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The town of Rotherham in Yorkshire is the latest to be hit with a major “grooming” scandal. Over a sixteen-year period, more than 1,400 underage girls, some as young as 11, were sexually abused and violated by Muslim gang members, while the city authorities did nothing. The leader of the Rotherham city council was forced to resign when an investigator’s report was made public.

In other news, the Australian government has announced that it will spend $60 million to combat violent extremism, in the wake of increased recruiting by the State-Whose-Adjective-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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Financial Crisis
» 2008 Meltdown Was Worse Than Great Depression, Bernanke Says
» Spread Between Germany, Italian Bonds Touches New Low
» A New World: NASA Recalls Voyager 2 Probe’s 1989 Neptune Encounter
» Experimental US Hypersonic Weapon Destroyed Seconds After Launch
» Feds Creating Database to Track Hate Speech on Twitter
» Former NASA Chief Says Russia Holding US Spaceflight Hostage: Report
» Morsi’s Wife Threatens to Expose Hillary Clinton’s ‘Special Relationship’ With Muslim Brotherhood
» Witness: Beaten Man Was Told Restaurant ‘Not Safe for Whites’
Europe and the EU
» Czechia: Ombudsman Says Banning the Hijab at School is Discrimination
» Ferrero President Objects to UK ‘Stoplight’ Food Labelling
» Italy Seeks More Transparency on EU-US Trade Talks
» Sardinia: Alcoa to Shut Down Portovesme Aluminum Plant
» Scottish Separatist Wins TV Debate Ahead of Referendum
» Sicilian Ports Boost Security Checks Following Terror Alert
» UK: Leader of Rotherham Council Resigns Over Child Abuse Scandal
» UK: Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal: 1,400 Children Exploited, Report Finds
» UK: Rotherham Child Exploitation Report
» UK: Revealed: How Fear of Being Seen as Racist Stopped Social Workers Saving Up to 1,400 Children From Sexual Exploitation at the Hands of Asian Men in Just One Town
North Africa
» ‘Cold War’: Egypt Kept Secret Strikes Against Libya From US Due to ‘Deep Distrust of Obama Administration’
» Libya: ‘Pro-Islamists’ Deny Ties With Extremists
Israel and the Palestinians
» Gaza: Rocket Hits Ashqelon Home, Dozens Injured
» Gaza: ‘Italian Mall’ Destroyed by Israeli Air Raids
» Hamas and Israel Agree to Extended Gaza Cease-Fire
Middle East
» Damascus Carries Out Air Strikes Against ISIS in Syria
» ISIS and Hamas: Spot the Differences
» ISIS ‘Executes Hundreds of Iraqi Prisoners’ In Horrific War Crime, UN Claims
» No More Surprises? ISIS Achilles’ Heel is Defending What it Has Won
» Revisiting “The Silent Extermination of Iraq’s ‘Christian Dogs’“
» Syria: U.S. Reconnaissance Flights Start, Al Jazeera Reports
» The Islamic Terror Orchestra
» The Taliban With Oil Fields: Islamic State a Formidable Money Machine
» Putin and Poroshenko Meet in Minsk for Ukraine Talks
Australia — Pacific
» Australia to Spend $60 Million Curbing Radicalism
Latin America
» Soros’s Argentine Bond Bet Revealed in Lawsuit in London
» Italy: ‘Make Mare Nostrum a Multinational Mission’ Says Navy Chief
» Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on L.A. Visit

2008 Meltdown Was Worse Than Great Depression, Bernanke Says

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a prominent student of the Great Depression, contends that the 2008 financial crisis was actually worse than its 1930s counterpart.

“September and October of 2008 was the worst financial crisis in global history, including the Great Depression,” Mr. Bernanke is quoted as saying in the document filed with the court. Of the 13 “most important financial institutions in the United States, 12 were at risk of failure within a period of a week or two.”

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is quoted in the document offering a similarly apocalyptic assessment. From Sept. 6 through Sept. 22, the economy was essentially “in free fall,” he said.

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Spread Between Germany, Italian Bonds Touches New Low

Markets speculate on fresh action by ECB

(ANSA) — Rome, August 26 — The spread between Italian and German 10-year bonds flirted with a new record low of under 150 basis points in early trading Tuesday amid speculation of fresh policy action by the European Central Bank. The yield on the Italian 10-year bond slipped to 2.43% at one point during trading. The spread is an indicator of confidence in Italy.

Markets are moving in anticipation of possible asset purchases by the ECB, which has said it would take whatever actions are necessary to return Europe’s struggling economy to the bank’s target rate of inflation.

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A New World: NASA Recalls Voyager 2 Probe’s 1989 Neptune Encounter

A quarter-century ago, the world got its first good look at the solar system’s other blue planet.

NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft made the first-ever flyby of Neptune on Aug. 25, 1989, zipping by the “ice giant” and its frigid moon Triton in quick succession. The historic encounter gave a face to two worlds that until that time had dwelt in depth and shadow, mission team members said Monday (Aug. 25) during a NASA event commemorating the flyby’s 25th anniversary.

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Experimental US Hypersonic Weapon Destroyed Seconds After Launch

An experimental hypersonic weapon which could one day be capable of striking any target around the world within an hour was destroyed seconds after launching from a US military test-bed in Alaska.

The weapon, which is being developed by the US military, self-destructed four seconds after its launch from a test range in Alaska early on Monday after controllers detected a problem with the aircraft, the Pentagon said.

The craft was destroyed to ensure public safety, and no one was injured in the incident, which occurred shortly after 4 a.m. EDT (0800 GMT) on Monday at the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska, said Maureen Schumann, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Defense Department.

