The Love Jihad in India

In India, the common Muslim practice is to kidnap young Hindu women, forcibly convert them to Islam, and then marry them (or turn them into sexual slaves). The process is known as the “Love Jihad”, and it bears a strong resemblance to the “grooming and pimping” epidemic in the UK.

An Indian commenter named Yog left some useful information about the Love Jihad in the comments on Tuesday’s news feed. The post below is adapted from his comment.

There are many many good reports on this phenomenon, but nearly all in Hindi (and many are documentary shows running one to two hours long, but all of those are in Hindi). The problem is that English language media in India is controlled by a small number of powerful groups, and ALL of them are left-secular leaning. In India that means whitewashing any crime done by Islam (be it historical, or more current). You could say that is one of the top planks on which the left-secular movement stands. So they simply deny or play down any instances of “Love Jihad” — this being the name given to it by Hindu organizations.

Here is a website with links, not very good (go to parent of this URL for more links).

Here are statistics confirmed by police investigations. In the states of Kerala (Muslim population 30%) and Karnataka, over 3000 Hindu and Christian girls have gone missing over the past three years. Some are never found again. Some resurface as Muslims.

Usually the girl goes missing. A few months later, her parents receive a letter (with picture of her) saying, “I have converted to Islam. Don’t look for me anymore.” In many cases, the girls are used in the terrorism pipeline, as couriers etc. Some end up as sexual slaves for Jihadi warriors.

Some Hindu organizations have done video documentation of cases where the girl actually tried to run away etc. For example, one is here. All the material is in Hindi, though…

I myself have worked with an organization that helps Hindu girls in this situation, and so know ground details. The numbers and the methods of “disappearance” are really quite staggering. In the region of Marathwada (in state Maharashtra) alone, each year 300 Hindu girls go missing in this way. Police will not act because of political pressure to deny this phenomenon. Parents cry and cry till the tears dry away. They run pillar to post for someone to help find and bring back their daughter. All they have is a letter saying “I have converted.”

Rape is a part of this process.

Girls often (as in the video above) elope with the boy, not knowing who he is, that he is already married etc. (in India, Muslims are allowed to have four wives). When they find out, they try to run, but are often raped brutally to break their will. I followed several individual cases, but it became very hard emotionally to hear those things, so I don’t anymore. Very often, the girl is made pregnant, so that she feels even more vulnerable, and stops resisting.

A few days ago, another case emerged where the Muslim had posed as a Hindu even after marriage (i.e. during the marriage, he said he was Hindu, only later revealed he was Muslim). Here is a report.

The case above came into the news only because the victim is a national shooting champion and belongs to a former royal family (i.e. very influential). Most victims are middle-class and their stories never make the news.

I will keep trying to find good English reportage. If there is some service by which one can translate Hindi to English for a video documentary, I can surely point to good Hindi documentaries.

The Wikipedia article is OK, but really misses a lot of details that have emerged over the past few years. Even so, I would start with it. It sort of describes the state of knowledge a few years ago.

Note from the Baron: A contrary point of view, which considers the Love Jihad to be a myth, may be found at Caravan Daily.

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  1. For our UK friends, a question inspired by the mention of the long officially ignored “grooming” epidemic” in the UK involving girls as young as 10 or 11. The indifference of police and other officials is bad enough, but does anyone know about the parents? Do they try and fail to get police help, are they really unaware, how has this gone on so long “unnoticed”?

  2. Notice that these incidents only happen where muslims are over a certain percentage (about 20%). They know that if they did this in an area that was only 5% muslim there would be (another) Gujurat massacre.

    I saw a blog about how muslims act when they are at certain percentages both nationally and locally, and whenever they get to a certain percentage they ALWAYS engage in violence, intimidation, and terrorism. When they get to 40% (like in Kashmere,) the genocide and ethnic cleansing starts.

    India should just give Kashmere to Pakistan on the condition that no muslim ever be allowed to live in India ever again. The longer they wait to do this, the bloodier it will be.

    • About the Gujarat riots, which I have researched extensively…

      In Gujarat, the initial attack on the Hindu pilgrims came in a densely muslim area, and was well planned (if one is seriously interested in the analysis, one should read the full SIT report of 10 years of investigation carried out by the supreme court appointed committee). For example, while the train burned, all entry routes into the area were blocked by muslim groups so that fire engines etc. could not get in.

      The groups that did it were very well connected politically, belonging to the Congress party. So it seems they thought that they would simply “get away with it.”

      However, they completely underestimated the outrage in the Hindu masses generated by the burnt corpses of the women and children (the majority of the pilgrims killed). The retaliatory attacks by Hindus, and then the post-retaliatory attacks by muslims etc. resulted in over 1000 dead, of whom 70% were muslim. Those riots are a watershed event in independent Indian history.

