The Vatican and Islamic Prayer

I posted last week about the Pope’s invitation to Jewish and Muslim clerics to join him for prayers in the Vatican. Several readers pointed out that every Islamic prayer contains a call for Allah to destroy the infidels, sometimes including specific mentions of Christians and Jews.

The event duly took place, and the guest imam performed his duty as expected. One of the Vatican functionaries who was present is fluent in Arabic, and his translation of the Arabic prayer was reported on a Catholic website. A summary of what happened was published earlier today at Politically Incorrect.

Rembrandt Clancy has translated the material from PI, and includes this note:

I thought it was significant that such a frank presentation can be found on a Catholic site, and as far as I can see, it is the first news out on this latest papal dialogue.

See the bottom of this post for an embedded video of the prayers said in the garden at the Vatican.

The translated article from Politically Incorrect:

11 June 2014

Vatican: Imam prays for Victory over Unbelievers

Rome: At the recent prayer meeting for peace in the Holy Land, an Imam prayed in the Vatican for “Victory against the unbelievers”. The publicist, Hamed Abdel-Samad, in contrast to the gullible Gutmenschen all over the ideal-world with their multiculti ideology, speaks fluent Arabic. And above all, he knows the Koran extremely well. He writes on his Facebook page: “In the garden of the Vatican the Muslim cleric concluded his prayer with the Koran verse: “May Allah help us to victory against the unbelievers”. writes:

10 June 2014

On Monday the Arabic news network Al Arabiya made public an excerpt of the meeting in the Vatican. The caption read: “Imam quotes the Koran for the first time in the Vatican”. The video with Arabic subtitles shows an Islamic cleric praying. However Al Arabiya gives no information about the Koran verse nor do they provide any concrete content.

On Tuesday Hamed Abdel-Samad, who was born and raised in Egypt, confirmed his [Facebook] entry of Sunday. He writes that Vatican Radio disputes that the Muslim cleric prayed for victory against unbelievers. Then he quotes Sura 2:286 of the Koran which ends with the words: “You alone are our protector. Give us victory over the unbelievers” [English translation from N. J. Dawood]. Upon request, Abdel-Samad confirmed that he followed the ceremony on television. He says he understands Arabic and knows the quoted verse from the Koran well: Perhaps the Sheik meant well, because in the verse it also says that all prophets are equal. In conclusion he writes: it also shows, however, how problematic Koran quotations are for the legitimation of peace.

The historian and author Michael Hesemann confirms on his Facebook page the statements of Hamed Abdel-Samad. The Muslims had “cunningly deceived” the organisers, he writes. Apart from the harmless prayers which he submitted, the Imam began to quote from the second Sura of the Koran, in which Allah is implored to grant victory over the unbelievers. Hesemann explains Radio Vatican’s disclaimer by the fact that no one there knows the Koran or speaks Arabic. The statements of the Imam are however documented in video footage and are verifiable. In conclusion, Hesemann expressed his thanks to those who had helped him in the disclosure and he hopes that this “deceit” will contribute to seeing through Islam.

When will our princes of the Church and the press finally face reality and regard Islam for what it is: A perfidious concoction of lies, deception and contempt for mankind in the garb of religion?

[Translator’s note: Michael Hesemann is also known for his writings and lectures on Catholic themes, and has been featured on the German Catholic medium, KathTube.]

Video of the event:

32 thoughts on “The Vatican and Islamic Prayer

    • naB–

      Perhaps he got out while the gitting was good. Otherwise he’d have been stuck in the amber before he was even dead…

      …wish I were going to be around when the real politics of that decision comes to be written.

