What Future for Whites in South Africa?

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What Future for Whites in South Africa?
by Fjordman

I followed Western mass media with bemused interest after it was announced that Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black President from 1994 to 1999, had died on December 5, 2013. It wasn’t unexpected, since the man was 95 years old and had been ill for years. I never hated Mandela, but the lavish praise he received from Scandinavia to Alaska went far beyond what was rational or fact-based.

It has been publicly confirmed that Nelson Mandela was a leading member of the South African Communist Party’s central executive committee at the time of his arrest for terrorist activities in 1962. This party then had ties to the mass-murdering totalitarian Communist state known as the Soviet Union.

Peter Oborne, the chief political commentator in Britain’s supposedly conservative newspaper the Daily Telegraph, stated that “There are very few human beings who can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela is one.”

Really? Now, I’m not a Christian, but according to Christian beliefs, Christ is the son of God and divine himself. This senior writer in a supposedly conservative newspaper thus compared an African former leading member of the Communist party to a god.

We have previously seen a tendency on parts of the political Left to elevate certain human beings, especially Marxist leaders such as Stalin and Mao, almost to the status of demigods. It is a bit disturbing to see the same pattern of personality cult being emulated even in allegedly conservative circles. It only shows that the radical Left has won most of the cultural battles for the past fifty years or so.

Meanwhile in Peter Oborne’s native Britain, the sandwich shop owner Neil Phillips was arrested and held for eight hours by the police, who also took his DNA and seized his computer. The reason? He had dare to make some Mandela jokes.

Earlier that same year, in April 2013, there were open celebrations in parts of the political Left in Britain when the former conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died. There were even public “Thatcher death parties” in British streets, in which the participants were not arrested.

Thatcher was a leading anti-Communist who fought against the repressive system of the Soviet Union. It is apparently acceptable in the Western world to celebrate the death of conservative white anti-Communists, whereas it is socially impermissible to say critical things about long-time African Communists with a militant past.

Regarding this British man who was arrested for making Nelson Mandela jokes: Does this imply that Mandela is now literally viewed as a deity or demigod, and that saying bad things about him is therefore considered blasphemy?

The ancient Egyptians also believed that the Pharaoh would become a god after he died. Perhaps we should build a pyramid for Mandela, or find some vacant tomb in the Valley of the Kings? It’s even in Africa.

Of course, Mandela was not the worst leader South Africa could have. Compared to his successor Jacob Zuma, he was more competent and less corrupt. Yet the corruption of the African National Congress (ANC) was clearly present already under Mandela’s rule. Praising him as some kind of modern saint is not right.

As the eloquent writer Daniel Greenfield reminds us, South Africa is today for all intents and purposes a one-party state under the ANC’s domination. As a Communist, Mandela had always envisioned a one-party state. According to Greenfield, “To many white liberals, Mandela has taken his place in the pantheon alongside Gandhi and the Dalai Lama as a Third World saint who led a resistance based on forgiveness and acceptance. This need for Third World saints that led to a white cult growing around Gandhi and the Dalai Lama has more to do with the decline of spirituality in the West than with the reality of the three political figures who like most leaders understood the value of symbolism when it came to cloaking their more human agendas. Mandela was neither a monster nor a saint. Instead he occupied a troubled middle ground which saw him employ terrorism and align with unambiguous monsters like Castro and Gaddafi. The man who preached a utopian creed with a violent edge proved to be a pragmatist. If there is any virtue to take away from his life, it is that when push came to shove, he chose pragmatism over ideology.”

Those who do not unreservedly praise Mandela risk being accused of supporting the apartheid system of racial segregation and white minority rule. Just for the record, my view is that the apartheid system was wrong and should never have been implemented in the first place. That being said, at least the Europeans who lived in South Africa over the centuries managed to build up a modern infrastructure that sometimes also benefited the black population.

In merely one generation of post-apartheid black rule, many of the gains that were initially made by the white population in agriculture, science and industry have been reversed. Despite its vineyards, fine beaches and plenty of gold and diamonds, the South African society is now riddled with shocking levels of incompetence and corruption, endemic violence, AIDS and regular baby rapes. Why is the world supposed to celebrate this?

One of the more positive things that can be said about Nelson Mandela is that at least he didn’t push for a full-scale genocide against whites as soon as he gained power. Spending 27 years in prison presumably calms down most people.

Yet a vicious campaign of brutal murders targeting white farmers and their families has been brewing for years. Many whites have left, and others think of leaving. With Mandela dead, some whites fear an escalation of the attacks against them. Sadly, the outside world does not seem to care much about their plight.

It has been established that white minority rule in South Africa is wrong and immoral. I agree with this view.

However, it currently looks doubtful whether whites and other non-Africans can survive black majority rule for long. What then? If the whites should not rule over blacks but also cannot survive as a minority under black rule, the most logical conclusion would be for the remaining whites to break away from South Africa and form their own state, probably somewhere in the Western Cape.

The question is whether they are many enough and strong enough to establish a viable state, and whether they would receive international recognition if they did. The answer is most likely no on both accounts. An independent state for whites in southern Africa would violate the anti-European equality cult of the Western ruling elites and would therefore not be accepted.

The Western ruling elites through NATO, backed by the US Government and the EU, were perfectly willing to use military force to establish a predominantly Muslim state in Kosovo, in Europe. Yet they would be unlikely to support a breakaway state for non-Muslim Europeans in southern Africa. Without external support, it is doubtful whether such a state could survive for long.

In summary, the whites in southern Africa should not rule over the much more numerous blacks. Yet they apparently cannot live in safety as a minority, either. It is unlikely whether they would be capable of establishing an independent state, and doubtful whether such an entity would receive international recognition.

Unless one wants the whites to be quietly slaughtered and gradually wiped out, this really leaves only one realistic alternative: The whites in southern Africa need to be evacuated from the Dark Continent. They cannot survive in the dysfunctional and extremely violent Mad Max-society that is post-apartheid South Africa.