      There is also compelling (though not conclusive) evidence that this attack was ordered by Pakistani handlers in order to take away pressure from the India-Pakistan border. Remember, this event happened in the months following the attack on Indian parliament (in session) by Pakistani terrorists, which led to the PM ordering the army to the border in full military readiness. If indeed that was the goal, it succeeded. While all Indians were, the day before Godhra train attack, wondering whether there will be war between India and Pakistan, the day after Godhra, no one was talking about it. All eyes were switched towards Godhra.

  3. Thanks Baron, Dymphna, for carrying the story. You have shown far greater concern for Hindu girls than the large media houses in India (most of whom are nominally Hindu, but have been completely “secularized” by which one means that one has to deny that they are Hindu at all).

    A few more notable features of the Love Jihad. Very core to the Jihad’s tactics are “safe houses.” These are houses in all-muslim areas where the girls are “stored.” There are hundreds of reports of girls saying they were moved from one such house to another for periods lasting several months. This is how they go “missing.” Remember, all-muslim areas are no-go zones for police (as also for other government agencies). This is a well-established “principle” of policing in India. Once an area reaches, say, 60% muslim, the police simply leave it out of their operation. Plus a police team almost never can enter houses in muslim areas, since the muslim religious leaders say that is against the system of segregation of women that their religion requires. So they say it is matter of their religion not to allow men outside the family to enter the house.

    India is a large country, and there are tens of thousands of such areas. So once a girl goes missing, she may leave the state quickly, and that’s the last trace there is of her.

    It is not easy for parents to know who their daughters are seeing. For example, the recent case shows that muslim men will adopt Hindu names, right up till the marriage itself. So things are complicated. A lot of this happens online these days, where almost always the muslim male is posing as a Hindu, with a Hindu id. Only after the girl has fallen into the trap does he reveal that he is a muslim.

    There was a case recently of this sort where the male said he was a Hindu, with a highly successful business. In fact, he was muslim, and was unemployed. Once he had the girl in his “custody”, he tortured her quite badly. Photos showed blade marks all over her face and body. Luckily she managed to escape the muslim safehouse where he had “stored her”. Such cases are very common, and only very few (where the girl somehow manages to escape) come to light, and that too never in the major newspapers but in regional vernacular ones.

    • Something I’ve been thinking about for a long time… That the ancestors of the muslims of India (and Pakistan) were originally Hindus who were forcibly converted several centuries ago when the muslim hordes plundered the country.

      Shame on them for forgetting the sacrifices of their ancestors; they owe it to these same ancestors to convert back to their far superior religious origins.

      As for the attitudes of the Indian press and “authorities”. They have disregarded the ideals of the great Vivekananda and thus the ideals of their great spiritual inheritance? Shame on them too.

      • Seriously?

        Does that go for all peoples conquered by others many generations ago? So those British people conquered by England should do the same thing? And risk their families’ lives and well-being? Maybe the remnants of America’s indigenous peoples should rise up and declare a suicidal war on Americans living around them?

        The partition was fought to give Muslims their own state. And it was a hugely bloody conflict that didn’t solve much. Islam’s bloody savagery is unparalleled, but the dominant religion in, say, Sri Lanka is Buddhism. Christians and Muslims, both minorities, are discriminated against re education and jobs. But that is normal and usual behavior for a majority population in ANY country and it follows kinship group behavior.

        Bloody Islamic behavior is far worse and malignant. I have often wondered if the harsh reality of desert tribalism, where natural resources were few, is not essentially scarcity thinking that allowed for the phenomenon of “Islam” to arise there in the first place.

        • “I have often wondered if the harsh reality of desert tribalism, where natural resources were few, is not essentially scarcity thinking that allowed for the phenomenon of ‘Islam’ to arise there in the first place.”

          Bingo. Islam was created by and for Bedouins in the Saudi Arabian desert. It was designed to meet their particular needs.

        • Yes – seriously…

          The first thing is to appreciate (mentally) what our ancestors went through; to pay some homage to them. This may – at least in some cases – give pause when it comes to fanaticism. The idea is to build up a situation where blind acceptance is somewhat mitigated.

          Will this work? As you and others suggest, this could lead to the horror of Islamic retaliation and all that entails. This is why democratic countries ought to take steps to protect those who have made the decision to revert to their origins… That is, if we can find any remaining democratic countries not in the thrall of multiculturalism.

          As for “all peoples conquered by others many generations ago,” I have no knowledge as to how much they were forced to change by their conquerors. However, I do know that the change from the philosophies of Hinduism to those of Islam would have been considerably traumatic, and this trauma is very easily definable if one has knowledge of the two religions.