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Feds Creating Database to Track Hate Speech on Twitter

The federal government is spending nearly $1 million to create an online database that will track “misinformation” and hate speech on Twitter.

The National Science Foundation is financing the creation of a web service that will monitor “suspicious memes” and what it considers “false and misleading ideas,” with a major focus on political activity online.

The “Truthy” database, created by researchers at Indiana University, is designed to “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.”

The university has received $919,917 so far for the project.

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Former NASA Chief Says Russia Holding US Spaceflight Hostage: Report

Former NASA administrator Mike Griffin thinks the United States’ dependence on Russian technology to fly astronauts to the International Space Station is tantamount to a “hostage situation,” according to an interview conducted in May.

“Right now, our ability to get into space on our own power and with our own goods and services, we’re in a hostage situation,” Griffin told ABC News in a told ABC News in a video interview at the National Space Symposium. “If it wishes to do so, Russia can decide that there are no more Russian rocket engines coming to the United States and that no more U.S. astronauts will launch to the International Space Station. They can make that decision on their own.” ABC News posted the interview on Monday.

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Morsi’s Wife Threatens to Expose Hillary Clinton’s ‘Special Relationship’ With Muslim Brotherhood

By Raymond Ibrahim

The wife of former Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi is the latest Muslim Brotherhood “insider” to threaten to expose the special relationship between Morsi and the Obama administration—a relationship the latter insists never existed.

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Witness: Beaten Man Was Told Restaurant ‘Not Safe for Whites’

Man allegedly politely said restaurant wasn’t safe for whites because of Michael Brown’s killing in Ferguson, Mo.

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Czechia: Ombudsman Says Banning the Hijab at School is Discrimination

Prague, Aug. 26 (CTK) — Czech ombudsman Anna Sabatová has stood up for the Somali student of a secondary medical school in Prague who has been forbidden to wear a headscarf at school, server has reported, referring to the ombudsman office’s internal document.

Muslim girls and women use the scarf, also called the hijab, to veil their hair and neck.

Sabatová says banning Muslims from wearing the hijab at school amounts to discrimination, the server writes.

The school argues its rules ban any headgear.

The Somali girl and another Muslim female student from Afghanistan reportedly terminated their studies at the school early over the headscarf ban, and they made their case public last autumn.

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Ferrero President Objects to UK ‘Stoplight’ Food Labelling

Agricultural minister Martina calls for EU infraction procedure

(ANSA) — Rimini, August 25 — A new system of food labelling in the United Kingdom came under attack Monday as potentially unfair by a food giant as well as an Italian cabinet minister.

The UK’s new stoplight food labelling system, which assigns red, yellow and green color-coded labels to food based on their fat, sugar, and salt content, is a “deception that distorts the market,” said Francesco Paolo Fulci, president of Ferrero, the giant company famous for its Nutella spread.

“Popcorn and Coca-Cola have a green label, but olive oil has a red label,” Fulci said at a conference organized by a Catholic lay organization. “It’s a system that makes people believe that eating certain junk is healthy”.

Italian Minister for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies Maurizio Martina said the system should be investigated.

“A European Union (EU) infraction procedure should be opened because it’s scandalous that one country sets up a model that completely distorts judgement on things”.

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Italy Seeks More Transparency on EU-US Trade Talks

Italy’s economy ministry in a statement co-signed by EU trade chief Karel De Gucht has said negotiators should make public more documents relating to EU-US free trade talks to “favour a greater understanding and awareness” of the deal’s benefits, AFP reports. Leftist and green groups have criticised the talks’ secrecy.

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Sardinia: Alcoa to Shut Down Portovesme Aluminum Plant

‘Too expensive, not competitive enough’ company says

(ANSA) — Portovesme, August 25 — New York City-based aluminum producer Alcoa Inc. is shutting down its plant in the Sardinian city of Portovesme, company sources said Monday.

“The closing will reduce our overall output by 150,000 tonnes, to 3.6 million tonnes a year,” the company said in a statement.

The US aluminium giant in 2012 powered down its Portovesme smelter, which employed hundreds of people in the area.

The plant has technically been at a standstill since November 1, 2012, while Alcoa promised to keep all workers employed through the end of 2012. “Production halted in 2012 due to high costs and a limited outlook in terms of plant competitiveness,” the company said. Workers have repeatedly demonstrated and asked for government intervention to keep the plant open.

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Scottish Separatist Wins TV Debate Ahead of Referendum

Scotland’s pro-independence leader Alex Salmond on Monday (25 August) was seen as the winner of a final TV debate before a referendum which could lead to the creation of a new EU member state.

The BBC debate, spiced up by heckling from the audience, saw Salmond continuously interrupting and contradicting Alistair Darling, a former British minister who is head of the “Better Together” campaign to keep Scotland in the UK.

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Sicilian Ports Boost Security Checks Following Terror Alert

Govt issued terror alert after parliament OK’d arms to Kurds

(ANSA) — Palermo, August 26 — The Sicilian ports of Palermo, Trapani, Catania, and Pozzallo have stepped up security checks after the interior ministry issued a terrorism alert last week, local authorities said Tuesday.

Italy’s national security authorities last Wednesday issued an alert for possible terrorist attacks on “sensitive targets” after receiving unspecified “threats”. The advisory came after parliament OK’d plans to arm Iraqi Kurds battling an Islamic State (ISIS) fundamentalist offensive in northern Iraq.

As a result, authorities are ramping up security at all ports with connections to North Africa and the Middle East, most of which are located in Sicily.

