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The following article from Politically Incorrect describes the latest persecutions launched by the German Grinch of Dhimmitude during this joyous Christmas Winter Festival season. It was translated by Carpe Diem and published at Vlad Tepes yesterday. Visit the linked articles to see the photos.

When audacity meets stupidity, this is the result

From P.I. News:

When audacity meets stupidity, this is the result: In Herne/Germany a DHL courier has recently delivered parcels dressed in costume that allegedly represented Saint Nicholas and greeted his customers with the familiar “ho, ho, ho”. Many of his customers appreciate this nice gesture especially in the weeks before Christmas, something he had done in his district for years. Now, a “customer of a different faith” (guess which one) has complained because his religious feelings had been offended. DHL and police have now asked the courier to leave off the garment.

Many citizens are indignant. The founders of our Constitution certainly had different thoughts referring to religious freedom. But it gets even better: The postman didn’t even dress as Saint Nicholas but as Santa, Santa, who has nothing to do with Saint Nicholas or religion at all, since he I simply the advertising figure of a well-known soft drink brand…

One obviously cannot expect citizens of a specific religion, appeasing DHL board and docile police to understand such “subtleties”.

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And it still gets better: Last year DHL couriers had a badge on their jackets reading “Official Partner of Santa”. So, a marketing gag is regarded as discrimination within a year. Amazing how fast hostile take-over of our country proceeds.

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  1. This is actually a meme! It has been dragged up regularly – every second or so Christmas seasons…The “DHL” bit has been varied – sometimes postmen, sometimes other courier companies.

    Only those who WANT it to be true will get all puffed up about it – especially knowing that like most of the other “Political Correctness Is Killing Christmas” stories (especially as filtered by Fox!) are similarly untraceable and obviously apocryphal.

    Perhaps its better to step back and ask what kind of tolerance we may have for other culture’s festivals and beliefs – what sort of attitude we would extend, and how clear our conscience is on looking down on our fellow citizens when they practice different customs to our own. Now THAT is a Christian project for Christmas time!

    • You can do that. Nice take-home project. I actually am not curious to know about the festivities of islam. Some of them are pretty bloody.

    • Guess you never heard how muslims treat other cultures ? Never mind.
      Suffice to say, we always treat other cultures with respect, especially when they come here for welfare and health care education etc their own cultures cannot provide.
      People such as yourself are believers in ” no culture is superior to another “? unless i am mistaken.
      We will have to agree to disagree then. I prefer MY culture, especially cosy Christmas , may i say that ?

      To well, honour killings, sex -slavery, temporary marriages, polygamy, wife-beating ,FGM , beheading of infidels and cattle. But that is me. I admit it, I am a little “old-fashioned “maybe.

      Other cultures amongst us who appreciate us all , is mutual such as Chinese , Sikh, indian etc , seem to integrate very well in fact and manage to express their cultures in a peaceful civilised manner, because they are peaceful , tolerant and civilised , and espouse no religious commands to kill ” infidels”. Actually we do not have a problem with their cultures, being benign , ” tolerate” them well and they do not force their culture onto us and we also enjoy their often colourful customs.
      They even obey our laws !!

      So your point is ?

    • Tell a Muslim that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, if you really believe it.
      Then you can tell me about who is tolerant and who is not.

      • Yeah – or tell him that Christianity is another ancient belief system that relies on a supernatural personage casting spells, pulling off miracles and raising the dead – and he will probably just laugh.

        Unless he’s a Christian Muslim (of which there are millions in the world!) and he will probably just agree with you!

        Obviously Christianity is the exact same religion as Islam – just re-badged. Different prophets but they share so many cultural and theological facets its quite amazing.

        Jesus is of course first and foremost – at least from an authenticated point of view – an Islamic prophet.

        • Wow! Where to begin?

          First, there are NO Christian Muslims because a person can ONLY be one or the other per the core tenets of BOTH Christianity and Islam. There may be Christian Arabs or Christian Syrians or Christian Egyptians, but there are NO Christian Muslims.

          That said, it does seem as though various groups are undertaking an active effort to create Chrislam as a mash-up of the two religions. The wikipedia article below discusses a couple of small sects of Chrislam in Nigeria, but the real story is all of the many Christian ‘inter-faith’ efforts with Islam that are wholly one-sided with Islam being subtly proselytized to naive Christians without the reciprocal occurring.

          In Christianity, Jesus is the Son of God – a loving caring God – one aspect of the triune God with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus is NOT a prophet. Jesus is God incarnate in human form. Jesus called himself the Son of Man while his followers noted his divinity and called him the Son of God.

          In Islam, Mohammed self-appointed himself as the final prophet of a monotheistic God – an angry vengeful God. Jesus is viewed as merely a man who is a former prophet who is superseded by Mohammed and his evil teachings.

          Islam came after Christianity which came after Judaism, so it is Islam that is re-badged Christianity and Judaism.

          If the Son of God Jesus had taught the same ideas as the Islamic founder Mohammed, then there would have been NO need for Mohammed. It is because Mohammed CHANGED the ideas of Christians and Jews that Islam formed as a unique religion.

          “Jesus is of course first and foremost – at least from an authenticated point of view – an Islamic prophet.”