People of European descent in the region should in the coming years be resettled in Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand. The first wave of white refugees has already started arriving here. Given the fact that Western governments supported the ANC’s rise to power in SA, they have a moral obligation to aid whites fleeing from the country and the policies of its ruling regime.


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81 thoughts on “What Future for Whites in South Africa?

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    • Is that the ANC one where they happily sing ” kill the boer”
      ( white farmers) ? Zuma sings that a lot, saw some man next to him miming a machine gun at those lines in one video.
      Mandela sang it too.

      • It was the 1960’s film Zulu, with Michael Caine. When the Brits where facing yet another charge by an overwhelming Zulu force, and then in response to the Zulu battle chants, the Welshman manning the line began to sing back the Men of Harlech.

        “”Men of Harlech stand ye steady
        It can not be ever said ye
        For the battle were not ready
        Welshmen never yield”

        I think they tweaked the lyrics a little for the film though.

    • The author really has no idea of the diversity we have in South Africa. It is not only blacks and whites!! We have many different black cultures and languages, we have diversity within the white population….for one, I would not like to share a “white state” with the English speaking whites….joke! Perhaps I would rather share this new state with the Cape colored people, at least we speak the same language!! No, now that will be too boring, we will need a few Zulus there too. The author over-simplifies the situation in South Africa and also has no idea of the massive investment that has gone into infrastructure since 1994. Yes, we have problems, but there are many white South Africans, like me, who are very happy here and we see ourselves as part of our Rainbow Nation. We work hard to move South Africa forward to become a better place. Unfortunately the media often misrepresents what is really happening here and the world gets a skewed picture.

      • Really are you that happy in a country where every system is failing because of a majority rule by force and intimidation. Look at the collapse of our economy. Our low rating education system. Etc. Please feel free to mention one thing in this country that indicates a stable and bright future. I think that dream isn’t fading, it’s gone! Genocide being our biggest fear. Have you actually seen the images of the murders of farmers. Barbaric to say the least. I think saying all is well and that we are growing is a very eyes closed approach. Whites and other races are feeling the pressure of being in shark invested waters with parties like the Economical freedom fighters on the rise. Keep in mind the goals and narrow minded approach to get what the want.

      • I am south African and believed the country would rise after 1994.

        I am now living in Europe because I just could not live with another attack against myself, family or friend.

        We left everything behind and start a new life from scratch. That is better than remaining in a state of hopeless hope.

  2. I too think that the bulk of the whites that stay will be the elite who will live in walled-off suburbs with armed guards. The others will be better off leaving, but I fear that immigration laws/policies in Canada, the US, New Zealand, and Australia are will prevent all but the most third-world of immigrants from gracing those shores.

  3. The reason why Black South Africans rape babies is that they are taught if they have AIDS they can cure it by having sex with a baby.

    After the last White person leaves, South Africa will become Zimbabwe in 4 years.

    • What a shallow answer zimbabwe will rise best believe and ithink the same should happen to south africapower to the people

      • …how long do you think is the real meaning of never.
        …not in 10 life times..at least…

  4. The really interesting question is whether black Africans can survive black majority rule for long.

    Since 1993, the year before apartheid ended, South Africa’s GDP growth rate has slipped from 4% to 0.7%. South Africa was not then but is now the Number 1 country in the world for rape (Sweden is #2). Reliable crime statistics are notoriously hard to come by, particularly from a one-party regime whos main interest is in conjuring and burnishing its laurels, but the SA Wiki mentions that if assaults and murders were added to rapes, in the early 00’s, per UN’s statistics, SA was #2 in the world. The paper “Murder in South Africa” issued by United Christian Action in 2003 relays that from 1994 to 2001 violent crime rate increased by 33%, with 32,482 murders reported by non-ghovernmental sources in 2000, and even higher figures cited by Interpol, which ranked SA in 1998 as #1 in the world for murder.

    South Africa was # 81 on UN’s Human Development Index in 1993 (source: http://hdr.undp.org/en/media/hdr_1993_en_indicators1.pdf). It is #121 in 2013.

    South African life expectancy at birth has slipped from 61.5 in 1990 to 53.4 in 2013 (Source: http://hdrstats.undp.org/images/explanations/ZAF.pdf)

    It would be salutary for Whites living there to recognize that it’s time to get off the bus and flee, and Fjordman’s call to grant them refugee status in Western countries is the right thing to do. Smart for the West as well — immigration for national interest, for a change, as opposed to the current practice of immigration for the good of the foreigners. Of course Progressive Whites, who enjoy degradation by the less pigmentally-challenged, will feel better the more South Africa descends into chaos, and the volume of their condemnations of “racism” will grow commensurately too.

    • South African Bantu are an incredibly rough, insensitive,
      tribal and not very useful group. It was a very sad day when DeKlerk sold out, a country exclusively built by Whites (with some black unskilled labour). [derogatory observation redacted]

  5. A two state solution would’ve been the best thing, I mean, Lesotho was seperated from South Africa post-colonial times, and it’s even landlocked. There’s no way the ANC or even other African countries would’ve accepted a specificly white country on the continent though in the long term(and I agree with them, although it’s a shame we can’t have the same standards in Europe or the West).

    That country would just became a white minority rule, black majority country again anyway(if the West hasn’t woken up by then),that country would probably be the richest in Africa, with the most human rights in Africa, becoming a top destination for migrants, and again as usual, lefties would take power, undemocratically allow mass immigration, while the people the country was meant for become the minority, and would need a new home again.