Other sensitive targets include embassies, airports, and places of worship, the ministry advisory said.

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UK: Leader of Rotherham Council Resigns Over Child Abuse Scandal

The leader of Rotherham Council has resigned following the results of a report which found that at least 1,400 children were victims of ‘appalling’ sexual exploitation in the town during a sixteen year period.

The report details the ‘blatant’ collective failures during most of Roger Stone’s leadership. Professor Alexis Jay, a former senior social worker who wrote the latest report, described how children had been ‘set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone’. The report suggests that Rotherman Council and the police knew about the level of exploitation but did not act…

[Reader comment by Damaris Tighe on 26 August 2014.]

Describing the perps as ‘Asian’ is a great insult to the Asian communities that have no part in this unspeakable crime — including the Sikhs whose own children have also been victims. The victims may have described their tormentors as ‘Asian’ because they don’t know any better. The police & other authorities do know that they were mostly if not all Muslim. More than that, everyone in August 2014 knows they were mostly if not all Muslim.

How long is this evil obfuscation & denial going to continue? It isn’t even worth lying any more as we all know the truth.

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UK: Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal: 1,400 Children Exploited, Report Finds

At least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, a report has found.

Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated, it said. The report, commissioned by Rotherham Borough Council, revealed there had been three previous inquiries.

Council leader Roger Stone said he would step down with immediate effect. Mr Stone, who has been the leader since 2003, said: “I believe it is only right that as leader I take responsibility for the historic failings described so clearly.”

The inquiry team noted fears among council staff of being labelled “racist” if they focussed on victims’ description of the majority of abusers as “Asian” men…

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UK: Rotherham Child Exploitation Report

14:01: Evidence of the “appalling” abuse of at least 1,400 children in Rotherham, South Yorkshire over 16 years has been laid bare in a new report.

14:01: The inquiry was carried out by Professor Alexis Jay, a former chief inspector of social work in Scotland.

14:02: Her independent inquiry into how social services in Rotherham dealt with allegations of child sex abuse between 1997 and 2013 found girls as young as 11 were raped multiple times, trafficked to other towns and cities, beaten and doused in petrol…

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UK: Revealed: How Fear of Being Seen as Racist Stopped Social Workers Saving Up to 1,400 Children From Sexual Exploitation at the Hands of Asian Men in Just One Town

The sexual abuse of about 1,400 children at the hands of Asian men went unreported for 16 years because staff feared they would be seen as racist, a report said today.

Children as young as 11 were trafficked, beaten, and raped by large numbers of men between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the council commissioned review into child protection revealed.

And shockingly, more than a third of the cases were already know to agencies.

But according to the report’s author: ‘several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist’.

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‘Cold War’: Egypt Kept Secret Strikes Against Libya From US Due to ‘Deep Distrust of Obama Administration’

Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) carried out airstrikes in Libya a week ago but did not tell the United States government. New York Times correspondent David Kirkpatrick said it is because the new government does not trust the Obama administration.

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Libya: ‘Pro-Islamists’ Deny Ties With Extremists

Operation Dawn, we are against terror and support Constitution

(ANSAmed) — CAIRO, AUGUST 26 — The command of Operation Dawn, a coalition of Islamist and Misrata forces who gained control of Tripoli’s airport and other strategic sites in the capital, distanced themselves from Ansar al Sharia, the group that proclaimed a ‘Caliphate’ in Benghazi.

“We have no relations with extremist organizations, we are against terrorism and respect the constitution”, they said in a statement.

The militia’s leadership also called on “all embassies” to re-open, assuring that security will be guaranteed in Tripoli.

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Gaza: Rocket Hits Ashqelon Home, Dozens Injured

Israeli raids targeted the ‘Italian Mall’ shopping center

(ANSAmed) — TEL AVIV, AUGUST 26 — A rocket fired from Gaza on the 50th day of the conflict exploded in the Israeli city of Ashqelon south of Tel Aviv, injuring 20 people. Some 30 others were reportedly in a state of shock. Another Palestinian rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system in the Tel Aviv area.

Israeli air raids last night repeatedly hit the ‘Italian Mall’ in Gaza City — an elegant mall including a 15-storey building — destroying parts of the commercial area.

It is still unclear in Gaza why the mall was targeted.

Also on Monday, Israel hit another skyscraper known as the ‘Basha tower’. Residents were alerted shortly before the raid so they could leave the premises.

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Gaza: ‘Italian Mall’ Destroyed by Israeli Air Raids

‘Basha tower’ also hit

(ANSAmed) — GAZA, AUGUST 26 — Israeli air raids last night repeatedly hit the ‘Italian Mall’ in Gaza City — an elegant mall including a 15-storey building — destroying parts of the commercial area.

It is still unclear in Gaza why the mall was targeted.

Also on Monday, Israel hit another skyscraper known as the ‘Basha tower’. Residents were alerted shortly before the raid so they could leave the premises.

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Hamas and Israel Agree to Extended Gaza Cease-Fire

Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday reached a long-term cease-fire after seven weeks of fighting, according to officials on both sides, halting the longest, bloodiest battle either side has experienced in years — but without resolving many of the bigger issues underlying the conflict.

“Israel has once again accepted an Egyptian proposal for a complete cease-fire,” a senior Israeli official said on the condition of anonymity. “This cease-fire is unlimited in time.”

Shouts of “God is great” rang out from mosque loudspeakers across Gaza City, as people fired gunshots into the air to celebrate.

