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Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #141 — Suleyman Exposed: Hairline and All

Remziya Suleyman, director of the American Center for Outreach (ACO) blames being self-conscious about wearing her hijab in Tennessee on the attitudes of Tennesseans:

“I know, every day, as a Muslim, as a woman, and as an immigrant, people will look at me differently. When I go out wearing my hijab I know there will be stares and comments.”

Actually, very few people care about Suleyman’s hijab, which she says she began wearing in 2008, right before she began lobbying Tennessee legislators. A 2007 op-ed written by leaders of the Muslim Canadian Congress asserts that the “hijab has nothing to do with morality” but has become a tool for both political and religious operatives.

Suleyman’s co-Islamist, rabid Jew-hater, friend and colleague, CAIR lawyer Zahra Billoo confirms that she also loves the hijab for this reason:

Tweeting from Switzerland several days ago, Suleyman said:

Sharia-adherent Islamic State jihadis (IS), agree with Suleyman that they want to see more women in hijabs and are willing to take steps to ensure that it happens. IS even takes it a step further, issuing a warning to Iraqi women that they are “to wear full-face veils or risk severe punishment” like in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

Suleyman sent out a picture of her new more European hijab look which includes exposing her hairline:

Does her new hijab look pass the sharia smell test?

How would she know anyway? She said, “she never knew the concept of sharia” until she asked the imams in Tennessee.

Fellow sharia pusher, Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) board member Sabina Mohyuddin said that: “A hijab is worn to please God and to maintain modesty. I wouldn’t take mine off in public,…I would be the kind of person to put up a fight about that. … I would compare asking a Muslim woman to remove her hijab to asking a woman to take off her blouse. That’s really how Muslim women feel about it.”

Maybe Suleyman is simply confused about her identity and who can blame her? She is chained to the Islamic sharia camp that makes wife beating a sacred duty and relegates women to chattel breeder status. But she keeps trying to pass herself off as some kind of modern twenty-first century Muslim woman living in the freedom in the U.S. Except that a woman’s sharia-ruled life will never match Suleyman’s propaganda that sharia supports feminism.

Suleyman has exposed more than just her hairline. Whatever version of headgear the self-declared “voice of Tennessee Muslims” decides to wear when she returns to Tennessee, it will no longer be credible cover for her pro-sharia advocacy.

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  1. I don’t believe any claim that a hijabbed muslima will be ridiculed in the west, simply because serfs never oppose their masters.

    • Hijabbed muslima , in fact all muslims living in the West should be made to pay something like a ‘jizyah’ tax, in compensation to us for allowing our national average IQ’s dropping because of muslim immigration, as well as for the myriad other social problems the infestation brings with it.

  2. Disgusting how they can say those things without any shred of shame, isn’t it? This is why you ban open displays of minarets and hijabs. They’re self-admitted symbols of an invading culture.

    Whether it’s sharia extremists or moderates, the answer to diversity is always the same. Xenophobia and assimilation.

  3. A week or so ago, here in Ottawa, I saw two women in a crowd [possibly at a demonstration] wearing a head dress with a white band under the veil and thought how it resembled the head dress of the Catholic nuns at whose school I studied as a young girl 69 years ago in England, it is a new style of veil I think [new to me anyway] and today I see it at GATES OF VIENNA. It must be the latest thing; the Catholic nuns who live at the end of my street wear a veil but it is more like a scarf and shows their hair in front.

    • Jeanne, nuns wear modest clothes to reform themselves, to dedicate their lives to serve and help others selflessly, to become humble, many of them teach. We really had some of the best teachers who were nuns, so sincere. Some of them could not overcome that natural harshness with which humans are born with. Being in the order could not change their inborn nature.
      Nuns’ attire are not designed to make a political statement, and to be a “thorn in the side of the kuffar.” Nun’s clothes and their colors have a soothing impact on the eyes.

      Hijab has the message : I want to frighten you, I know you are afraid, and I enjoy it, we will be your masters, with the help of your governments, that you call democratic, we will dominate you.” We are have bent your policies to our will. Your governments are doing our bidding slowly, slowly, until one day you will find yourselves stamped on and you cannot defend yourselves. This type of our policies have succeeded over the last 1435 years. We trick kuffars and they like it.”

      • Exactly right.

        Nuns are regarded as a particular group within Christianity, fulfilling a particular function. Except maybe for a couple of small fringe sects, it was never expected that all Christian women should adopt the garb and lifestyle of nuns. No one (with minor exceptions) tries to shame or coerce other Christian women into wearing nun-style clothing.

  4. Islam harnesses the destructive power of its social misfits.

    Western women who “convert” and then flaunt their new found religiosity are nothing more than unwitting shills for their own ruin.

    Misfits have a tendency to be self-destructive.

    • Islam harnesses and amplifies the worst tendencies of human beings, period — not just social misfits. It teaches people that evil is commanded by the almighty. It turns human beings into monsters.

      There are people forced to live under Islam who manage to retain their basic humanity. Sometimes, human decency shines through — very much despite Islam, not because of Islam.

  5. When I go out wearing my hijab I know there will be stares and comments.

    Yes, honey, and that’s exactly why you do it : to attract stares and comments, then complain about them.

    That reminds me of those wacko feminists in New York (I think) who insist on walking around bare-breasted, ready to throw a tantrum if anyone objects. The difference is, their boyfriends don’t have the habit of blowing things up and beheading people, which can’t be said of everyone anymore these days, unfortunately.

  6. In the charity (goodwill) shop where I work, we have paid managers, volunteers like myself, and people doing community service (or, as it’s now trendily called, “payback”).

    We recently acquired one such, a Muslim woman in her 40s. She wears the semi-niqab, one might call it; only the eyes are visible. There’s also an invisible barrier there. Our manager is in a quandary, as she wants the woman to work behind the scenes, but she keeps going onto the shop floor, which is off-putting to customers. Indeed none of us likes talking to someone whose face we can’t see properly.

    I’m mostly being good, but did make a point of shaking her hand, guessing (correctly) that she’d be uncomfortable. She’s never worked, and her husband buys her clothes.

    • A small point of terminology, for what it’s worth (which is, not much): What y’all call “charity shops” over there are generically called “thrift shops” over here. “Goodwill” is one particular organization that runs such shops, among other activities. (There are other kinds of stores where you can got money for offloading stuff you don’t want anymore. I have a certain expertise in the whole range of these places. )

      Anyway, I quite agree about the niqab.

      • I could go totally OT on Good Will. The Baron took me shopping there the other day. T shirts, p.j. bottoms and new slippers. Plus a small-size glass since they’re easier to hold.

        • I’ve found some fabulous vintage felt hats — fedoras and the like — at a Salvation Army store that used to be on one of my errand paths. The best is an Akubra from Australia, which the label assures me is “superfine quality,” and it is indeed. Sadly, that store closed down, and the Goodwill just up the street doesn’t stock good hats.

          I can really go OT on second-hand shopping, but I fear it would bore the gents.

    • She wears the semi-niqab, one might call it; only the eyes are visible.

      A semi-niqab, and only the eyes are visible ? I guess we only get to meet the hotties with loose morals.

  7. It’s all in the name, is it?
    Dawa in front of parliament in Oslo masquerading as demo against IS

    If your name is Mahdi Al Husseini, you’re wearing one of those islamic symbols around your head and your hero is Khomeini, what could your mission in the West be? Any connection to the grand mufti friend Al Husseini of Adolf’s, btw?

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