    I don’t believe in taking in the white Afrikaaners to my country. Even if I had no doubt they would be similar enough to us, share the same culture, would not cause problems, and would contribute, mass immigration, selective or not, is still wrong. There are still millions of white people in South Africa, that would be mass immigration. I disagree with any immigration, but if there had to be, I wouldn’t allow any more per year than the number of new births, by the natives of the country, per year. Maybe even no more than half that number, and even with that, it’d be selective immigration. Even with those small numbers, immigration from the third world would still be a threat due to third world immigrants having 2, 4, even 6x(depending on the Western country)on average higher birth rates than the natives. A few Norwegian dudes a year, on the other hand, in a border city looking to move across into Sweden, or a few Canadian dudes a year who like London wanting to move, would obviously not be a problem.

    Although, if we were to take in the white South Africans, instead of other immigrants, I’m all for that obviously. I just think a stance of no immigration at all is better. If we say we want no immigration, atleast the lefties can’t accuse us of discriminating, because everyone gets the same treatment, no coming here. 😛

    It’s horrible to think that, in 50-100 years, maybe even earlier, the West will be in the exact same situation as South Africa, if nothing changes. Actual Europeans WILL be a minority in their own countries, and unlike now, we wont have anywhere to “white flight to”, like happened in Detroit, is happening in London, Toronto, and many other cities, we’ll need a new home, to avoid the brutality of the majority against us, but we won’t have anywhere to go.

    Maybe we can get Antarctica.

    • I have often pondered that too. Maybe some uninhabited islands somewhere ?
      Antarctica did cross my mind , but a little on the cold side for me, so i dismissed it, last option ! On the other hand, becoming increasingly attractive as each day passes.
      Okay, I am in.!
      (Bracing myself, have the leg warmers and must get one of those Siberian fur hats, I always find
      them sooo glamorous…some advantages after all….:). )

      This time the Jews have Israel to flee to. We will have nowhere to flee to.
      White South Africans are already i heard, being rejected applications to the West. I know South Africans who left soon after dismantling of apartheid and others who left since. Their main fear being the high risk of daughters being raped. Now it is very difficult for them to emigrate back to the lands of their fore-fathers.
      But then Europeans are also finding it increasingly more difficult to emigrate anywhere at the moment .
      Coincidence ?

      • You have answered your own question in a round about way, it is increasingly obvious that whites now have no where to run and no where to hide any longer, so what is one to do when their back is against the wall ? Will whites take back what is theirs or perish? It really does come down to that choice.

  6. We have received a number of white SA “refugees” over the last few years in NZ. On the whole IMHO we are lucky to have them. They’ve struck me as generally being hard workers, law abiding and many do more than give lip service to their Christian faith. I call them refugees because they really do love their country and are always reluctant to leave it – but almost all of them have horror stories of home invasions, shootings, violent crime. Further the SA government will only allow them to take out of the country a limited amount of money & items so its often a real sacrifice for them to leave.

    I’ve also met & helped a white refugee family from Zimbabwe who have arrived with 2 suitcases for their family of 5 and no money. For months the lady kept waking in the night, sweating, because she was sure she could still “hear the drums”.

    But I’m afraid no country in the Anglosphere will open its arms to large numbers of these people. They must apply like everyone else, with no special favours. Perhaps this goes back to the ’70’s when Britain essentially abandoned the Commonwealth for the EEC? Nobody is Family any more because everyone is – no matter how alien or hostile they are to us. To whom do these whites from SA & Zim belong? No common worlview to lead us to recognise those who were once the kind of people any Western nation sought out for immigrants. No family ties.

    • Almost all of my extended family have made it to NZ. Unless the lives and properties of White Africans of South-Africa are protected, S.A. will have no future. At least nag van die lang messe [night of the long knives] never arrived… yet!

    • Yes me and my family are interested in moving to New Zealand …most all of our family has died off and I think of my sons future a lot…..

      Phil and Beth Grieves

      • NZ is probably one of your best bets. they have a low population and need to increase it. They are also lovely people. It is not a cheap place to live, but that is mainly due to the small population.

        I think if overtime the SA’ers came to NZ and AUS(all of them) it would be a phenomenal boon to both nations. I’ll(Aussie) take SA immigrants/refugees over any other group atm.

  7. I just finished reading Ilana Mercer’s essay at WND. I hadn’t realized she is from South Africa.

    Here is her book:

    Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa

    I don’t think I could bear to read it, but I recommend that people at least look at the book’s reviews.

    Fjordman is right: there “should” be some kind of organized refugee reclamation project for the white South Afrikaaners. But the world is too cowardly, just as it was with rescuing the Jews from the clutches of Hitler.

    Ironically, Mercer is the granddaughter of a rabbi. I wonder how many Jews are left in her homeland now? The murder rate is high and inexorable.


    • You can’t say ‘The World is too cowardly to rescue White South Africans ‘ simply because the World’s media have never informed anyone about the steadily worsening situation in that particularly violent country. According to some sources SA Whites are on level 6 out of 7 on a genocide chart. Level 7 being the bit where they all get cut into small pieces. And you also can’t say that the World was too cowardly to rescue the Jews from Hitler because
      we were fighting a war against Hitler at the time. It would not have been possible to rescue anyone until the war had been won.

      • Of course I can say those things. I just did say them so it’s obvious they can be said. It may be the case you don’t agree with my assessments, but that’s a different case.

        The media reduce issues to black and white -in most cases black good, white bad. Thus they don’t have a way to elicit sympathy for the white people of South Africa who are being killed, or who are not permitted to leave the country with their own assets, or whose property is taken from them. Nor do they want to know about the blacks who work on white farms and are killed because of it. People who worked under good conditions and wanted things to say the same for themselves and their families, and the owners for whom they worked.

        In Africa, the kleptocrats rule. Kleptocrats have a hypertrophied sense of entitlement. That is true in the US to a large extent too.

        Theo Prinse, here in the comments, sees some hope for change in the 2014 elections. I pray he is right and I hope there will be a federation as he suggests.

