Throwing Open the Gates of Rome

Even though I’m not a Catholic, I find following article disquieting.

The saying of Muslim prayers in the Vatican constitutes a claim of territory for the Ummah. When that happens, Vatican City becomes the official responsibility of the Waqf board in perpetuity. Islamic authorities will assume the practical administration of the territory whenever demographics and political conditions are ripe.

Do Pope Francis and his interfaith-minded cardinals know these facts?

If they know, do they even care?

Do they have some bolt-hole they can escape to when the black flag of jihad flies over the structure formerly known as St. Peter’s? Perhaps they have reservations on the Mars rocket…?

Or will they just say the shahada and resume their careers without interruption?

Here’s the story, according to Al Arabiya:

Islamic prayers to be held at the Vatican

For the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran will be heard at the Vatican on Sunday, in a move by Pope Francis to usher in peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Francis issued the invitation to Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during his visit last week to Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas, Peres, and Francis will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious leaders, a statement released by Peres’s spokesperson said, according to the Times of Israel.

Holy See officials on Friday said the evening prayers would be a “pause in politics” and had no political aim other than to rekindle the desire for Israeli-Palestinian peace at the political and popular level, according to the Associated Press.

Low expectations

The Vatican will broadcast a live feed of the event to viewers across the world.

However, expectations for the event should be kept low, according to Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the custodian of Catholic Church property in the Holy Land.

[No-one should think] “peace will suddenly break out on Monday, or that peace is any closer,” AP reported him as saying.

On Friday, the Pope met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and discussed ways of promoting peace and stability in Asia the Vatican said in a statement.

Hat tip: JP.

36 thoughts on “Throwing Open the Gates of Rome

  1. Pope Francis again shows us how politically correct he is, how vitally important “inclusion” and “diversity” are to him. He sees no enemies to the Catholic Church. Only misunderstood brothers. The man should be teaching his flock how incompatible Islam is with Christianity and that it has no place in Europe. Instead, he leads them further down the path of suicide via unreciprocated altruism.

    • I have often wondered if Pope Francis’ real goal is to destroy the Catholic Church.

    • I could not agree more.

      Although a lapsed Catholic, I look to the Pope to make a stand on behalf of Christendom. The last Pope did so. This one is an ill-advised nincompoop pandering to multi-culti PC absurdities.

  2. And God said: if you forget me and break my Commandments, I’ll make your mind confused so that you’ll see your enemies as friends, and you will import them in millions, I’ll make you zombies and will make them your masters. All your books, your knowledge, your arts, your skills, will not save you. Your rulers will be your enemy and colluders/ helpers of your imported muslim invaders.

  3. Just another suicide bomber, though this one claims to be a catholic. It is incomprehensible to believe that they do not know the tenets of jihad and that ‘peace’ in Palestine is not a possibility without the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jews

  4. Given the situation of Christians in the Islamic countries, the Pope needs to speak clearly, to take a forthright stand. Instead, he has been very nice and polite to everyone. So where does he really stand? Everywhere. Abraham Lincoln said that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. It seems that the Pope’s multilateral stance reflects today’s multicultural attitudes and pleases no one.
    It’s a moot point, because in a few generations Europe will be Muslim. I imagine then, that St. Peter’s will become a mosque; the rest of the Vatican might become a museum, if not trashed. Maybe they will even behead the Pieta, and the Pope of course.
    As a side note, I wonder if Marine Le Pen has expressed disapproval of Putin’s helping Iran with its nuclear project, or the arming of Israel’s enemies. I doubt it. Sometimes Christian anti-Semitism can intersect with Islamic jihad.

    • So, is Christian anti-Semitism a given, then – in the same way as ‘white’ privilege?

      Is the identity or act of being a Christian automatically considered to be anti-Semitic?

      • Christians like Putin who arm Iran and Islamic terrorist gangs, that’s what I mean.

          • I second that. Putin has been photographed wearing a Russian Orthodox cross on his bare chest – a manly faux Christian is he – and the image provides an easy disguise. He believes in promoting the Russian Church for Russians, but that doesn’t make him a Christian.

            Putin is a devoutly observant pragmatist; the man is a stone killer.

  5. First they took East Rome, Constantinople. Now they are taking Rome…One of the biggest goals of islam.

    This is a sad day for the West, and all the more so, as most Europeans are confused, as Murad points out above.

  6. Don’t think all Catholics are the same. If you were to read the informative Le Salon Beige blog, you will find those who distrust the state of affairs of today.

  7. If this is true (I ask, because this report doesn’t seem to appear in many sources not based on Al-Arabiya), then it’s quite disconcerting… Wherever a Muslim prays, they can then claim is a Mosque. And as we know, for 1500 years Muslims have been saying “First Jerusalem, then Constantinople, then Rome”…

    Why give Muslims more hope of that happening? Surely it’s like dangling some meat in front of a rabid dog – and, hence, NOT something which will create “peace and respect” – but just an anticipation of more submission to more demands in the future?!

  8. As a Roman Catholic, I am very unhappy today. Perhaps today is the day to return to Lutheranism? In Germany, we have scrappy women telling Islam “No, not in Luther’s Church!” Anyway, this is a very bad for the whole of earth!

    • Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott
      Ein gute Wehr und Waffen…

      Yes, I freely admit to being a Christian fundamentalist. That’s a traditionally devout person whom a liberal reporter does not like.

      See how proud so much of the West is of its emancipation from Christ (and don’t try to fool me or yourself by saying that it’s only the Bible and “organized religion” against which it is rebelling). No wonder this incredible, highly blessed civilization is now a prey to a religion and culture that has produced nothing but slums surrounded by deserts, save where monsoon winds make it slums surrounded by jungle.