    • Is he a dunce? Are Cameron and Blair dunces? Are Italian dunces for picking an average 3000 migrants a month and waiting for more? Are Norwegians dunce for not complaining when their teens are being rapes for fear of being called inhuman and racists? Are all European countries, Aussie, New Zealand, USA, Canada… dunce for not resisting invaders? Were members of the Inquisition dunce for kicking the last invader from Granada? Were the Viennese dunce to resist the Ottomans? Muslims know how to play the game. They pretend to ask for peace. If Pope refuses 70% of Europeans. and 100% of politicians will blame him not responding to the peaceful gestures coming from Muslims. In any meeting, gathering, interfaith, Muslims and Others, muslims show part of their thorn. And gauge the pulse, reaction of kuffars. They look at their faces. And by allah, the kuffars don’t see the thorn, their faces appear as dunce as ever.

      • A single Turkey Muslim almost succeeded in assassinating the Pope. Since his early release I imagine he has also been given early virgin access. What next? A whole platoon in Saint Pete’s Square.

  1. Ah, yes…”princes of the Church”. That the, shall we say, crux of the problem?

    And in this hierarchy, the top Prince, i.e., King Francis, is the most sheltered and deliberately ignorant of them all.

    Sad day for Catholics the world over, but especially the Catholic communities being eradicated by Muslims world-wide.

  2. Any text is significant only in the effect it has on the people who read it. The effective meaning of the texts of Islam is no exception. Unread, it would be without consequence. Read, but interpreted with some ordinary human restraint and decency, it would not be the spur to suicide bombings, hijackings, kidnappings, and so on that it is when interpreted with malicious intent.

    Almost any doctrine can be perverted to evil. The French Revolution, with its fine talk of the Rights of Man, went that road. The Communist Revolution, doubly so. Some American revolutionaries didn’t much mean it about All men being created Equal. And so on.

    Since a direct, frontal attack on the legitimacy and decency of the texts of Islam can only be counterproductive of peace, it is wiser to confine the discussion to matters less loaded with emotional freight. We, and the Muslims, can live in peace if we respect the facts of today’s world—that regardless of what this or that text may say, now isn’t a good time to have it out with yet another War To End All Wars.

    Most likely, that war would not settle anything for long, humanity being as prone to violence and faction as it is. And what if we did settle everything, each by killing every last one of the others? Or one side by inventing a weapon that worked too well? Today’s weapons are all too effective, and who knows what might be invented next by deranged genius impelled by desperate fear and unbounded malice?

    • You do know that Christians are being slaughtered wholesale in the middle east and north africa, yes?
      Now is not the time to invite the viper into the vatican. Now is the time for the Pope to call on the civilized nations of the world to stop the slaughter.
      This is just one more depressing chapter in the decline of western civilization. This reminds me of the recent US rose garden ceremony where the father of Sgt. Bergdahl praised Allah in pashtun while our dim wit president stood next to him…

      • The Pope’s heretical appeasement of Islam invites more killing, emboldens the enemy, and is a slap in the face of the God the Pope is pretending to represent.

        Such is the face of the neutered and terrified church of Rome today.

      • Babs–

        It’s genocide in the Levant and civil war all over Libya. South Africa is marginally better.

        Maybe next time we’ll get an African or Asian pope. An in-house guy who doesn’t wander into thickets about which he is totally ignorant. Seminarians don’t get taught economics and popes ought not to venture there. OTOH, we have to suffer the depredations of Pope Bill Gates, who compulsively messes in education.

        Yes, you’re right about the Rose Garden kabuki. That president of disinformation and dilettantism isn’t *your* president. Nor is he mine. Diplomad 2.0 calls it the Obama misadministration. That’s being kind.

        But not to worry. The MSM is sucking up to Hillary about her new book. Some of them are probably hoping for appointments in 2017. You know she’ll hire lots of gurrrls after she knocks off whatever hapless GOP candidate they decide to let have “his turn”.

    • Alas Sam, while I’m likely more sympathetic to your standpoint than many here, and while remaining unapologetically “liberal” on many issues, I fear the days of peaceful “dialogue” (Muslims complain, we listen while nodding our heads empathetically) must end soon.

      I daresay the Pope is sincere, but he is showing every attribute of a “useful idiot”, and if this heathen may offer advice to Catholics and all non-Muslim believers, wake the (redacted in advance) up!