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Damascus Carries Out Air Strikes Against ISIS in Syria

As US surveillance flights over rebel-held territory begin

(ANSA) — Beirut, August 26 — The Damascus regime on Tuesday carried out dozens of air strikes against Islamic State (ISIS) positions in northeastern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

As well, the United States military has carried out surveillance flights over rebel-held Syrian territory in what could be a prelude to air strikes against ISIS, the Al Jazeera news network reported citing US administration sources. US President Barack Obama authorized the flights on Monday.

Also on Monday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said his regime is willing to work with the international community in the fight against ISIS, a fundamentalist Islamic militia that is trying to set up a caliphate out of conquered areas of Iraq and Syria.

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ISIS and Hamas: Spot the Differences

by Evelyn Gordon

In short, there’s only one significant difference between Hamas and ISIS: Hamas has infinitely less power than ISIS to wreak global havoc, because Israel has managed to keep its capabilities in check. And for that service, needless to say, Israel has reaped nothing but global condemnation.

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ISIS ‘Executes Hundreds of Iraqi Prisoners’ In Horrific War Crime, UN Claims

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights fiercely condemned the group in a statement on Monday

The UN has accused Isis fighters in Iraq of carrying out crimes against humanity, including a reported mass execution in the second city of Mosul.

Up to 670 inmates from Badush prison in the city of Mosul were reportedly killed by the militants on 10 June, UN human rights chief Navi Pillay said in a statement on Monday, in which she cited the accounts of some 20 survivors and 16 witnesses.

During the incident, Isis militants — now calling themselves the Islamic State — loaded between 1,000 and 1,500 prisoners from the institution on to trucks and drove them to an uninhabited area. They then separated Sunni inmates, and removed them from the group.

Fighters verbally abused the remaining Shia prisoners, before lining them up in four rows and ordering them to kneel on the floor. Fighters proceeded to shoot and kill the inmates, Pillay said.

“Such cold-blooded, systematic and intentional killings of civilians, after singling them out for their religious affiliation, may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Pillay said of the extremist Sunni fighters.

Kurdish officials in Irbil confirmed that Islamic State had separated Sunni and Shia inmates after taking over Badoush and other prisons, the Guardian reported. They added that some Shia prisoners from Badoush were killed by Islamic State, with Sunnis freed after swearing allegiance to Isis. However, they raised doubts that the number of people executed was as high as 670…

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No More Surprises? ISIS Achilles’ Heel is Defending What it Has Won

(CNN) — Surprise, mobility and the merciless treatment of opponents: the blueprint of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq as it has gobbled up territory in both Syria and Iraq over the past few months. But as its adversaries regroup, ISIS — which now calls itself the Islamic State — may begin to suffer setbacks on the battlefield, according to a new analysis of its capabilities and tactics.

“As a defensive force, the ISIS may struggle to hold terrain if it is attacked simultaneously at multiple points or if its auxiliary allies begin to defect,” says Michael Knights, who has worked throughout Iraq and is now a fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

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Revisiting “The Silent Extermination of Iraq’s ‘Christian Dogs’“

By Raymond Ibrahim

Nearly three-and-a-half years ago, before the “Arab Spring” and the plight of Christians became much of a topic, I wrote a FrontPage article titled “The Silent Extermination of Iraq’s ‘Christian Dogs.’“ Revisiting it is useful, as it highlights some important points.

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Syria: U.S. Reconnaissance Flights Start, Al Jazeera Reports

In first step towards raids on ISIS over Syria

(ANSAmed) — ROME, AUGUST 26 — US surveillance flights have begun over rebel-held parts of Syria after they were authorized yesterday by US President Barack Obama and by his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad, in a move that could pave the way for US air strikes against ISIS in the war-torn country, Al Jazeera reported on Tuesday, citing US administration sources.

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The Islamic Terror Orchestra

by Nonie Darwish

It has been 13 years since 9/11 and the West is still reluctant to link the non-ending parade of jihad groups with Islam. The West is also in denial about the similarities all radical Islamic groups share. It is important for the West to realize that there is a natural division of labor between the different terror groups. Some groups specialize in terror against non-Muslims and Western governments while others specialize in terrorizing Arab governments that refused to follow Sharia.

But the truly sophisticated groups are those who reside in the West, calling themselves ‘moderate’ while at the same time defending and controlling the direction of Islamist goals through advocacy, diplomacy, negotiation and PR…

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The Taliban With Oil Fields: Islamic State a Formidable Money Machine

With its reign of terror over a large population and ability to self-finance on a staggering scale, the extremist group that beheaded American journalist James Foley resembles the Taliban with oil wells.

The Islamic State, which now controls an area of Iraq and Syria larger than the U.K., may be raising more than $2 million dollars a day in revenue from oil sales, extortion, taxes and smuggling, according to U.S. intelligence officials and anti-terrorism finance experts.

Unlike other extremist groups’ reliance on foreign donations that can be squeezed by sanctions, diplomacy and law enforcement, the Islamic State’s predominantly local revenue stream poses a unique challenge to governments seeking to halt its advance and undermines its ability to launch terrorist attacks that in time might be aimed at the U.S. and Europe.

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Putin and Poroshenko Meet in Minsk for Ukraine Talks

The presidents of Russia and Ukraine have begun what promise to be difficult multilateral talks in the Belarusian capital. The comes at a time of extremely high tension between the two neighboring countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko greeted each other by shaking hands as they began talks hosted by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk on Tuesday.

The meeting is also being attended by European Union officials, including the 28-member bloc’s foreign policy coordinator, Catherine Ashton.

