • Yes, the standard list of excuses!

      Perhaps time for a game/application, where an attack, honour killing, grooming case etc is discovered – with the relevant Koranic verse cited – and the user can select (or randomly select) one of the standard excuses – “it’s a Jewish plot!”, “Muslims do not murder!”, “that’s out of context!” etc?

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