    • Sam, the flaw in your argument is that while you might not want a war with muslims, muslims want a war with you. So I’m afraid to say that if we value our way of life here in the West, we are going to have to robustly defend it against muslims who have told us in no uncertain terms that we are their enemy.

    • I invite you to actually read the texts for yourself. This one, to be specific:

      Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law

      Its imprimatur emanates from Al-Azhar in Cairo so its quite kosher.

      Islam is not a religion. As this book of Islam proves beyond any doubt, it is a juridic system: laws to control every aspect of a Muslim’s daily life. In that respect, western culture with its bureaucratic overreach is indeed beginning to resemble Islam’s socio-political structures. There are now so many regulations and so much social control that it becomes impossible for the average citizen in the West to avoid violations of the code or offense against the uber-class on any given blessed day. Soon the penalties for violations will be every bit as draconian as Islam’s penalties are.

      This is a war that Islam has declared openly and repeatedly upon the West; they have stated it is to be total war. If you don’t understand that, then you haven’t been listening. As a remedy you might try “Reliance of the Traveler”. Beautifully bound and sturdy. And the English version has received Cario’s al-Azhar blessing, so there can be no claims that anything is lost in translation.

      As for the inventions of weapons, Islam has always relied on the West for its technology. It hungers for any technology that it can use for war. Like cell phones. Or pressure cookers.

      No where have we EVER said our goal is to kill every last Muslim. In fact we have never promoted violence of any kind except in the case of self-defense (we aren’t Quakers, after all). The goal of the Counter Jihad is to mount an effective campaign of exposure against those who have told us we are the enemy and that their aim is to make us submit or kill us. As Christian heterosexuals, we are extended that choice. Many others, of differing beliefs and sexual orientations, are not given that break. There are set ways in which they are to be slaughtered.

      In other words, our goal is to tell the truth, because it is the truth that makes us free. The WHOLE truth.

      If you can’t understand that basic point, well…maybe you could go back to worrying about our sinful CO2 levels.

      • “The WHOLE truth” can NEVER be achieved by consciously avoiding discussion to be ‘politically correct’ in the hope of creating a ‘big’ tent.


        Oh my, there you go again: bruising yourself jumping to conlusions about our motivations. That’s called “mind reading”.

        We consciously avoid some discussions. It’s a question of our own discernment but you are sure this decision to save our energy is merely being “politically correct in the hope of creating a big tent”. A big tent?? Surely you jest. Counter jihad folks are like observant Jews – you know the ones who build two synagogues: one where they attend services and another they wouldn’t be caught dead in? That’s the splintered CJ, and for that matter the splintered Right across the West. Being chronically abused, the Right has PTSD and seldom acts in its own interest..

        At any rate your conclusion is wrong and our reasoning is simple: We avoid some of the subjects you present for the consideration of our readers because those subjects cause ugly, interminable fights. You don’t change any hearts or minds because there’s not a heart or mind open on the question of, say, religious doctrine or homosexuality. Both are subjects whose entrails we’ve decided not to dissect here. It’s gruesome.

        Besides, I’m too lazy to monitor those interminably acrimonious fights. While they generate great gusts of heat, there would be no light…kinda like hell must be. IMHO.

        There are plenty of places you can have your argument about homosexuals, but not here.

        Never here.

        You have lots of ideas and would no doubt benefit from having your own blog. If you set it up, by all means leave links here. If they’re OT, as you know, leave them in the News Feed. They get the most attention there anyway.

  3. For thousands of years the West has been taking its’ foot off the head of the serpent and getting the fangs for it. It is time to end this.

  4. Muslims claim, do they not, to believe in the same God that we Christians and the Jews believe in? If that is so then why do they never make reference to the Old and New Testaments? Is that because muslims claim the koran abrogates everything that went before? If that is so then how can our religious leaders ever accept that the muslim allah is the same as our Jewish and Christian God?

