March Against Islam’s Extreme Right

Last night we posted a video of this year’s march in Paris against the Islamization of France. Oz-Rita has also translated the subtitles for last year’s march, and includes these notes about the event:

This was the first demonstration against Islam in Paris, organised by Pierre Cassens from Riposte Laïque and Christine Tasin from Résistance Républicaine.

Despite the media ignoring them pointedly and completely, there were more than 3,000 people marching. Nothing was mentioned in the media at all after the march either.

The march they organised for the 8 December 2013 was so resisted by the “authorities” with refusals of permission, then permission, then cancellation of permission, then permission but on less “visible” venues, and on and on and on. To a point where many who wanted to participate again had lost the energy to book hotel rooms etc. again, only to have to cancel them several times. (People come from the provinces, from Switzerland and Belgium). So this time the number was 1,000 +, but the organisers were still elated — the quality defied the numbers.

Regular readers will notice the prominent presence of Alain Wagner, who heads the French-language wing of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA), in this march.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this clip:


00:00   First demonstration against Islam’s extreme right 10 November 2012
00:08   flags…French ones
00:14   sign reads: Islamists are not Muslims, Mohammed used a saber, they use fire arms a touch of humour
00:26   UOIF (?), Muslim Brotherhood
00:30   and Salafists, they all are
00:34   racists, they are all fascists
00:38   Fascism today IS Islamic
00:42   fascism will not pass Sharia will not pass
00:46   Islamic Fascism will not pass
00:54   Resistance against Islamic fascism
00:58   Resistance against Islamic fascism
01:02   Islamic sharia IS totalitarian
01:06   Sharia will not pass
01:18   who will defend us against aggressive obscurantism?
01:31   Union of all Patriots
01:35   Union of all Patriots
02:07   Who will defend freedom of thought and of speech?
02:11   enough with subsidies
02:15   not one more centime for the “anti-racists”
02:19   accomplices of the Islamists
02:59   to refuse Sharia is our duty and our right
03:03   Islamophobia is not a crime
03:07   it’s not racism ISLAM? We don’t want it !
03:12   Islamophobia is not a crime, it’s not racism
03:16   A religion is a faith
03:20   of the private domain.
03:24   Islam is a totalitarianism which ignores
03:28   the difference between the public and the private and between the secular and the sacred
03:32   (inaudible)
03:36   it is urgent that we are all united
03:40   against what is driving us out of our own country
03:44   and is turning us into foreigners in France
04:08   The HEART of France
04:29   Honour and Dignity for a FREE FRANCE
04:37   Produced by Guy SAUVAGE

6 thoughts on “March Against Islam’s Extreme Right

  1. That was encouraging.

    However I couldn’t help but notice how very few young people there were involved. A bit of a concern…

  2. “Regular readers will notice the prominent presence of Alain Wagner, who heads the French-language wing of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA), in this march.”

    Was Alexandre Del Valle there? I haven’t heart hide nor hair of him (outside of the news items his own organization sends my email).

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