          There are in fact “reversion” movements going on, perhaps to a relatively small extent, in various places in the world at this moment. Iran springs to mind.

      • Yes, that reflects the larger seamier uglier underside of the Muslim expansion — oppressing and terrorizing the non-Muslim demographics upon which Muslims were parasitic so much and so long, they eventually crossed over to the dark side and became, effectively, spiritual zombies. Meanwhile, due to the same oppression and terror, the dhimmi populations who remained non-Muslim also tended to shill in various ways for their Muslim masters, through a torturous psychocultural process of Stockholm syndrome. We see that throughout the Middle East and parts of southern Europe where Muslims have penetrated historically. Most Egyptian Muslims, for example, come from non-Muslim indigenous (largely Christian) stock; ditto for Persians coming from non-Muslim indigenous (largely Zoroastrian) stock. Etc.

  4. The extent of this situation can also be gauged by something that happened about 2 years ago in the state of Bengal, in one of the border districts (with Bangladesh) where illegal immigration has driven the Hindu population from 87% just 16 years ago to just over 55% now.

    On the occasion of Eid, the local muslims organized a huge rally. Part of the rally was the “exhibition” of 800 women, fully clad in burkhas. What was exceptional about these women is that they were all victims of Love Jihad from that district alone!! So the “war booty” of Hindu women “captured” through such means was displayed in grand fashion. This sort of thing also demoralizes Hindus, who then leave the area, making it even more Islamic.

    Notably, not a single English language newspaper carried the story, even though amateur videos of this rally could be obtained from some independent bloggers.

    PS: I learned later that in Egypt, Coptic Christian women who have been converted are also often displayed in rallies by the muslim brotherhood etc.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Baron – perhaps a good occasion to really home in on this issue? (whether it’s UK-style “grooming”, Indian-style “love jihad”, Dutch-style “lover boys” or otherwise).

    It’s something that’s also, in a way, happened in my family, with an aunt stuck in Malaysia with an abusive, Islamic-fundamentalist husband (who even stops his car in the middle of the road for Friday prayers!). And, thinking more about it, it seems to me that this may be something that’s central to the Islamic method of conquest… for, if 10% of women in a certain age group have relationships with Muslims (as appears to have happened in Rotherham), and have children that are Muslim, it would take 5 generations for the number of infidel children to decrease to around a half of what they would have been otherwise. Meanwhile, there are also more Muslim children who would conversely serve to increase the Muslim population…

    Would this not then be a key aspect to “demographic warfare” – meaning that relationships with Kuffar women would, for Muslims, be even more important than relationships with Muslim women? (which would serve merely to increase the Muslim population, without any effect on the number of infidels)

  6. Baron: the link for the “other side” is by Ram Punyani—one of the ideologues of the left-Marxist viewpoint in India. Their immediate reaction (no matter how hard the evidence) is that Hindus are just “making it all up.”

    In any event, this was the “he said, she said” till about 3 years ago when the police finally, under judicial order, organized an investigation into the matter. It revealed that at least 3000 Hindu girls have been victimised in this fashion in the 2 southern states alone. Of course, the leftists will readily say “if the Hindu girl has *willingly* converted to Islam, what’s your problem.” I have no problem if it is willing. But all the testimonies say this was far from willing. There was rape and other brutal coercion involved.

    Listen to the victim, let her tell her story. The story she tells is incredibly scary, full of brutal savagery upon womanhood, and makes any decent man sick to his stomach.

  7. Regarding the link sent by Yog – it’s to a story titled “Love Jihad”, and carried by Yahoo! India. If such “mainstream” websites are reporting on this in such a fashion, does this not suggest that among a large, mainstream proportion of Indians, it’s accepted that “Love Jihad” does in fact take place?

    • By now, there is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind, except the core leftist ideologues, that Love Jihad is real. For example, even established news networks have carried documentaries in Hindi on it. It has been discussed on the floor of the Lok Sabha (our “house of commons”). But the establishment English language papers such as Times, The Hindu (a strange name, because it is most anti-Hindu), will not openly acknowledge it. Or at least, will try to drown any article asserting its validity by several who cast doubt, or say “the Hindu groups are just making it up.”

  8. Btw, while I was in India a few years back, in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, I saw many times on motorbikes, bearded Muslim men with Muslim hats, and riding on the back women with colourful dresses… although their heads were covered, they did not look like the standard Muslim dresses – but seemed (at least to me, a Westerner for the first time in India) to be more like the dresses typically worn by Hindu women.

    Yog – I’m wondering if you’ve seen similar, and if such women are in your opinion likely Hindu or Muslim?

    • I am not able to say for sure. The dresses worn by muslims are subtly different, but without a photograph etc. I could not say for sure.