        There were many opportunities to help the Jews before and after Hitler took power. For the most part, governments looked the other way, though Britain did take in a fair number considering its size. In the beginning Hitler was allowing Jews to leave. Like South Africa is now, Hitler’s government did not permit Jews to leave with any of their assets. Eventually they weren’t permitted to leave…

        In sum, I can indeed have an opinion without your permission. And you can disagree with it, but telling me I “can’t say something” is jejune at best. Reminds me of David Horowitz’ delusional contention that Diana West “shouldn’t” have written her book- as though he were the permission-giver.

  8. With all respect for the late Mr Mandela, comparing him with Jesus Christ is toe-curling. As a Christian, I would add, that it is blasphemous and beside the point. Jesus Christ, in his earthly life, did not take part in any political activities and preached Kingdom which is not of this world.

  9. I’m a white Afrikaner from South Africa and can confirm the crisis that my people are in. The solution for us is not to leave our country and thereby also forfeit our cultural heritage, but rather to create a new homeland for Afrikaners within todays South Africa. My town, Orania, is a good example (though still on a very small scale) of what is possible. We rather need the help from Europa, the US, NZ, Australia, etc to make a success of this project. Many Afrikaners will never be willing to leave their country and the country of there forefathers.

    • Sorry to say, but no help would be coming. You saw them the Western leaders during the last week. They came to lick Mandela’s body. The West is gone, finished. Stupid France sends it army in the Centrafrican Republic to stop Muslims’ being killed by fedup Christians and you think the West will help Whites in SA?

      • You got that right. The West is dead, it just doesn’t have enough sense to fall over. In an emergency, it may evacuate limited numbers of whites from South Africa, but it will do nothing substantive while most white South Africans’ heads are being stacked on street corners.

    • Mate Afrikaner got to SA by leaving their country because of persecution. Culture will not evaporate because of immigration, it will remain and be passed on through your children. There is huge afrikans community in mining towns all over OZ braais, Volkspele, dutch reform churchs etc the culture is celebrate and shared, sure it changes and one day will be absorbed it to the host countries culture but it influence will always be there. But thats what cultures do evolve, if you are to set in your ways and view the past with rose colour glasses you will stay for a country and culture that never existed but in your mind. Get out allow your family to have a chance to shine and not merely survive because or your inability to change.

  10. Intersting analysis and very realistic. Don’t exclude an Afrikaner Homeland in the Western parts of South Africa. The community of Orania has made a start and is growing. Mass emigration is not a real alternative; it may be a way to save the individuals, but what made us successful as a people will be lost. We go about it in a non-militant way; we even paid our tribute to mr Mandela on the gronds that his plea for reconciliation should be taken seriously – on the basis of recognition, which is the mother of freedom. He started the argument, we just completed it in a way that his supporters cannot reject withou losing the moral high ground. But remember Orania, you’ll hear about us again.

  11. The Afrikaner dont want to leave South Africa. Many kleurlinge have Dutch forefathers, Durtch blood, Dutch genotye, Dutch names like Matroos or Fortuyn and speak the Dutch dialect Afrikaans. These colored wnat an independent state for themselves in Southern Africa.
    The ANC will lose in the 2014 election. Mamphela Aletta Ramphele with her new party and Julius Malema and his new party as well as Lidiwe Mazibuko of the Demokratiese Aliansie will all win seats from the ANC.
    Likely Jacob Zuma will leave afterwards and a better ANC leader will come up.
    South Africa would best transform to a confederation of States.

    • Prepare yourself, the blacks are going to go full on genocide of your whites, so your wishful thinking and lack of preparedness is what is going to feed the wildlife there. Time to pick up the R-4’s and start practicing.

  12. The leftists have sanctified Mandela, abetted by the fawning western MSM they now control, for one simple reason: he is the one untainted hero the left has had since 1917. All the rest, from Trotsky to Chavez, are damaged goods at best, tyrants at worst. No wonder they cling on to his corpse.

  13. Ill defend the Apartheid system. It was an attempt to allow Black Africans self rule, whilst protecting the White Europeans from the predations of a hostile majority. It is largely misunderstood. Apartheid was a liberal policy agenda. It’s ultimate failure, via the poor living conditions of Black Africans (which by the way were the highest in the region for Black Africans) who saw the affluence of the whites and envied it, is the failure of Black Africans to make something of the opportunity. Instead the Soviets offered to fund revenge via violent revolution and racial supremacy.

    • it was an economic system that ensured the white majority got the lions share of all economic activity. Moved the black majority away from high value agricultural land that had feed the population, gave the white population control of resources and land.

  14. Am I missing something here? For once I think I disagree with Fjordman.

    Some 400 years ago a small group of Europeans settled in Southern Africa. At the time there were only a handful of African bushmen in the area. The Europeans slowly built their civilisation from the ground up. Fine buildings were constructed, schools and hospitals were built. Government buildings and court houses were built. The bushmen marveled at what the Europeans had built. The had never seen anything like it.

    As the years went by, the Europeans prospered by the sweat of their brow. Bushmen from various tribes came from all over Africa to the civilisation built by the Europeans seeking jobs. Many of them were employed by the Europeans but their numbers became massive, far outnumbering the Europeans. They all sought to work for the Europeans so they kept coming though there was no housing for them and squatter camps began popping up here and there. Yet they still kept coming.

    So the Whites in South Africa had no right to rule over the civisation that THEY built for themselves? That it? This is a very peculiar psychology only common to the White race. This way of thinking is not found among the non-White races.

    • I read a comment by someone who said that the white people in South Africa were just another tribe – a white tribe – and pointed out that it should NOT be wrong that a white tribe should rule black tribes when it would NOT be wrong for a black tribe to rule other black tribes or the white tribe.

    • Ingteresting argument and valid with respect to similar situations in Europe: Jews, Gypsies, Hungarians and, yes, majority-Muslim states too, i.e. Albania and Bosnia — as long as they adhere to the norms of the surrounding White-Christian civilization. But what if they don’t?