Lukashenko opened the meeting by urging both leaders to “discard political ambitions and not to seek political dividend.”

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Australia to Spend $60 Million Curbing Radicalism

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — The Australian government said Tuesday it will spend 64 million Australian dollars ($60 million) on measures to counter violent extremism and radicalization as Islamic State continues to recruit foreign fighters to its ranks in Iraq and Syria.

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Soros’s Argentine Bond Bet Revealed in Lawsuit in London

Less than a month after Argentina defaulted for the second time in 13 years, George Soros has suddenly emerged as a key rival of fellow billionaire Paul Singer in the legal fight over the nation’s debt.

According to court documents filed in London last week, Quantum Partners LP, a fund managed by Soros’s family office, has joined a group of investors suing bond trustee Bank of New York Mellon Corp. for failing to distribute 226 million euros ($298 million) of interest payments on Argentine debt. The group, which also includes Kyle Bass’s Hayman Capital Management LP, owns more than 1.3 billion of euro-denominated bonds, court documents obtained by Bloomberg News show.

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Italy: ‘Make Mare Nostrum a Multinational Mission’ Says Navy Chief

Life-saving operation costs nine million a month says admiral

(ANSA) — Rimini, August 25 — Italy’s Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) migrant search-and-rescue operation should become a multinational mission along the lines of the EU’s Atalanta anti-piracy operation in the Horn of Africa, Navy Chief-of-staff Giuseppe De Giorgi said Monday.

In this way, Italy would no longer have to bear the economic brunt of saving thousands of lives between north Africa and southern Italy, the admiral told an annual meeting of the Roman Catholic Communion and Liberation movement in the Adriatic resort town of Rimini.

Since Mare Nostrum kicked off in October last year, as many as 113,000 people have been plucked from the sea by Italy’s Navy, coast guard, and merchant vessels, the admiral said.

Most are from war-torn Syria and Eritrea, he said.

It takes as much as nine million euros a month to keep Mare Nostrum afloat, against the Navy’s total monthly budget of 9.2 million euros, he added.

That number includes fuel and operational costs to maintain five ships backed by helicopters and other patrol aircraft.

“This means we had to suspend our training exercises. We can only carry on if this spending is reimbursed, otherwise we can’t make it,” he alleged.

The multinational force could be led by Italy, or it could have a rotating command with the navies of other countries such as France and Spain, the admiral said.

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Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on L.A. Visit

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto kicked off a two-day tour of California with a speech to Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles on Monday in which he pledged to make life better for his countrymen living on both sides of the border.

Pledging reduced wait times at border crossings and faster services at Mexican consulates across the United States, Nieto said he had an obligation to serve all Mexicans, regardless of where they lived.

“This is the other Mexico,” he said of the United States, which is home to an estimated 11 million Mexican immigrants.

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32 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/26/2014

  1. “In other news, the Australian government has announced that it will spend $60 million to combat violent extremism ..”

    Give the devil his due: No wonder Herr Hitler despised parliaments: They talk and talk hot air, and come up with a Bill weaker or no bill at all because the opposition can undermine it.

    Only people with honor are decisive and can make decisions and carry them out.

    That $60 million will disappear if not end up in the muslim pockets and jihadis.

    We don’t need money, we need will and backbone.

    That $60 million will be used for something useless: to win the “hearts and minds” of those who have no hearts and minds.

  2. I think it may be worth focussing more on the Rotherham case, for a few reasons:

    1) The actions of the police: to arrest NOT the groomers, but the fathers who tried to rescue their daughters from being groomed. (something I also heard from someone I know in London, faced with a similar situation).

    2) The scale of the current abuse – in Rotherham, a town of around 120,000 people. Assuming an average life expectancy of 80, a population equally distributed among each age group (between 0 and 80), and the “children” being groomed of age 11-16 (a 5-year age range), I make that to be around 10% of all girls in that age group in Rotherham… And that’s only the cases they not‎ed. How about other “genuine relationships”, or harassing etc that escaped their attention, but also went on?! And this is only in ONE TOWN in Britain… Is this the sort of place in which you’d want to bring up a daughter??

    • G I
      ” I think it may be worth focussing more on the Rotherham case”

      You are right: We have to focus more on not only Rotherham but all the gooming, actually rape of European girls, Welfare Systems that help invaders train for jihad, and all “democratic” institutions.

      But our politicians /Daring LIARS are our enemies: They collude with Islam and Imams. If an Imam goes to see the mayor, no matter how busy the mayor is, he can find as much time for the the imam (SAW) as he wishes. And everyone around when imam passes stands up and nods his or her coward head to the imam.
      But in Toronto the City Council blocked a Christian Annual Rally just 2 days ago. Any jihadi rally is permitted.
      Recently in Seattle, California, New Zealand Israeli ships are being blocked from being unloaded. Supposedly these were refugees, who came to “democratic” countries to enjoy freedom. Now they oppress their host countries with impunity. Only muslims get away with impunity no matter what they do.
      When we see our governments so abjectly cowardly, do nothing, dare not even investigate muslimas, then you just go home and hope something big will happen to turn cowards and low foxes into roaring lions . . . tellers of truth.
      You see policemen can’t do anything. They have no orders and if they act reasonably on their own and take a logical decision, they will be fired or worse just like any dictatorship that cowards pretend to hate.
      They exaggerate the dictatorship of dictators so as to blind people from seeing our DARING LIARS’ dictatorial behaviors. And they have succeeded. Didn’t they flood our countries with jihadis with embellished foxy, hot air talk?
      We have democracy but DARING LIARS do everything to help islam dominate us and oppress us.
      USA celebrates Independence DAY from that Old Jihadi Breeder , nourisher, Exporter, AKA Britain.
      What happened to knowledge, reason, common sense, books, history. HUme, Toynbee, Churchill, ideas, premises, geometry and algebra, which supposedly taught us logic and independent thinking.