      One more thing that has been reported frequently is that the muslim men who “stake out” Hindu women (for example, outside colleges and high schools) are generally very suave. They look “modern” and this is part of the lure. It is only later that their identities are revealed. They frequently ride on fancy, newer motorbikes, and have money to spend. Even exact “stipends” that they receive have been reported. The formula is something like “spend X rupees on a Hindu girl, if she does not show interest, move on, find another one quickly” etc. Now these are what you could call “love jihad.”

      Then there are many cases where the girl is simply kidnapped. In that case, trying to woo the girl is not part of the equation. She simply vanishes (often while coming home from school, since that time her routine is well known) and the parents either never learn of her, or get a letter saying she has converted a few months later. This second type of “conquest” is frequently reported from Pakistan as well. The exact numbers are hard to come by, but a very reliable source on the ground who is trying to help such families told me that it goes into hundreds every year in a few districts in Maharashtra (which is a large state on the west).

      It is also not widely known that the epidemic of kidnapping Hindu women by muslims had reached terrific proportions around the partition of India, and a special commission was instituted by the Indian government in 1948 (a year after partition) to try to recover these Hindu girls. Over a million Hindu girls were estimated to have been kidnapped in those years. There are detailed reports, including those by English officials, that will testify to this. This is a PART AND PARCEL of how Islam operates. You could say it is part of their “rules of engagement” with kafirs.

      • btw – unfortunately I didn’t take photos, but the women riding with the bearded Muslims were wearing colourful dresses, some yellow, with a loose covering of the head (but not the face).

        The rest of my reply is below.

        • I will not be able to say with this information. It might well be muslim women. The colorful dress by itself does not rule them out. In parts of India, muslim women may wear colorful dresses, but will cover their faces.

      • Kidnapping happens frequently to Copt girls, too. Once forcibly married to Egyptian Muslim men, would these wives be seen as “damaged goods” by their families, even if they could manage to get them back? If by some miracle they were able to return, would they be marriageable after being “spoiled”?

        Also, in the south Asian subcontinent and throughout Asia, there is an established preference for sons. Thus the practice of female foeticide and infanticide is widely practiced. Obviously this puts young women in great danger as they reach marriageable age since there are far fewer of them.

        Western women who visit India complain that stepping out in public is dangerous, even in groups. Their bodies are pinched, groped, bruised, and pawed over. What must it be like for native women??

        • Is Green Infidel = Dymphna? I could not find any other response “below”, so assuming the above identity.

          Yes, there is a regrettable preference for sons much throughout Asia, although a recent poll suggests it might be reversing in parts of Asia because it is not being “felt” that a daughter might be more likely to take care of the parents in their old age (that is the source of the preference–traditionally, the son took care of the parents in old age).

          Foeticide is still practised in India, though it is strictly illegal. Infact the government has made even sex determination tests illegal. Yet, it happens. The extent of it is somewhat debatable. Initial estimates *may* be off, because it was found that the sex ratios in parts of India were actually not that different from, for example, Japanese Americans. But, without doubt, this is a serious problem, and one that the government has taken a lot of steps to curb. It should also be pointed out that the occurrence of this problem varies *widely*. In general, the status of women (and foeticide) is highly correlated with the years of Islamic rule. As you may know, Islamic rule varied throughout India. In Punjab, it was the longest (about 750 years), while in some states of India, it was as less as a few decades. You will find that all the problems of women that are well-highlighted by media in the west are highly concentrated in those areas where Islamic rule lasted long. The reasons—I hardly need tell you. I have studied this problem in some detail–can share notes later.

          Same goes for the groping problem. Where I come from (which was the epicenter of a Hindu revival movement in the 17th century), if a man gropes you, you can just say “he groped me” and soon he will be beaten pretty badly. It does not happen there. But in Delhi, other parts of North India, parts of South where Islamic rule lasted, the story is entirely different. Incidentally, this is something all of India has become aware of greatly, and this 15th August (our independence day, when the PM delivers a speech to the nation [sort of like your “state of union address]), the PM took the unprecedented step of discussing this, and saying “it has shamed our nation.” It really struck a cord, and many people felt very happy that our PM (who is a staunch Hindu nationalist) had raised what was once regarded as something you didn’t talk about much.

          India is changing very fast (probably faster than any other country in the world). I am hoping that the Hindu ethos that guides it will take it to a far better place than it is today. That includes the position of women, which needs lot of improvement. All I can say is this: before the Islamic invasions, Hindu marriages were by “swayamwar” (literally “to find one’s own groom”). All eligible men stood in an assembly, and the girl would walk through it with garland, and pick the one she liked. Can you imagine that? So empowering. And this at a time when women elsewhere were not much more than property. (I am talking till 12th century, when North India finally fell to Islam). So let us keep hope, let us help where we can help, and let us pray for this oldest of the world’s civilizations.