      Seeing what is being done to Christians in Albania and Kosovo, the outsize cruelty of Albanian gangs all over Europe, complicity in some terrorist activities — can they not give rise to cries that “something” ought to be done about Albania? And what about the crime that Gypsies inflict on the countries where they live? Is it legitimate to state that all the reports about crime and dysfunction that Romanian immigrants inflict on the UK in particular are bunk? That those are Romanian Gypsies? Is it legitimate to start differentiating between the two, just as the Gypsies’ native societies in Eastern Europe do, despite the Gypsies’ thousand-year foothold in Europe?

      With respect to South African Whites, your argument is valid — but they too are a minority that does not adhere culturally to the standards of the surrounding continent. They never will. And Black Africans, who are not the Eloi that Whites have been made to be in the West, will never accept that. One cannot blame them for it, no matter which side’s cultural values you share.

      Second, precisely because African values (forget PC platitudes) do not preclude mass violence, rapine etc. with respect to the white minority, self-determination for SA Whites is possible only if the West will support it — particularly UK, US, and EU. Neither one of these is ready to do this within our lifetime: they are too far gone in their white Eloidom.

      • Pay attention to what is happening in Bosnia and Kosovo as we speak, the muslims with the help of Turkey, Saudi and Qatar and thousands of fighters are going to have another go at it. This time the Russians are not going to sit this one out since they figure they made Obummer stand down over Syria, he will stand down over this as well and the rest of the Europeans will make the usual noises but won’t do anything. The Serbs and the Croats have made a agreement to share the spoils after all is said and done. I am amazed that this is not being reported on?

        • Interesting; I’ve not seen one line of text about it. I am with the Serbs; though they had some dreadful, criminal monsters, after what we’ve done to them ( and continue via Hollywood agitprop) and due to the reign of evil we have enabled in Kosovo, the Serbs can do no wrong as far as I am concerned.

          • Julia Gorin has done a meticulous job detailing the false propaganda used by the West to vilify – and ultimately MURDER the Serbs. As per their usual modus operandi, the local Muslim population has effectively cleansed the area of Christians with the active help of the West who militarily supported the Muslims when the Christians were winning.

            I read a comment by another commenter that the Balkans were used to signal the white Christian European West that the USA would support the foreign Muslims in a European civil war so the Christians had better lay low.

            On Gorin’s website, she quotes “Playing the genocide card” (Spiked-Online, Aug. 27, 2010, By Tara McCormack, lecturer in international politics at the University of Leicester):

            “Conflicts were no longer interpreted through a political framework, but through a moral one of victims and aggressors, innocents and ‘genocidaires’.

            “In this era of human rights and international criminal courts, not all ‘crimes against humanity’ are judged equally”

            “Certainly no one could accuse Edward Herman and David Peterson, authors of The Politics of Genocide, of being part of the new left that cheers on the humanitarian potential of Western guns and bombs. At times, their book reads like an old-school, left-wing polemic against Western intervention and the way in which the killing of millions by the West is widely ignored or accepted as a necessary evil.

            “The fundamental point of their book is that all killings are not treated as equal…[T]heir arguments about Rwanda, Yugoslavia and Darfur threaten some of the most cherished certainties of the post-Cold War left. They argue that the wars in Yugoslavia have been completely misrepresented by the West as a simple tale of evil nationalistic Serbs seeking to exterminate innocent Muslims. And much of what has been accepted as indisputable fact has turned out to be totally fabricated. For example, the death toll has been vastly inflated and Serbs have been wrongly accused of setting up ‘rape camps’.

            “It is a little-known fact that the biggest single act of ‘ethnic cleansing’ during the Yugoslav civil wars was conducted by Croatian forces (trained by American private military contractors and supported by NATO jets) in 1995, when Croatia expelled the Serbian population of the Krajina region. But Serbs had been so demonised by the Western media by then that little attention was paid to the event other than perhaps to say that they got what they deserved.”


      • SA Boers are the modern day ‘ Jews ‘ . They have been marginalised, disarmed and empoverished
        but more importantly the MSM has completely
        blanked them out of our consciousness. It might
        have been possible for them to live in the middle of a Black country but for one element, the Zulu
        nation. All the other Blacks in SA fear them because they are physically tough and there are over 10 million of them in SA. That’s over 20% of the population. They almost wiped out most other tribes as they migrated southwards 4 centuries ago.

        • It is also extremely unfair that as a white South African that grew up in a post-apartheid South Africa I have to fear for my life or pay For the decisions made by a few Whites In making the apartheid system.also not all whites are rich as most blacks tend to believe.I dont have fancy cars or homes,I couldn’t afford a university degree and I have to work for anything I want.there are always extremists on both sides,black and white.I say we give them boxing gloves and let them fight it out and leave us who are not interested in war alone.what I also find curious is that many true racist blacks indulge in luxuries such as German car’s,Italian suits,swiss watches made by white people,ironic dont you think?

    • Yes, Fjordman manifests residual signs & symptoms of PC MC. His assessment of Mandela is oddly oh-so neutral and balanced. Mandela should be roundly condemned as a racist and terrorist, all the worse for constructing a deceptive PR package for it that would try to grapple with pragmatic realities.

      And Fjordman’s rejection of SA Apartheid smacks of a reflexive spasm where his residual PC MC is doing his thinking for him. We all have those residues in our system — even I do; but at least I notice them and try to rectify them. The non-negotiable list of positions for the AIM (the Anti-Islam Movement), since it is built upon a repudiation of PC MC include the following:

      1) the American project of internment of Japanese-Americans was a rational policy (which means it was beneficent)

      2) American Indians as Europeans found them, and then came to learn after generations of encounters, were more often than not horrific savages who would not accept the invitation by the Europeans to co-exist, and the only reason the Europeans (then Americans) retaliated was because they had to fight fire with fire to survive and, unlike their later descendants, were willing to respond that way.

      3) Western Colonialism was on balance (pace imperfections which are part of this life, duh) a beneficent enterprise which benefited both Europe and the Third World; and its voluntary unilateral dismantling by the West in the 20th century (particularly after WW2) was a regrettable counter-enterprise done mainly impetuously out of post-War fatigue.