      Instead of Scandinavians educating Somalis, Scandinavians converted to Somalis. Instead of Pakistan learning something from Britain, Britain became Pakistan, in shops, signs, institutions, religion, streets, clothes. . .
      Instead of remembering the courage of British martyrs in WWII and the GREAT WAR, they are singing praise to the inroads on Britain.
      What species of People live in Europe?
      How did their brain transformed in such grotesque way? Who is doing this? For what purpose?
      ” And nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. . .”

      And politicians will be selfish and lovers of Islam, while they pretend that they dedicate their lives for their nation. pish

  3. Regarding the child grooming, like them or loathe them, the BNP warned the authorities about the situation many years ago. The result was that it was quickly brushed under the carpet and the BNP leader was threatened with imprisonment for his pains. Furthermore, the problem extends far beyond Rotherham.

  4. Good I checked GOV. I read this story on some English channels yesterday, and they did not mention the muslim angle.

    This problem has reached endemic proportions in large parts of India where the muslims are in sizeable numbers. Every month, a few ten to sometimes a hundred girls seem to either go missing, or “convert” (almost always under duress). It appears this is a global phenom, its just that no one has connected the dots.

    Really frightening.

    Thanks Baron for shedding more light. This aspect of Islam scares me almost more than the ISIS one, because it is so much harder to identify.

      • I will try to post something soon. Give me a few days. There is stuff in Hindi, but I will try to find good reporting in English.

          • @Green Infidel:

            OK, I have been looking for links to share with you. There are many many good reports on this phenomenon, but nearly all in Hindi (and many are documentary shows running 1-2 hours long, but all of those are in Hindi). The problem is that English language media in India is controlled by a small number of powerful groups, and ALL of them are left-secular leaning. In India that means whitewashing any crime done by Islam (be it historical, or more current). You could say that is one of the top planks on which the left-secular movement stands. So they simply deny or play down any instances of “Love Jihad” —this being the name given to it by Hindu organizations.

            There is a website with links, not very good: (go to parent of this URL for more links)


            Here are statistics confirmed by police investigations. In the states of Kerala (muslim population 30%) and Karnataka, over 3000 Hindu and Christian girls have gone missing over the past 3 years. Some never are found again. Some resurface as muslims. Usually the girl goes missing. A few months later, her parents receive a letter (with picture) of her saying “I have converted to Islam. Don’t look for me anymore.” In many cases, the girls are used in the terrorism pipeline, as couriers etc. Some end up as sexual slaves for Jihadi warriors.

            Some Hindu organizations have done video documentation of cases where the girl actually tried to run away etc. For example one is here:

            All the material is in Hindi though…

            I myself have worked with an organization that helps Hindu girls in this situation, and so know ground details. The numbers and the methods of “disappearance” are really quite staggering. In the region of Marathwada (in state Maharashtra) alone, each year 300 Hindu girls go missing in this way. Police will not act because of political pressure to deny this phenomenon. Parents cry and cry till the tears dry away. They run pillar to post for someone to help find and bring back their daughter. All they have is a letter saying “I have converted.”

            Rape is a part of this process. Girls often (like in the video above) elope with the boy not knowing who he is, that he is already married etc. (in India, muslims are allowed to have 4 wives). When they find out, they try to run, but are often raped brutally to break their will. I followed several individual cases, but it became very hard emotionally to hear those things, so I don’t anymore. Very often, the girl is made pregnant, so that she feels even more vulnerable, and stops resisting.

            A few days ago, another case emerged where the muslim had posed as a HIndu even after marriage (ie, during the marriage, he said he was Hindu, only later revealed he was muslim). Here is a report.

            The case above came into news only because the victim is a national shooting champion and belongs to a former royal family (ie, very influential). Most victims are middle-class and their stories never make the news.

            I will keep trying to find good English reportage. If there is some service by which one can translate Hindi to English for a video documentary, I can surely point to good Hindi documentaries.

            The wikipedia article is OK, but really misses a lot of details that have emerged over the past few years. Even so, I would start with it. It sort of describes the state of knowledge a few years ago:

          • Hi Yog,

            Thank you very much for the very useful information, and the links. I’ll read them in more detail later. Nonetheless, the fact that “Love Jihad” is the title of an article on Yahoo! India surely means that the term is well-known, even to the mainstream?

            It’s great that you got involved in the issue to try and help the girls. Must have been some very dramatic stories. (I often thought of doing something similar, but not sure who to turn to, or in what way I could help).

            Will write more on the “Love Jihad in India” article that Baron’s just posted.

  5. I read more reports on this: it seems the local authorities knew about this, but would not use the word “muslim” for some kind of anti-racism protocol.

    WTF? So you let innocent 11 year old girls get brutally raped and do nothing because your manager tells you never to finger the muslims for anything?

    This is criminal, and something needs to be done against the police/whoever has been indulging in this ostrich behavior.

    In India, the situation is not exactly the same, but similar in the sense the police are told not to do anything by the local members of the legistlative assembly (MLA), because muslims vote as one block, and any cases against members of their community will result in them voting for the other guy at the next polls. This usually happens once their population exceeds 3-4% (remember, 4% is a HUGE number in polls, since turnout is about 40%, and 4% voting as ONE BLOCK can play havoc in the multi-party results). In places where their population exceeds 10%, you can forget about any sort of police redressal. They will not even file a FIR (first information report) against a muslim. I have seen this first-hand. The police say “we will lose our job if we do this; the local MLA needs muslims to get re-elected.”