          I am out of town till Sunday, will rejoin conversations then.

          Long live America, Long live India, both great countries, great civilizations.

          PS: The issue of how Islamic rule systematically and completely degraded the position of women in India is a very important one. I’ll just give you one data point: in parts of India where Islamic rule lasted many centuries, Hindu weddings are done after dark! (I don’t need to tell you why) The left will not allow any academic to touch these important social issues. I have done some studies on my own. Would like to share at a later date.

          • Yog, thank you very much for your illuminating remarks here.

            And, of course, huge thanks to the Baron and Dymphna for publishing them on this marvelous creation of theirs.

            >”You will find that all the problems of women that are well-highlighted by media in the west are highly concentrated in those areas where Islamic rule lasted long.”

            It is the same way in the West.

            Almost all “honor” murders world-wide are perpetrated by Mohammedans. But when a rare exception of a Christian European man murdering his daughter occurs, (for example, for her losing her virginity before marriage), it is always among men from Sicily, the southernmost areas of the Italian boot, Sardinia, Corsica, Greece, the other Balkans, southern Spain, Portugal, etc. In other words, the very areas of Europe where Islamic rule lasted longest, or was repeated multiple times over many centuries.

            Starting in the late 15th century, the newly-liberated Spaniards began their own conquests in the New World, bringing with them, in many cases, the Islamically-inspired ethics of their dhimmi ancestors. These blended with the brutal, anti-female practices of such violent peoples as the Aztecs of Mexico, who had independently developed a warlike parasitic culture which, in many respects, was analogous to that of Islam.

            The cases of family “honor” violence, or of any similarly-motivated mistreatment of girls, that occur in the Americas usually spring from this mixture of post-Islamic Iberian/pre-Columbian Native American cultures. That is to say, the cases that do not involve recent Mohammedan immigrants, or immigrants who came directly from the previously Arab-ruled or Turkish-ruled fringes of Europe mentioned above.

            Btw, I know from a Christian Indonesian friend that the Islamic “love jihad”, not under that name, but otherwise exactly like you describe, was regularly targeting Christian girls in the most heavily Christian parts of Indonesia 20 years ago.

            So much for it being “made up” by Hindu nationalists in India today.

  9. Back in 1947 as well. you say? Amazing it’s been happening for so long – with not much changing… The “modern look” thing happens in Britain as well. The “groomers” here will tend to drive around in very expensive cars, and will not look like the typical “devout” type. They may also call themselves English names, like “Jim”, etc.

    That said – it looks like at least in India you have “thousands of adverts” warning of the dangers of love jihad (at least according to the Marxist naysayer linked to at the end of the post). Which is more than could ever be expected in Britain – where almost any mention of “Islam” or “Muslim” is considered hate speech and banned… (unless you’re saying “Islam is Peace”)

    • What is the BNP doing? Why are they not making the population aware of this danger? Where is the BNP while all this is happening?

    • Except Green Infidel the BBC in the last few days have been falling over themselves to say “muslim” and “Pakistani” at every opportunity. No doubt because Professor Jay has now made it respectable to properly brand the perpetrators. May it continue.
      Two muslims took part in a Beeb feature about Rotherham. One a young bloke representing muslim youth. He didn’t hold back on what he thought of the animals and happily said that they were of Pakistani origin and supposedly muslim – but not a form of islam he, or his friends, recognised.
      The Second a very articulate woman in a headscarf who I think ran an organisation dealing with domestic abuse. She avoided saying either “Pakistani” or “muslim”. Instead she reverted to “asian” and also claimed that “asian” girls were also targetted by the grooming gangs. Of course we know that – except that they target Sikh and Hindu girls in particular but nothing like as frequently as white girls, and never muslim girls. She was practicing “kitman” I think and the interviewer let her get away with it.

  10. Here is a picture of a Hindu Love Jihad victim who managed to escape. She was kept in a “safe house” in a muslim area of Bombay (no less) called Sewri. Look at the cut marks all over her face and hands:

    Of course, such things never appear in the Times or the Hindu. But if you look in regional papers you can find them.

    The best sources are the Love Jihad victim files (videos) but they are entirely in Hindi. They interview the few victims who have escaped, who describe all that was done to them. It is heart-breaking, but a must watch for someone who wants to understand the mechanics of how this sort of thing happens. There is one thing common between those Hindu victims and the English girls in Rotherham—both are completely innocent to the ways of Islam. They are sitting ducks in that way. We need to educate our people. Islam is not a “decent” religion. It is a mad demonic cult of violence and predatory behavior.