      4) Africa is a ruined continent — ruined by Islam and by the cultural inferiority of black Africans.

      5) SA Apartheid was the best thing that ever happened to any African region (a close second was the organic occupation of Algeria by the French for approximately 150 years, from about 1800-1950s — unraveled again by post-War fatigue with the straw that broke the camel’s back being the viciously savage jihad waged against them by Algerian Muslims).

      6) And, of course, Islam is an unacceptable danger to the West (and the Rest, of the world), and all Muslims enable that danger.

      There are many other non-negotiables I could come up with if I gave this more thought.

      • What I am going to really enjoy Hesperado. is the left having a complete meltdown after reading that most pointed and right missive of yours, I’ll grab a bourbon and watch as they twist themselves into knots calling you the most despicable names in order to prove their pointless point. Frankly speaking, one has to wonder when this all comes to its inevitable conclusion?

      • I tried to post a reply to this earlier today (16th) and it’s disappeared; I don’t believe it would have been censored, so I’ll try again.

        You call Mandela a racist and terrorist; certainly he was not the saint many claim, but remember what he was up against.

        Regarding your list: how do you expect to win even conservatives to the Antijihad cause with assertions of opinion- not fact- which are likely to alienate them? Eg:

        1) Many Americans of German and Italian descent fought fascism in WW2; why were the Japanese, who had also voted with their feet, singled out?

        2) American Indians’ ideas about ownership (or not) of land were completely at odds with the settlers’. Given that the natives were there first, who were the immigrants to impose their system?

        3) Don’t fall off your chair (or tell my fellow-liberals), but I agree that colonisation brought some benefits to the colonised: yet let’s not kid ourselves that, notwithstanding the “civilising” mission of missionaries and others, this was an altruistic enterprise. Here in Britain in the 1930s, those who were not workless due to the Depression enjoyed a rise in standard of living, thanks in large part to cheap imports of raw materials from the Empire, and their return as finished goods to a captive market.

        Even without “post-war fatigue”, the colonial powers could hardly have held down half the planet if that half resented it. Remember Algeria indeed, and the colonies the Portuguese tried to keep, and multiply those conflicts by the dozens, or imagine India if Gandhi had espoused violence. And who the expletive were we to assume the right to rule over others in their own lands? Isn’t that the problem with Islamists, who also claim divine right? And whatever you may think of certain of our fellow-humans, they’re grownups and entitled to make their own mistakes.

        4) It’s far too early to write off Africa; I agree of course about the pernicious effect of Islam, but Christianity is on the rise there (I’d prefer no religion, but one step at a time!) And “cultural inferiority” is simply arrogant.

        5) Apartheid was a minority imposing its will on a majority by force- like Fascism, like Communism.

        6) Not all Muslims are our enemies, even if it’s a majority.

        Drakken- please note I’ve not melted down or abused Hesperado!

    • I believe many of the native tribes had been driven from southern Africa, by the Zulus in particular, and returned when the whites’ arrival made it seem safer, so it had been their ancestral homeland.

      Incidentally “Bushmen” are a subspecies from the Kalahari area, and not closely related to other black Africans.

      • You are wrong. Thats why we (The Boers) only came into contact with the black africans in the late 1700’s. The western half of the country I know for a fact is not the african blacks’. The bushmen is the only indigenous race in the whole of southern Africa. All other races are settlers. No one has more say in land than anyone else.

        Also the Afrikaners are African. Thus the name. That’s why they will never be seen as part of the western world by the western world. And they do not want to be seen as the rest of the western world. I personally believe it’s an insult to be part of the western world. We always make fun of the stupid people living in 1st world countries. At least in Africa we know the truth even if it is a bad one. The 1st world does not have an idea what’s going on in the rest of the world.

  15. “It has been established that white minority rule in South Africa is wrong and immoral.”

    Established by whom? On what basis? I get SO tired of passive voice. Please tell us WHO has established that white minority rule was ‘wrong and immoral’ – perhaps it is the same WHO who has decided that white majority rule in white countries is ALSO ‘wrong and immoral’???

    The intentional wholesale dismantling of South Africa by enforcing and celebrating corrupt black rule shows us that the powers-that-be will NEVER allow a successful white-only state in the middle of Africa because the success of whites highlights the failure of the blacks in the same way that the success of Jews in Israel highlights the failure of Muslims in the Middle East.

    The one world government power-brokers do NOT want national or individual success stories because the power-brokers have the single-minded goal and plan to REQUIRE that all people need them so that the power-brokers can tax the people into oblivion to provide the people with over-inflated and inferior goods and services that the power-brokers will MANDATE for the people to buy from government-promoted monopolies.

    In an article entitled, “Problems Facing Our Socialism,” Barack Obama Sr. wrote, “Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed.”

    The imposition of income taxes and health care mandates IS the imposition of slavery.