    It emerges that the men are most of “Pakistani heritage”. So why call them “Asian.” I am Indian Hindu, I too am “Asian.” I strongly resent this kind of deliberate ambiguity.
    There is absolutely nothing in common between Hinduism and Islam. They are polar opposites. In fact Hindu girls are one of the first targets of these beastly muslims.

    The muslims are doing this where ever they go because it is in their Kuran/Hadith to do this. These books dangle women of the Kafirs as carrots to muslim men. “You’ll get to rape these women without any remorse if you follow Islam.” That is how the pervert Mohammed manipulated his followers.

    This evil cult needs to be eliminated. And I mean *eliminated* as in [intemperate suggestions redacted].

    • It is typical of the MSM here in the U.K. to obfuscate the religion of the perpetrators. They are always described as “Asian” even when they aren’t, to avoid using the “M” word. The sickening sex slavery gang in Oxford, was described as being made up of “Asians” even though they were primarily Dagostanis, Eritreans and Iraqis. The MSM NEVER allow themselves to draw the most obvious inference from what all these creatures have in common.

      • Written back in early 2009 – Multiculturalism and Political Correctness paved the way for soaring numbers of Muslim rapes & sexual assaults of British (English) women and children.

        British Women Pay High Price for Multiculturalism

        “PART III
        The British police frequently choose to close their eyes to the obvious pattern of muslim sexual attacks and rape of British women – preferring instead to let women pay the price for “keeping the peace” . One quarter of reported rapes are never investigated. The (non Sharia) British judicial system goes along with the asinine idea that muslim men cannot control their hands and genitals around women and choose to keep blinders on when it comes to acknowledging that muslim men are responsible for their actions – even going so far as to give muslim men a “pass”. Far too many judges purposely ignore the precepts of Islam that help to create and enable muslim rapists — stating these men are just victims of bad character with “disturbed views about sexual entitlement and appropriate sexual behaviour.” Such judicial muslim apologists pave the way for the perverted Islamic justification that western women are guilty for provoking muslim men to rape.”

  7. A truly depressing story of one of the victims. Everyone should read this to know what these pakistani muslim men are capable of:

    Also note the high amount of scheming here from the paki men. They “did not touch” her till the day they raped her brutally. These bastards should be rounded up and [intemperate suggestion redacted].

    • Yes, a significant story…

      “She says she reported her abuse to the police “three months after my sexual exploitation started”.

      Emma had saved the clothes she had been wearing during the attacks and handed the items to police as evidence.

      They lost the clothing, so there was no evidence,” she said.

      After that, Emma said she was told it was “my word against his” and that the case “probably wouldn’t result in a conviction, or even get to court”.

      At the same time, she said, her family were being threatened and intimidated.

      “The men were parking outside my house, they were threatening my family, they were ringing my house phone – and they were quite dangerous men as well.

      The police said they couldn’t offer any protection, so because of that I decided to drop the charges,” she added.”

      So they “lose” the clothing, discourage the girl from pressing charges and refuse to protect her family, while doing absolutely nothing to help her. If that does not suggest police complicity, I don’t know what does…

      • I want to discuss the “dangerous men” angle a little more.

        In India, Muslims are incredibly over-represented in organized crime and gang violence. In other words, by the time the muslim population reaches 10% in an area, almost all the organized crime is taken over by them. This makes them hard to “mess with.” Lacking what I will call middle-class Hindu values (stay away from trouble, educate your kids, try to get along, don’t object to anything etc.) these people rise to the top in crime and other such pursuits very fast. As a result, they can intimidate non-muslims to an extent that is hard to describe. They also are very quick to collect: mess with a muslim, and almost within minutes, you have to contend with a mob of 50-100 muslims. I have seen this myself on several occasions. The Hindu has to back down because he knows it is only him. The muslim will soon have 50 others, who gain their strength from each other.

        I am imagining the muslims who were intimidating this girl were of that type: the local hoodlums, gangs, crime lords etc. They are usually coordinated by the local imams and mullahs also.

        Islam is, at its heart, a crime syndicate. So all this can easily be understood.

        • “mess with a muslim, and almost within minutes, you have to contend with a mob of 50-100 muslims.”

          Sounds exactly like the UK. And, from the case of someone I know in London, it seems that British police will also not touch Muslim drug-dealing and grooming gangs.

          Amazing how 2 countries so far apart have such similar trends happening within them…

          Btw, I thought most of India had a >10% Muslim population? Certainly when I was a few years ago down in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, there were mosques and calls to prayer everywhere…

          • The national average is 13.4% (many groups suspect this is deliberate census underreporting, and the truth is closer to 17-18%). The local averages vary greatly. There are many districts with muslim majority. There are others with relatively few muslims (3-4%).

            Kerala has the second highest % (after Kashmir, which is muslim majority) at 30% or so. Tamil Nadu also has a sizeable muslim presence in certain districts, and has been a frequent target of Jihadi bomb attacks. There is a lot of gulf money flowing into these areas because of high muslim immigration to the wealthy gulf countries, and resulting repatriation of money. It is known that the “Love JIhad” phenom was partly funded by such channels. Muslim boys would be given money and fancy vehicles to woo Hindu girls and get them to convert.