  11. Yog, thank you for bringing all this to light.

    I read a couple of years ago (on a website about the Hindu holocaust I think) about what many consider thoroughly Hindu practices: child brides, the Sari and the practice of Sati. The website all three came about due to Islamic influence. Girls were married young to avoid such kidnappings by Muslims; Sari’s were worn as a way to gain dignity for the non-Muslim women in Muslim areas; and Sati was practiced because the widow would rather throw herself on her husbands funeral pire than be taken by a Muslim as “unguarded meat”.

    Those practices certainly makes much more sense to me when seen in this light as we observe for ourselves around the world these days where Islam is increasing in numbers. Does this sound right to you?

    • Liam,

      Hindu society was under attack and conquest by Islam (in its purest form–like ISIS) for a total of 1000 years, starting in 637AD and ending roughly around 1761AD. The kind of killing, rapine, slaughter, desecration of temples, etc. that the muslims themselves describe (very proudly) in their historical chronicles almost beggar belief. It is as if they went mad (with glee) doing all those things to the Hindus they had defeated.

      In reponse, Hindu society, like any other, did the best it could to protect and preserve itself. Many “new practises” came into being. One of them was “jauhar” which the ceremonial throwing themselves into a large pyre of all Hindu women while their men ride out to meet certain death. Jauhar happened at thousands of places in India. Hindu women knew that if they were captured, a life of sexual slavery would be their fate. So instead, they preferred to end their life.

      Even in day to day living, many things changed. Fathers dreaded having daughters—after all, you would raise your daughter for 16 years lovingly, only for her to become a one-night object of pleasure for the local sultan’s thoroughly spoilt son. This used to happen on industrial scale, and the harems of muslim sultans and their underlings were bursting at the seams with captured Hindu women, most of whom were ravished just for the one night, and then thrown into animal-like pens (I have seen these pens–they are like rabbit pens, let me just say that. Extremely depressing that captured Hindu women had to live there for the remaining of their lives).

      Other things changed. IN order to escape the attention of the local muslims, weddings would be done in the dark (at night). Too many cases of the sultan’s men wanting to “enjoy the bride” were happening. So get it over with, and do it in the dark, sort of wedding rules.

      Remember, the Hindus are the only civilization that actually survived, and eventually fought off the Islam conquest (by 1737, the Marathas, who are a Hindu warlike group, had completely destroyed Islamic power in India). As they say, never judge till you have walked a mile in someone’s shoes. Just imagine how life for Hindu society was during hundreds of years of Islamic rule. And Hindu society still survived, and for the most has always shown great dignity. Even when the marathas were victorious, they never once were accused of the kinds of slaughters that they had experienced at the hands of the muslims. Not even muslim chronicles accuse them of excessive cruelty. Even muslim chronicles say that they never harmed women, religious places, or Islamic priests (in keeping with Hindu tradition). I have always drawn great inspiration from that.

      The horrors perpetrated by Islam in India are beyond parallel. Will Durant called it the “bloodiest chapter in human history.” For example, Timur killed 100,000 captured Hindus in one day! The Bahmani sultans had a yearly target—kill at least 100,000 Hindus. Sultans would just “go crazy” and attack Hindu religious gatherings (such as the Kumbh Mela, which was attacked many times, with lakhs being slaughtered each time). Such things happened on sickening scale and frequency.

      The scars are everywhere for those who will see them. My friends here, pl. stand with us, let us stand with you, and let us ensure that what Islam did in India will not be repeated again anywhere.

  12. Let us not forget the mass persecution of Christians by Hindus in India and by Muslims in India as well as Pakistan. You can see it on YouTube.

    • I hope you do not get all your information from youtube:-)

      For the longest time, the most powerful person in India was Sonia Gandhi (a catholic). And India has some of the oldest christian communities in the world, whose numbers increase monotonically (unlike other communities, say, in arabia). Please use the word “mass persecution” carefully.

      In 2009 or so, there were riots in a part of India against christians (I think a few tens were killed) after missionaries distributed very very offensive booklets about Hindu deities (you can find copies online if you want). As a reaction to that provocation, some churches were damaged, and some pastors beaten. Hindu society was very open about this, condemned it, and for the most did not even lay any blame on the missionaries. Indeed, missionary violence on Hindus in christian majority states in India (such as Nagaland, Tripura) are a matter of record. For example, the NLFT banned the Hindu festival of Durga pooja several years ago. See, for instance
      And perhaps the most systematic violence in the Hindu-Christian encounter is almost certainly the inquisition in Goa (you can google it) which led to the displacement of entire communities out of Goa(they all live in neigboring states, but speak their old language–they fled the inquisition).