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  20. The only thing missing during the last 10days of mourning for Nelson Mandela was the communist inspired funeral marches on the TV and radio, a strategy so beloved by the communist big men on the death of one of their own. One thing became clear, that is, our media is controlled by the left…none dared to depart from the socialist propaganda. Day’s of mind numbing, mind bending propaganda.
    In our communist/socialist one party state inequality is used to whip the whites into passionate guilt trips. Well at least that’s the intention. If equality means the same, then quite evidently this is an untruth. Political social engineers can only lower the bar as it is individuals that have driven the cultural evolution of man. The communist and collective mind cannot recognise intellect or talent outside the average or lower average. Western culture is a scientific civilisation and therefore the writer is absolutely correct when he refers to “the decline of spirituality in the West”.
    The real hero’s of humanity are not politicians, royalty or tribal leaders but intellectual masters such as Galileo, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein and many more such giants of history. How sad that their gift to humanity and place in society should be given over to the new hero’s . Politicians, singers, actors, sportsmen and women. Cultures cannot evolve for the benefit of man in a collective, there is no such thing as a collective brain and anyway such systems always spew out inadequate leaders and dictators. SO yes the decline of spirituality (the human rather than religious spirit) and the decline of our cultural and knowledge based society is a tragedy.
    As to the flight of whites, don’t underestimate the many Afrikaners and English speaking whites who have no intention of leaving. If it comes to a fight…so be it, a few years ago the state tried to disarm the whites by introducing new legislation requiring the relicensing of all guns. However the implementation failed so this is not Zimbabwe and certainly the Afrikaner farmers will not be walking away from their farms. Consideration should also be given to the West’s reliance on SA’s minerals, for example Germany is extremely reliant on our manganese and there are many more such examples. If fixed assets and investments are nationalised/stolen what will happen to our financial system? and indeed how will this impact on International banks and investors.
    Zimbabwe had an agricultural driven economy, not so South Africa. So perhaps this is the country where the whites will retake their cultural inheritance and reawaken the human spirit of Western Civilisation. Let us hope, it looks very much as if whites will be but minorities in historically their own countries in the not too distant future, so it is quite likely that social disorder will be global. The outcome of our struggle for survival will be important not only for white South African’s.

    • One difference between whites in South Africa and elsewhere: the latter have already been disarmed, particularly in the UK , Australia, on the European continent and in America’s largest cities. So while you have some chance to protect yourself against the enveloping tide, the Brits, the Swedes, the Dutch, the New Yorkers have zero….

      • White South Africans HAVE been disarmed when
        their commandos were forced to disband shortly after the black majority were gifted the country by
        that sad creature DeKlerk.

      • Well, that was the point of it all, wasn’t it? For one worldwide religious and ethnic minority to cause another worldwide religious and ethnic minority to experience persecution, suffering, torture, and genocide?

        An eye for an eye – in revenge – for real – or interpreted – harms?

      • Interesting observation. I think that we are indeed in the same situation that Jews decided to leave their Homeland (surrounded by Barbarians with an Higher Demography). They had the intellingence to build a religion and sociologic concepts that binded they nevertheless worldwide. It is a similar creation of a sort “Psychological, Social, Cultural & even Economic that I try to build for Northern-Europe. Welcome on my website http://HansaSeminar.zxq.net . Andre / Antwerpen in Flanders

  21. even if afrikaans made there own state within south africa,

    the blacks would flock to it and protest.

    it would be like world war z. [derogatory epithet redacted]

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  23. There is evidence that Mandela had a sound mind right up until the end of his life. So, he had a few months short of 20 years to observe how ANC leadership was governing post apartheid South Africa and he had to have had the power to influence and direct policy. How then could Mandela have been able to sit by and watch the spread of corruption develop within the government? How could he just watch murder and rape become the norm, in the new South Africa, and HIV Aids soaring three or four hundred percent? How could Mandela have just watched an ongoing slaughter taking place of Boer farmers and their families to over 3,000 deaths?

    Perhaps Mandela’s attitude all along was, in the words of Louis XV, ” Apres moi le deluge”. Time will tell!

    • “”Après moi, le déluge’ is a set phrase used to denigrate the attitude of someone who acts irresponsibly, without worrying on the consequences that his/her acts could have. Something like: ‘I don’t care what happens next, I’ll be gone’, ‘The world could collapse after I’m gone, no big deal’.”


  24. Little chance of this being published it seems, but worth a try….What would you think of the view that white South Africans enjoyed a period of prosperity and wealth that was achieved mainly by denying access to opportunities to the black majority of the country, and now are facing an understandable backlash, now that it is impossible to suppress the majority viewpoint in an authoritarian manner. As such it is difficult for people on the outside to feel little sympathy for white South Africans?

    • “What would you think of the view that white South Africans enjoyed a period of prosperity and wealth that was achieved mainly by denying access to opportunities to the black majority of the country” As a Afrikaans speaking South African I have to leave a comment on this. If the ANC was left to do their destruction work in the 60’s SA would have been much quicker where it is today. (Perhaps worse than Zimbabwe?) As stated earlier – there are much confusion surrounding the so called “apartheid”. In other Countries it is still called segragation. The WHITE government at that time, started to develop areas where the BLACK (each TRIBE on his own), could govern themself. A LOT of the personal taxes that was colected from the WHITES went into this “homelands” to develop it. There were schools, universities and all with the best equipment and standards – this was burned down by the BLACKS – not the Whites, as they did not wanted that. The same happened in black townships – they had the best schools, with properly trained teachers with the best school equipment for that time – all of that or nearly all were burnt down – by themself! To say that the BLACK people in SA did not have equially chances are a LIE. They had chances – but with influence from the Black Sach and the ANC, the destroyed their own townships. The armed forces was sent in to protect them from themselfes – I can tell – I was inside that black townships! Do you know how it looks when petrol is poured over a person and then set alight? That is what the did – and sometimes still do! Do you know how it looks when they cut one of their own kind into pieces (while he / she is still alive) with pangas? Today they do it to our White people – and we may not defend ourself. If you do you will end up in Court, and most possibly in jail. Do you know of all the brutal murders where they push poles into our white women and daughters? Cut open pregnant females and kill the unborn babies? Pour boiling water over helpless old people or drown them in boiling hot water, or burn them with hot irons? If you do you can understand our problem – we are up against satan himself – as he wants to destroy the Christianity not only in SA but in every part of the world. The option to emigrate is not an option for everyone – in the first place where will we go – we will basically be starting over from scratch – with a few peices of clothing and nothing more. What about our Culture of 400 years – should we just leave it? But – if this is the will of our Heavenly Father that we should start over in another Country – or in SA for that matter – He will lead us in it and He will guide us and He will give the outcome no matter what other people and other Countries are saying. With the help of God we have survived upto now – even the 400 Boers against the 16000 Zoeloes – miracles can still happen – even in the enlighted times of today.