            I used to live in Delhi for many years. It was very well known to Hindus that once you enter old Delhi (which is muslim majority), you should be very careful not to accidently push a muslim pedestrian or bicyclist on those very crowded lanes, because such a thing can easily turn into a lynching. I saw a such a situation evolve near the Jama Masjid (one of India’s biggest mosques, built by the Mughals on the site of a temple after demolishing it) and the Hindu barely escaped with his life. Literally within 1-2 minutes, a mob sorrounded him over some issue of payment to a muslim shopkeeper, and he had to use every means he could to prevent being killed. He gave up all the money he had on his person, as also his vehicle, and must have felt incredibly lucky not to have been killed. Most Hindus know not to even go around mosque areas after their prayers, because that is when they are most venomous (most mosques provide anti-kafir sermons every Friday). These are simply facts of daily life for Hindus in those areas, and I have lived there for years. Hindus also know not to object to muslims celebrating with firecrackers when Pakistan beats India at Cricket. That’s just another fact of life, and we “ignore it, and live as best we can.”

    Bank worker Shoki Adbo, 21, said:”.
    “I’m a Muslim and if I saw a Muslim person doing something like that then they would not be a Muslim to me. In Islam we do not teach people to rape and abuse children.”

    YES YOU DO! Your prophet was a known pedophile, and he is the “ideal man” in your religion. Your prophet himself raped several women (read about Safiyya, whom he raped the very night he had killed her husband, father, and brother; all this while his henchmen guarded the tent in which the rape happened. All this is in the Hadith.). And your prophet openly exhorted his muslim male soldiers to rape captured arab women without any feeling of remorse, since they were “possessed by the right hand” (verse in Kuran that gives muslim men the right to rape captured kafir women).

    And I highly doubt this muslim man does not know this. Feigning surprise and remorse are a part of Taqiya. Given the chance, this man would probably do the rapes himself since it is “allowed” in his [scatological modifier] “holy” book—the Kuran.

  9. All well and good for Councillor Stone to resign, but why isn’t the oh so regretful Chief Superintendent of Rotherham Police, Jason Harwin,also resigning? And every Rotherham police officer that buried a child sexual assault complaint should be dismissed without pension rights. Similarly the entire Social Services Department of Rotherham should be dismissed.

    This is not an extreme position to adopt: if police officers and “social workers” have these abuses brought to their attention and do nothing, what is the point of taxpayers paying their salaries? Worse still, by having pusillanimous police officers and child welfare [sic] workers occupying their jobs they are blocking people who would do their jobs properly from occupying such positions.

    As long as civil servants are immune from meaningful adverse consequences for serious derelictions of duty they will continue to do nothing. They will enjoy their cushy overpaid jobs-for-life.

    Time for Britain to stop using the euphemistic category “Asian”: it’s not just offensive to Sikhs and Hindus to be lumped in with Indian subcontinent Muslims, it’s the Chinese, Thai and other East Asians.

    • This is a war of capitulation where the British political and professional establishments used the daughters of the white working class as sacrificial jihad fodder.

      How can any of the peoples of these British Isles remain loyal to the British State that operates policies of democide against them, they are not going to stop until they are stopped.

  10. On the website of the most prominent Polish newspaper, “Gazeta Wyborcza” (, significant news from Britain usually appear shortly (a few hours) after being published in the UK… yet the Rotherham story, which has dominated the news websites in Britain since being published almost a day and a half ago, is nowhere to be seen on … I wonder why??

    • And on another website, – one of the main Polish web portals (with a similarly liberal bias) – a news section even exists titled “Great Britain and Ireland”… But NO news stories to be found there about the Rotherham grooming. Instead, the leading story is about the Liberal Democrats “planning sex education for 7 year-olds”.

  11. Are there any British men on this blog? I have a simple question that I have been thinking about all day.

    Look, this has happened to over a thousand young girls in a very small area. Everyone knows who has done it.

    What on earth are the fathers doing?? Why don’t the fathers of these girls simply go, and beat these paki scum to death?? I mean, what are the fathers doing while all this is happening on industrial scale?

    • That’s a good question, but I think you’d find the answers disheartening. For some girls, their fathers never were on the scene. For others, the mother and father split early, or the mother has children by various fathers. This is a highly urbanized area with people packed closely together. When that happens, abnormal parenting is usual – a behavioral sink.

      In addition, the peer culture among youngsters shuts out the parent(s) early. Kids have no idea how the world works beyond their immediate neighborhood and are easy enough to lead into trouble…especially when they are paid attention to at first, and treated nicely…

      • To apportion the cause at the interpersonal indigenous level prompts the entry of a social regulator, in the sabotaging and undermining of social civility particularly at the lowest stratum brings the opportunity of imposition for the social regulator of the usurper – Islam.

        The socio-political antidote becomes lock-up and gown-up your daughters.

        • Talk about calling a spade a ‘soil inverting horticultural implement’, dear me Jolie – there’s no need to over complicate what you’re saying like that. I’m sorry, but it almost reads like a parody of some dreadful PC missive the council or a government department would produce.

      • Possibly this has happened in many cases – but not all… the Mail article says that in at least one of the cases, a father who tried to retrieve a daughter was himself arrested by the police!

        I also heard about, possibly in another town, a grooming case where the father of one of the victims had ended up joining the BNP.

        Otherwise, I agree the reaction has been far too muted. Much more important to be seen to be “tolerant” and not have anything in common with the EDL, than to actually express any feelings to do with this issue, eh?

    • If you read the report itself, you will find examples of where men had gone to get their daughters back from the Muslims. In one such incident the girl was with a group of “Asians” at a property, her father came to get her, called the police, he was arrested and she was left with them.

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