    • Muslim exegesis has made frequent reference to both, but especially the OT, for centuries. However Muslims believe both the Christian and Judaic religious corpus (including the Talmud) to be corrupted. Mostly by time.

      Speaking for myself, I think it would be quite unreasonable for Muslims to expect Christians or Jews to accept that we share a God. This would be tantamount to accepting Islam after all. Various personalities may express such a view for ecumenical purposes but this is not something ordinary muslims put any store in. Nor do they put any store in ecumenism at all for that matter, stunts like these are solely for the benefit of Western audiences.

      As far as the problematic verse is concerned. I don’t know whether it was a deliberate move, it could well be, but the Quran uses different terms for “the people of the book” (Christians and Jews) and outright nonbelievers (kafir, pl: kuffar). This verse mentions the latter, but the meat of it is a prayer, a common one, and it may be something the person reciting just didn’t consider.

  5. I first heard about this from the following post on Jihad Watch. I was appalled at the prospect; then I noticed the following sentence.

    ‘However, expectations for the event should be kept low, according to Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the custodian of Catholic Church property in the Holy Land.’

    I initially thought Robert Spencer was spoofing us with Fr. Pizzaballa. A joke at the expense of the Vatican. Apparently not. The joke is on us, methinks.

  6. Murad wrote:
    “Muslims know how to play the game. They pretend to ask for peace. If Pope refuses 70% of Europeans. and 100% of politicians will blame him not responding to the peaceful gestures coming from Muslims.”

    The blame will not stick if what the Muslims are actually saying in these venues is translated and publicized. Translated and publicized. Those are the keys!

    When the politicians start to realize that the jig is up (when our new center right parties in Europe gain more traction for example) they will quickly change their tune.

  7. Unfortunately, the Pope is performing the role of useful idiot/enabler for the destructors of western civilization and Christianity.

    • The Pope is not an idiot, nor an enabler, but a keen co-operator alongside with the Catholic Church. Freedom and democracy have more enemies than most of us can comprehend.

      • Perhaps. But you won’t find many who agree with you. Not here, at any rate.

        In 500 years it will all have been sorted out…the Church and her Papal princes have often been on the wrong page down through history. Not always: at one time they defended their people against the Moslem hordes now they roll out the red carpet. I prefer the old way…

        Somebody asides us will sort it out.

  8. فيغفر لمن يشاء ويعذب من يشاء Hi friends.
    Eureka! I found in the koran, the Vatican Imam’s words and his song. The verses are from Sura/ chapter called THE (VICTORIOUS) INVASION. Actually, in arabic the word victorious is inherently embedded.
    For the Imam that verse is appropriate because he is standing on the land that will soon be their by default because a mislim prayed there, and by future invasion and raids, Just like Constantinople, has, and Londonistan, and Malmo.
    He says that allah has chosen/guided them (muslims) for rapture, while allah will torture the kuffars ( at their hands), as is happening in the 7 continents now.
    Look at his eyes and face: hate, clever, ambitious, mouth watering for the land he stands on, alert, imagining of future invasions, marking in his head the point of entry of Jihadis into the Vatican in 2022. Then look at the rest of the Kuffar: heads down, confused, dunce, shrinking, cringing, puzzled, and looking up at the invader with admiration. Dunce and cunning. Allah always chooses the cunning . . . similar things are attracted to each other.

    • This is false, and quite strange as well since the verses can easily be googled (as can the entirety of the Quran). The Surah is called Al-Baqarah (“The Calf” or “The Cow”, referring to the idol created by the Israelites that Moses destroyed) and certainly not “The Victorious Invasion”. The closest Surah in the Quran to that title is Al-Fath (The Victory) which I suppose you could translate as “Victorious Invasion”, but would be misleading as its historical context is the signing of a treaty which seemed to be very unfavourable to the Muslims, yet led to great advantages eventually. There is no Surah called “The Invasion”. For the sake of reference, the Imam recites verses from around 2:280 onwards in that video.