          Of course, this is the money line that indicates that YOU are Muslim. The tip-off was the idea that Islam pre-dated Christianity since Muslims believe that myth, but the idea that Jesus is an authenticated Islamic prophet is textbook Islam.

          Jesus was, is, and always will be the Son of God.

          • Unfortunately Egghead your theology needs a refresher course, as does your knowledge of world history.

            Carpath’s explanation is essentially and technically correct and no amount of huffing and spouting wikepedia will disprove it.

            Jesus was a minor prophet whose mercurial rise to prominence has exaggerated the originality and teleological significance of his purported words.

            Millions of Christians in Africa, Middle East and across Asia DO happily mix Christian and Islamic thought and belief, largely harming no one and easily balancing the two spiritually. The practical issues you conflate are a western extravagance, and one derived from your own state of apparent besiegement.

            Most Muslims in fact live by morals and practices that are very close to many Christian ones, so please desist from throwing in beheadings, bombings and the like as some sort of norm. They are a Muslim equivalent to the relevance of Sandy Hook or Timothy McVeigh to the Christian ethos.

            And no, to answer a recurring trope amongst you Allah-a’fearin’ folks round here, I am not a Muslim. Merely a humble and ordinary Coptic.

          • Hi ‘supposed’ Coptic,

            You and I both know that Islam has bloody borders with any peoples unlucky enough to share borders with Muslims….

            Muslim morals and practices are the polar opposite of Western Christian morals and practices which is WHY Muslims try to violently enforce Sharia Law against other people of other religions – and no religions – who have slave status – at best – under Muslim supremacist Sharia Law.


          • Egghead,

            speaking of “supposed” Christians (or Coptics)…or Muslims…or heretics.

            Im not sure you can claim “Muslim morals and practices are the polar opposite of Western Christian morals and practices” when we all know the history of the Catholic Church in Western Europe and the colonial sphere.

            If indeed the chronology of Opus Novum de emendatione temporum (1583) and Thesaurum temporum (1606) are correct, and they have been largely verified by later events, the New Testament pre-dates the Old Testament, and Jesus is indeed a follower of Islam, both chronologically as well as theologically.

            Astronomic and astrological evidence suggests the pre-history we take for granted, and which supports a lineal Judaic chronology, is highly dubious, and cyclical recurrences of events and cultures suggest history as we know it has largely been manufactured by Papist historians in the 14-16th centuries. It is unlikely whole civilisations predate far more modern events (unless manufactured/contrived by Renaissance scholars).

            The appearance of Islam on the Arabian peninsular may well preface the emergence of civilisation as its usually conceived. Jesus is almost certainly a far later Emperor or colonial governor turned “prophet”.

            And for the record, as if its any of your business, I am a deeply religious Christian, studying Ancient Christianity.

          • Egghead,

            I think he’s got you. Sources were already quoted – no that I have time nor effort to check.

            I think if you can’t disprove him we may as well take for read that the Cathpath assertions stand.

            (I can’t abide laziness in others!)

    • I rather doubt that YOU are even a Christian!

      If you listened to Christian radio, you would know that there are many real stories with real people and places where Christians and Christian symbols are being persecuted in the West – especially at Christmas because Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ – which re-focuses attention on Christ.

      You are correct that the idea of Political Correctness is NOT killing Christmas; rather, it is the people of Political Correctness who are trying to kill Christmas – and those people of Political Correctness are mainly comprised of atheists, Jews, and Muslims who are making a big push to ‘fundamentally transform’ specific references to Christ into vague references to holidays and winter.

      Your hypocritical conclusion above is that Westerners should explore and embrace any foreign people and customs that arrive at the doors of OUR Christian countries, but that Westerners CANNOT expect – let alone require – the same treatment in either our own countries or their foreign countries.

      Question: If foreigners are equal to Westerners, then why do you hold them to a difference standard than us? Why not hold us all to the same standard?

      Perhaps the reality is that you FEEL better about yourself by your (mis)judging that foreigners and Christians are incapable of being tolerant – and you are just so much better than both groups that you should preach your self-serving sermon of your being better than us….

    • “This is actually a meme! It has been dragged up regularly […] Only those who WANT it to be true will get all puffed up about it”

      Just like the muslim grooming gangs is a meme. Just like the muslims protesting against Gay Pride is a meme. Just like the idea that muslims from the west went off to fight as Jihadis in Afghanistan, Mali, Libya, Syria, Iraq, is a meme. Just like the Sharia Patrols was a meme. Just like the Gay Free Zone meme. Just like the assassinations (real and failed) were memes. Just like the segregated university meetings are memes. None of these things ever happened either, I suppose.

      Only those non-muslims who have no principles won’t get puffed up about these things.

      • Yes Joe, most of them are memes too, or else the straw man fantasies of western reactionaries!

        And isn’t it good you’ve started taking the defense of our Gay brothers and sisters. That’s always populate with the Christian Suprematists round these parts…

    • FAKE photo. The two sets of print are different typefaces and sizes. Obvious a photoshop jobbie tailored to this tiresome and largely memetic subject. Grow up and look for real issues to get all hot and bothered about!

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