      Remember, Jesus’s message was very peaceful, but what missionaries do in many countries is not very peaceful, to say the least. If you really care about Jesus and his teachings, I would suggest you work towards ensuring that missionaries behave in accordance with those teachings when they go to poor countries.

      • My dear friend, I greatly appreciate your work in this area of persecuted Hindus. However I must say that I am extremely dubious of the account you relate of the Baptist Missionaries and Ministers being involved in violent activities in Tripura.

        Several issues here: firstly, the Chief Minister of Triputra who brings these accusations – “proofs” – of the Baptist Church’s involvement in violence is of dubious character. A brief online search of his name reveals that he is a Politburo member of the Communist Party of India. Hardly a disinterested figure. Communism, along with Islam has been the worst persecutor of Christians throughout history. In short: I have great difficulty trusting such a person who would happily play on Hindu grievances to stir up disunity and hatred of Christians.

        Secondly, the area of Orissa has seen in excess of 100,000 Christians displaced from their homes and forced to make new homes for themselves in the forest. The deaths number at least in the hundreds – perhaps in the thousands (memory fails me) – not the tens. The murders and destruction were instigated by extreme nationalist Hindus. These people are not representative of the average Hindu and I certainly do not equate their actions with normal people. Nevertheless, the violence genuinely occurred and was on a huge scale.

        According to some close friends who are National leaders of a Persecuted Church advocacy group, the persecution came about because a town leader was assassinated and the murder was blamed on the Christians. It was later discovered that the local Communists had killed the man, but it was too late to stop the “reprisals”.

        Thirdly, the Baptist Missionaries that began the work in Tripura are from my own country: New Zealand. I cannot conceive of any of the Missionaries or Missionary Scieties I know – and I know a lot of them; I trained to Masters level as a Missiologist – having it even enter into their minds that they should promote or even tolerate the use of violence. It is simply not possible and I flatly refute such allegations as nonsense.

        Similarly I have the greatest difficulty believing that missionaries use violence against people in Nagaland – an area which is famous for the huge supernatural conversations to Christ of its indigenous population.

        Furthermore, Church leaders trying to halt a practice which they believe to be harmful to people, especially those attempting to follow Christ, can hardly be equated with promoting violence. Again, who is providing this information? Those nice Communists?

        Yet, to play the Devil’s advocate, what if that Baptist minister did indeed get caught with explosives? What does that teach us about the life and teachings of Christ? Exactly as much as if we were to find a Muslim Imam rescuing the poor Hindu girls, the victims of love jihad, to get them free and back to their families; i.e.: nothing. Nothing at all. The teachings & life of the Founder are diametrically opposed to such actions.

        Please do keep up the good work my dear friend, we need you and I hope your work expands for the sake of the lives affected. I would ask you to be a little more rigorous in the side issues though.

        My very best regards to you.

  13. Another comment which i want to make is that a lot of indian history needs to be revisited. The mythology of mughals and other islamic invaders building the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar etc needs to be relooked and revisited. A lot of islamic supermacism results from the false assertion- hey we created these architectural masterpieces so there has to be something good about islam. In fact, just like Spain, Turkey, Egypt – everywhere the islam went, the process of remodeling the existing structures / monuments and naming them islamic happened. That is it. There is nothing like the mosque architecture or islamic architecture.

  14. >”Another comment which i want to make is that a lot of indian history needs to be revisited. The mythology… needs to be relooked and revisited. A lot of islamic supermacism results from the false assertion- … In fact, just like Spain, Turkey, Egypt – everywhere the islam went,…”

    Indeed, this process of looking the evidence over and revisiting the understanding of it needs to be applied to the whole field of Islamic history, starting with its beginnings: Mecca, and Muhammad, and all that nonsense. The architecture you mention is an important part of it, but only a part of the whole intellectual edifice that needs to be rebuilt, to rid it of the false narrative which afflicts Western textbooks as much as Indian ones.

    Fortunately, Robert Spencer, in his book Did Muhammad Exist?, has looked at the evidence concerning the origins of Islam, and showed that much of the traditional story we read about it is just that: a story. The archaeological record does not back up the idea that one guy started the religion, unified the Arabian peninsula under it, then died and left a series of successors to spread the religion and grow the Arab Caliphate, fighting successful wars of conquest against Persians and Romans simultaneously.

    Emmet Scott has revisited the history of the Roman Empire in a series of books that have appeared in the last several years. He has placed the blame for the fall of Western civilization squarely on the rise of the Saracens (Arab and Persians who came out of the Middle East and established the first Caliphate) in the 7th century.

    He has done much to demonstrate for the educated public that the accepted history of how Roman civilization fell, and of how the Caliphate rose, is based on analyses of Arab sources by Western scholars, and that neither the sources nor the Western accounts based on them can be true. Again, the archaeology does not back up the Arab tales.