      As for why you chose to say what you did, my guess, from your screen name and knowledge of Arabic, is that you are an Arab Christian with significant grievances against Muslims. All I would say to this is that there is no need to inflate matters to diabolical proportions. Keep it reasonable for your own benefit, I have seen otherwise virtuous Christians fall into stark liberal feminism or unprincipled neo-conservatism in their zeal against Islam. Stay true to your faith and your blood and even your enemies cannot fault you.

  9. Muslims don’t need their god to give them victory over the unbelievers: except for a few exceptions, they need only to ask for it, and the unbelievers will deliver.

    Pope Francis would be only too happy to oblige.

  10. No1 on : Well said, my friend. From Morocco go east to Australia: they asked for it and the unbelievers surrendered it. I was reading history and it said that some unhappy bishops from Spain crossed the Gibraltar and went and asked the Muslims in North Africa to go and invade Spain and showed them the easy unguarded entries, just as our liars are doing today, but on a bigger scale: all the Continents are being surrendered . . . gradually.

    • Well, the votes were counted and the smoke was white. That makes Francis the de facto pope despite whatever is buried in the magisterium.

      I guess you could sound out Avignon to see if they want to sponsor a rump movement, but I don’t see that happening. Sad to say, Brother Peter, you’re probably micturating into the wind on this one. Sometimes it’s not enough to have the truth on your side. This is a hard time and it will take great faith to suss out God’s plan regarding your own discernment.

      Remember the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Try long-suffering because that’s all we’re going to get during this particular reign.

  11. Most important question : Who exactly was this Imam? Name? Was he from the Israeli or “palestinian” delegation? So far dead silence on the web.

    Who is he?

  12. Islamic terror group, Boko Haman kidnap over 200 teenage schoolgirls. Most of them are Christian. Notice that already the world has forgotten them. The Nigerian government have made some of the right noises, but have ignored the fate of those girls. Almost certainly those girls have been repeatedly raped, many may even be dead by now. But no one cares. After all, they are only girls and Christian at that. Did the pope ray for them?

    In Iraq, it is strongly believed that thousands of Iraqi soldiers surrendered to ISIS. Apparently they were then taken away and murdered.

    In Kenya fifty people were killed when terrorists ransacked a small town, taking the men and slaughtering them in front of their families.

    And the pope accepts a Muslim cleric as an equal. There is no difference between the Vatican and Mecca. Both are filled with people who fool the people, who have no compassion.

    Islam must be destroyed. And we have just a few years to achieve this, or it will be too late.

  13. Yes it’s true, the cat is out of the box & now we can clearly see all 1.2 billion Muslims are going at it W/ A VENGEANCE, right ?

    Funniest still is reading comments of so called ”Christians” – hence bound to believe by the very essence of their claimed faith, the Pope IS the representation of God on Earth.. – calling him this, that & the other, funniest of all – a dunce…

    Obviously ! Unlike you all, performing tasks which require EXTENSIVE culture & education, he REALLY has NO CLUE of what Islam did or did not in the past – actually i think i’ve read somewhere that being an ignoramus is part of the job requirements to become Pope, right ?

    Guess who the true idiots are ? Make no mistake, there IS a war going on but it’s a war cultivated/wished for by fanatics… on BOTH sides of the fence ! As many SO CLEARLY demonstrate here !

    That doesn’t mean politicians all over the west aren’t to blame for facilitating freak situations that ARE shockingly aberrant but then AGAIN, maybe if there weren’t such high rates of abstention, these sell-outs would be ”slapped back into shape” ?

    Because let’s face it, that’s all politicians can do : kiss a** to better achieve their own agendas & that means whichever a***s are queuing up to the voting booths….
    Maybe you should vote more often then ?
    Demand from your elected officials to comply to your will ?
    Instead of making fools of yourselves publicly & voluntarily….

    Given the level of stupidity, arrogance & malice displayed here under pretence & self -righteous, self appointed ”Guardians of Western Civilisation”, i’m actually surprised a billion Muslims didn’t die simultaneously across the globe just out of a violent allergic reaction to…. pathetic !?

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