3 thoughts on ““A Sharia-Loving Pakistani Thug”

  1. This so called Canadian imam, or as was said yesterday, this lying sack of [intestinal effluvia], finally showed himself. This very ugly in his medieval anger, shows he can never rise to a proper debate. A seventh generation Canadian like myself, cannot possibly understand the underlying hatred for us that this Pakistani Saudi trained iman feels. I have a duty to defend my country, as Ezra Levant does, against ALL ENEMIES WITHIN, as this man surely is. An enemy to Canada. I await the day, rather than being the only guy called on to speak crap to the media, that this guy is expelled from Canada. I am Canadian, this guy is not.

  2. It’s interesting how in ‘debates’ muslims seem to become extremely aggressive almost immediately, using ‘tu quoque’ and ‘you don’t know islam’ arguments to try and bash the opponent into silence. They always come across as so unpleasant and aggressive, that even if I still knew nothing about islam, I’d be very wary of it.

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