      Re Murad’s post above, it’s a rough paraphrase of the covenantal curses in Numbers and Deuteronomy.

      • Thanks for the info re Murad’s post, Kepha. I’m constantly learning stuff I didn’t know from GoV- no sarcasm intended.

        There have been recent news reports of the skeletons of children, found in the septic tank of a home for mothers of illegitimate children in Ireland, run by Catholic nuns, which closed in 1961. Surviving witnesses report that the nuns described the children as born with a double original sin, and so these true innocents (as Christ would surely acknowledge) were neglected and starved.

        My late (English) mother was illegitimate, and suffered abuse as a result; fortunately my father had the good sense to marry her anyway, against opposition from his “devout” Methodist parents- who turned out to be hypocrites (his father had a mistress and another family).

        I’m not equating your Christian fundamentalism with such fanaticism; apart from anything else, I don’t know enough about your particular beliefs. I do urge you to think about the company you keep.

        • Kepha, when I wrote the above last evening I was depressed and had drunk too much wine, and if I’ve offended you by linking you with the Christian bigots I referred to, I hope you will accept my apology.

  9. Considering the fact that musloids are slaughtering thousands of Christians around the world one might think the pope would change his stance but… the pope has yet to admit Jesus spoke Hebrew so it’s clear where his priorities lie…

      • He spoke Hebrew too because he was raised Jewish and Hebrew was/is the official language of Judaism. He spoke most likely both languages. I believe the current Pope is a virulent antisemite as well as completely clueless about that which he courts. Muslim prayers in the Vatican is the end all blasphemy before God. Muslim prayers castigate Christians and implore their allah god to destroy us.

  10. Benedict (the previous pope) did the opposite, remember, and quoted the Byzantine emperor who asked if anything other than the sword had ever come out of islam.

    The original Francis, of Assisi, after whom this Francis took his name, did the opposite, too: He went on foot to Jerusalem, walked unarmed straight into the camp of sultan Malik al-Kamil, and told him that he should convert to Christianity.

    The Muslims thought he was obviously insane to come to them weaponless and speak so audaciously, so did not hurt him. The sultan was impressed, and according to some reports, did in fact convert on his deathbed…

    So Francis! Do like the saint did, and tell the Muslims to choose the true faith, the path of true love, leading to real peace.

  11. The Pope’s initiative reminds me of Ilona Staller, better known as Cicciolona in the mid-1980s. Having exhausted the depth and width of her industry, the porn star progressed to politics and was elected in Italy. What better goal for her, than solving the arab-israeli conflict? So, she invited Cicciolino Arafat and Cicciolino Peres to a get-together.
    The term tranlates to “nice piece of meat” presumably in reference to the carnal pleasures she mastered so well. You may say this is not the Pope’s territory, yet there is something in common. They don’t understand the conflict, and they both try to minimise it in their own eays.

  12. He doesn’t know. If he knew, he wouldn’t care.

    Pope Francis is just a Leftist in Pope’s clothing. Who knows if he even believes in God.

    Like with the Soviet Union, when the people know the leader doesn’t believe his ideology, it’s the beginning of the end. And the Soviet Union was far more powerful than the Vatican is today.

  13. It’s a kind of self-righteous naivety that’s far too common among Christians: “I’m so morally superior that I extend the hand of love and friendship to everyone, even those who wouldn’t hesitate to kill me (or people without a security detail like mine).” Many Christians believe that’s the Christlike thing to do. How it actually works out in the world — how it has been demonstrated to work out historically — is not of much concern to them. They’re like the radical pacifists who say they would never kill someone even if it was the only way to stop a lethal attack on themselves or their loved ones, because killing is just wrong (they say). They imagine that it sullies their souls to take the action that achieves a better outcome for those with the higher moral claim on their concern. So, Pope Francis probably feels good about himself — more Christlike — if he’s extra nice to Muslims. How his actions affect other people is a secondary matter. He certainly doesn’t seem very concerned about looking deeply into the history of Muslim actions toward others.

    • By “they” I certainly don’t mean all Christians, but mainly a set of people with theology degrees and/or positions of authority in the various denominations.

      • Thank you for your specification. I believe that the majority of Orthodox Christians (especially in countries that suffered centuries of Othman occupation – like Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria or Cyprus) would not dream of inviting Muslims to have their their religious services in holy places of Orthodox Christianity. No one would let Muslims do such a thing on Mount Athos, for example.

        Yes, as Christians we are called to love Muslims (and everyone else, even Satanists). But we are not supposed to love their false religion or any of their errors.

  14. Pope Francis must be reminded of the fact that no non-Muslim is allowed to enter the Islamic sacred city of Meccah. Nobody is allowed to celebrate a Catholic mass (or hold any sort of non-Muslim religious gathering) on the whole territory of Saudi Arabia.

    This permission to have Islamic prayers said in the Vatican will be understood by many Muslims (and by an overwhelming majority of Muslim radicals) as a sign of weakness and not as that of a brotherly love. Islam is not a religion of love, it is a religion of power. And its adepts see everything in terms of power and weakness.

  15. it’s right there in front of you all… the times are short and the beast begins to decloak… the romans and the muslims play footsy and STILL you make excuses like frogs in heating water… and now I will be censored.. or will I GOV?.. antichrist spirit soon coming to your theater.. ONLY the LAMB SAVES!.. mock like fools if you will..

    • No one is mocking you nor censoring you, bobm.

      I disagree with your theology and what I perceive to be a bilious outlook, but to each his own. As Augustine said, “Once for all, then, a short precept is given you: Love, and do what you will…

      So what’s in front of me may differ from what is in front of you.

      If “the Lamb saves” then no need to worry about dying, eh?

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