    There was no “Golden Age” of tolerance under Islamic rule in the Mediterranean region, or anywhere else. The Mohammedans were destroyers and parasites, pure and simple.

    In fact, the rise of their blood-soaked Caliphate marked a destruction of shipping on the Mediterranean, as Arab pirate vessels captured everything and everyone they could. Fear of pirate raids, and of being sold into slavery, kept European merchants off the water, which halted, among many other industries, the trade in papyrus. Papyrus was an inexpensive type of paper, made from a reed that grew on the Mediterranean coast, that was the main material used by the Romans for all writing and record keeping. The ancient Romans and medieval Europeans did not know the Chinese technology of making paper from wood or cotton.

    The destruction of the papyrus market by the Mohammedan Saracens in 7th century marked the onset of the Dark Ages in Europe, since old histories and science books rotted in the humid European air, and could not be recopied.

    Also, records of the atrocities that the Mohammedans committed at that time could not be written down, leading to the current situation in which our histories of the origins of the Caliphate are based on dishonest Arab books, which, like much else that Arabs write, bear little relationship to reality.

    In fact, archaeology shows that many of the dates in our history books are apparently way off-base.

    For example, Byblos is a city on the coast of Syria where, in ancient times, the technology of bookbinding was invented, and whose name is the basis for our word “Bible”, since the first bound Bibles were produced there.

    Archaeological digs at Byblos and, if Emmet Scott is correct, many other sites in the Middle East, show that Crusader castles were built directly on top of the ruins of buildings from the late Roman Empire, with no Arab, or other Islamic, ruins in between.

    This is a very important fact for your project of revisiting Islamic history, because the standard Western history books say that the Crusades started in the 11th century, about 400 years after the formation of the Caliphate in the 7th. But there is no room at Byblos for the ruins of 400 years of Islamic buildings to come between Roman and Crusader ruins, or 400 years of garbage thrown from those Islamic buildings!

    In other words, the archaeology shows that the Crusades happened, but suggest that they started soon after the Romans had left the area, before the Mohammedans built anything there.

    So it looks like the Mohammedans arrived and threatened the Christian holy sites in what Christians call the Holy Land. The Arab rulers blocked Christian pilgrims from visiting those sites outright, or else Arabs bandits and slave raiders made it too dangerous for Christian to travel in the area, as the histories say. Then Christian Germanic warriors from northwestern Europe arrived and built castles right away, to protect the Christian pilgrims and the churches they were visiting.

    If this interpretation of the archaeological data is correct, the Crusades actually began at the dawn of the expansionist Saracen era, as defensive wars to protect age-old access to religious places, and not as offensive wars against a peaceful group of Arabs who lived in a long-established Arab Caliphate, as some conventional histories would have it.

    We need to compare notes worldwide, and to get in the habit of looking at the primary sources* directly, rather than rely on words written by truth-challenged Mohammedan rulers, their dhimmi servants, and dhimmwitted modern Leftist scholars.

    The currently-accepted timeline for the passage from Graeco-Roman/Persian antiquity to medieval Europe and the Islamic Caliphate, is a time warp that is contradicted by the newly discovered scientific evidence. There are hundreds of years of history or pseudo-history that need to be set right. Doing so will change our understanding of the relationship between western Eurasia and North Africa, on one hand, and South Asia and East Asia, on the other, and perhaps Subsaharan Africa or other regions.

    Learning the truth about the origins of Islam will show how destructive it was, and give us a greater appreciation of how much our ancestors suffered from it, how much was lost at that time, and help us imagine how much better a world we could have today if the scourge of Islam were not bedeviling us.

    *primary sources: buildings, inscriptions on same, coins, original ancient documents as opposed to medieval copies, etc.

    • Covadonga, +1 on the like button for your post. If you liked Emmet Scott’s book, then I would also recommend to you the original book “Mohammed and Charlemagne” by Henri Pirenne. I had a chance to read it last month and it covers even more material than Emmet Scott’s book did.

      In your comment you refer to the missing centuries that modern archaeology of these areas is revealing. Emmet Scott wrestled with this question and had some interesting conclusions. There is one plausible explanation, that I have not actually seen dealt with yet, and that is the possibility that the whole North African and the Levant area underwent the same dark-age period during the seventh eighth and ninth centuries that Western Europe was experiencing.

      The reason that archaeology can find no evidence of Arab city building or civilization during those centuries was because none was done.

  15. @covadonga,
    very informational post and thank you for responding.

    “We need to compare notes worldwide, and to get in the habit of looking at the primary sources* directly, rather than rely on words written by truth-challenged Mohammedan rulers,”

    Amen to that. Inshallah 🙂

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