      • It’s amazing to me that the fear everyone is displaying here is the fact the you realize, your not in control anymore and with that all of sudden you feel your world is coming to an end. What you feel now is no difference than what
        people who are not white have felt for years, that feeling of “not wanted” doesn’t feel good does it. The world does not evolve around European descent, and unfortunately you are now experiencing the same hate non whites have experienced for decades by others.

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  26. Why is it that in the 21st century we still resort to racism or religious discrimination as an excuse for violence.it just goes to show how primitive we all are.I am a young white south African,I have friends from all races and religions and can’t understand why we cant all tolerate eachother.

  27. Why is it that in the 21st century we still resort to racism or religious discrimination as an excuse for violence.it just goes to show how primitive we all are.I am a young white south African,I have friends from all races and religions and can’t understand why we cant all tolerate one another.I also dont see why I should pay or fear for my life for something I had nothing to do with.the apartheid system was reckless and a stupid idea but blacks also need to realise that not all whites are better off.I come from a lower middle class family,we dont own land,we dont have anything fancy or could afford to have a fancy varsity education.in fact many of my black friends are way better off with degrees,fancy cars,yet I dont see black people upset with them.

  28. As a Afrikaner I see 2 options here. 1. we separate from South Africa and form our own new country and if the world doesn’t accept it as a country well [emphatically dismiss] them, the second option is that the Afrikaners should form a army that will fight for freedom and we will see were we end up from there cause if the first option doesn’t work then [incitement redacted]

  29. I am 71 years of age (experience) now, and my family has lived in SA since the 1800’s. My mother’s family were from Germany (Prussia) and some of them fought on the Boer (Afrikaner) side while others became British supporters through marriage.
    Later the men, including my father and uncles supported Britain in one or the other of the two world wars. My earliest years were very much of the time in the care of a Zulu nanny and I played with a mix of Afrikaans, English and black kids at preschool age. Life was ‘lekker’ (good). My Dad was a bomber pilot in North Africa SAAF
    We did not understand that one day we would have to hate one another – as we played by the river, swimming or making clay oxen, or having clay-lat fights (two sides each with bendy sticks with balls (missiles) of clay on the end which we propelled at each other by flicking the sticks. We had no ‘bought toys’ – all was improvised and we were idyllically happy.
    It was only when I went to school that I discovered that it was a sin to mix. I went to a boarding school for ‘English speaking white kids’, The van Vuuren kids went to a nearby exclusively Afrikaans white school and, only God knows what happened to our black pals. All I know is I never saw any of them again.
    As I got older I saw that we, the Engelse, were hated by the Afrikaners for the most part and my old chums of childhood were forbidden to play at our place any more. My Father was of course back from the war and worked in a government department, but he was pushed out along with all the other English speakers to make way for the Afrikaners who had won the elections after the war. This happened to my Uncles as well. Our family, although all educated professionals were shoved out as were all the other English speaking employees of the Government.
    Of course the Afrikaners had formed a bond of brothers (Die Broeder Bond) and this was how they monopolised and came to dominate every sphere of government and Provincial Administration.
    They chased all blacks from informal settlements where they had lived for generations into ‘Locations’ (Ghettoes) and exploited their labour. Whites earned many times as much as blacks for similar labouring work across all industries. And jobs such as bricklaying, carpentry, painting etc were prohibited from blacks under the ‘Job Reservation Act’.
    By the 1950’s a very ‘Gestapo’ looking force of special police called the ‘Bantu Affairs Department’ was formed – they even dressed in similar styles in special blue uniforms with similar peaked caps etc and they were given unlimited powers to arrest and black people on the slimmest of suspicions or pretexts. Assaults using truncheons were fairly normal during arrests even if no resistance was offered.
    Eventually, we the European South Africans who were English speaking found that we had no voice although it was very much by our sweat, savings, and enterprise that the country became industrialised. We came in our droves and built the mines and the steel works and the other industries. We created the stock exchanges, built factories, universities and training facilities and built mighty cities.
    We brought education and modernity to the Afrikaners and rescued them off the farms which the British had burnt to the ground after the stupid unnecessary war between the Afrikaners (Boers) and the Brits.
    We formed liberal parties to seek a path around the interracial hatred that had been planted by the Afrikaners, but too many of us simply sat on our thumbs and never did enough to fight the Afrikaners out of government.
    So…at the end of the day South Africa is what it is… and as the good book says ‘ you reap as you sow….

  30. Dingus, please note that over eighty thousand of our children and woman, were murdered in concentration camps set up by the British during the Boere war. This was in early 1900’s, my great grandmother who was 15 at the time had to dig her own two little sisters graves. The British burned thousands of Boere farms, including their homes and livestock. I am 24 and luckily my grandmother is alive to show me photographs and proof of this. We were treated like the Jews, only England was Hitler in this case. Might explain where Hitler got the idea for Concentration camps from.

  31. And please send me facts of how the infrastructure and wealth etc of South Africa was built by the British? Where in the history books did they do so strictly by themselves and Afrikaners sat on their behinds? England is the new Pakistan, maybe that is your reap for what you sowed in India…very narrow minded and pompous if you ask me!

  32. When the whites went to what is now South Africa many centuries ago, there were few blacks…The whites build South Africa in to a first world society. Mass black immigration and birthrates made blacks a majority. Now South Africa is sliding down in to a second world country and will slip even further to a 3rd world country as so many whites are being brutally murdered.

  33. It was all good when the afrikaners maimed,tortured and killed many blacks during their rule,killing them because they were protesting against oppression,now u’re crying like little babies when a few farm workers kill their BAASes who treat them like slaves and pay them peanuts.You know what they say about karma

  34. Ive worked with many South Africans in AU. My experience has mostly consisted of a status driven, egotistical and racist group of people. In my work place they only look to employ other south Africans and speak Afrikaans, despite being in AU work place.

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