Australian Volunteers for ISIS

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is a an Australian public broadcasting outfit whose stated purpose is “to provide multilingual and multicultural radio and television services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and, in doing so, reflect Australia’s multicultural society”. Last Tuesday SBS lived up to its mission statement when it aired an episode of the discussion program Insight entitled “Joining the Fight”. The episode focused on young Australian Muslims who have chosen to join the Islamic State (ISIS) to wage jihad in Iraq or Syria.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing excerpts from “Joining the Fight” to make this condensed video:

One of the highlights of the show occurred when a teenaged supporter of ISIS stormed off the set. His lawyer — who accompanied him to the studio for the taping — said that she and her client had been duped by SBS’ producers.

Visit the SBS website to watch the full episode.

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10 thoughts on “Australian Volunteers for ISIS

  1. The Australians never realized how blessed they are to have been enriched with Islamians. If the UK or France is to be used as an example of what they can expect, they may want to slam the immigration gates shut while they still have time.

  2. I sincerely hope the Australian government is paying close attention to the radical views of Abu Bakr and his mates and on humanitarian grounds, using my taxpayer money, issue them with a one-way ticket to Syria or Iraq, whichever is their preference. They have shown great contempt toward Australia and its citizens and articulated very clearly where their allegiance lies. I would take Bakr’s words that ‘Australia is bringing harm to itself by stationing their troops in Afghanistan, etc’ as a threat and hope ASIO is diligently looking into this matter.

    The rhetoric of Bakr and his ‘mates’ is so typical – we Muslims are the victims! Even if truth is staring them in the face, they would still deny it vehemently because they know no other narrative other than the one they have been indoctrinated with.

    • One of the ISIS supporters says that Muslims are obligated to fight “against tyranny and oppression.”

      And how does a good Muslim fight against tyranny and oppression? By commanding that other people convert to Islam or die, and by killing them in horrible ways if they hesitate, or taking the women as sex slaves — and then making sure that all the tyrants and oppressors are properly Islamic ones.

      • I often wonder if Muslims are insane enough to believe their Orwellian take on “tyranny and oppression,” or if they’re merely cynical enough to expect the line to go down well with all the people who would never march around with signs that say “Freedom Go to [Hades]!”

        • Yes, those kinds of Muslims really are insane and they aren’t any “tiny minority” either. It’s not Orwellian so much as it is an Ottoman Empire left-over fantasy. These guys would love to bring back the Janissaries.

          • I don’t think it’s so much an Ottaman Empire left-over as it is an expression of the real Islam.

            (The Janissaries were European men who as children had been selected by Muslim overlords and taken from their parents and brainwashed by Islam. This was an annual tribute imposed on the conquered peoples of SE Europe.)

    • Oz has a better chance of that if the whole current govt is Conservative. I know they got rid of that twit of a PM, but I think they have hate speech crimes firmly in place. Did you see Bakr’s attorney or P.R. person? Peroxide blond woman with lots of make-up. She’d be on his slave list first thing. Dhimmification is proceeding apace in Australia.

      • Dymphna, for a more in depth and revealing expose of Bakr’s lawyer, go to ‘ Bernard Gaynor’s blog’ and look up, Who is Zali Burrows?

        Gaynor had his commission as a major in the Australian Defence Force withdrawn because of his Christian beliefs. To my mind he is a true Aussie Patriot and there are some good posts on that blog!

  3. OMG so these are my fellow Australians! They have made their aim very clear, ie. because the government of this country won’t just quietly accept that Muslims can do, say, dress & practice their religion as they wish, this country is a legitimate target for the soldiers of the caliphate when the time is right. They used the word ‘Justice” a fair bit. Justice is a Trojan horse word taken over by Islam to fool the infidels but is just a euphemism for the full implication of Sharia. Note the Afghani refugee who said he experienced Taliban “Justice” for 6 years, and Justice as we understand it, it was not.

  4. “They [muslims] have shown great contempt toward Australia and its citizens and articulated very clearly where their allegiance lies. ”

    That contempt does not match the contempt that the western govs. and Oz have meted out to their own nations and voters. Why on earth do they have to import muslim invaders in the first place. Nowhere on this planet or other planets are they in danger of being exterminated, cleansed or oppressed. Any corner of any country has 4 or 5 % muslims they want independence first and then to take over the whole country gradually. Kosovo, Phillipines, Britain, Sweden, France. . . . etc.

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