Below is a video of a recent demonstration in Paris against the Islamization of France and the assault (mainly by Muslims) on Christianity. Oz-Rita, who translated the clip for subtitling, includes this note:

This march by Résistance Républicaine and Riposte Laïque had been planned for ages. They were pushed around, as usual: no permission, yes permission, no permission, yes permission but somewhere else etc. Then some other marches (so called antifascist, pro-Islamist, and assorted marches) were all given priority — I think it turned out that the laïcité marchers were moved to another street, by far not as popular as the “Bastille”, and that some other “marches” sounding nearly the same were held on the same day.

I also hear that their cameraman got attacked by a “Young French Man” surprisingly of Maghrebian (Arab) origin. Their own bodyguards helped him so he had only minor physical injuries. The shock was probably bigger.

All the media (except a few, such as Radio Courtoisie and a new TV station which will start broadcasting in January) boycotted this march — as they did the last one which attracted more than 3,000 people. Résistance Républicaine and Riposte Laïque estimated there were about 1,000 participants.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Christmas and Easter not “Holidays”
00:04   France = Christmas
00:08   France is Easter, not “holidays”
00:12   “Islam OF France” that’s
00:16   hot air (a lie) Islam IN France
00:20   we don’t want it!
00:24   Islam IN France,
00:28   we don’t want it. Islam OF France
00:32   that’s hot air (a lie)
00:36   We don’t want it!
00:40   Now we propose new slogan
00:44   because there are astonishing things happening in our country
00:49   In France tem times more churches and Christian cemeteries
00:53   are vandalised (than mosques). We note
00:57   each act against the Catholic community
01:01   is followed by a deafening silence from this government
01:05   against this we note that it is enough for a dog
01:09   to deposit excrement before a mosque
01:13   for the Interior Minister and the whole political class
01:17   to immediately present excuses in the name of the French people.
01:21   So we propose
01:25   cemeteries vandalised churches desecrated
01:29   ENOUGH! cemeteries vandalised
01:33   churches desecrated ENOUGH!
01:37   cemeteries vandalised churches desecrated
01:41   ENOUGH! cemeteries vandalised
01:46   churches desecrated ENOUGH!
01:50   cemeteries vandalised churches desecrated
01:54   ENOUGH! cemeteries vandalised
01:58   churches desecrated ENOUGH!
02:02   Islamists, racists, fascists
02:06   and killers
02:10   Islamists, fascists and killers
02:14   racists, fascists, and killers

15 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. How did they manage to avoid arrest for “hate speech” and “defaming Islam?”

    • I dont know yet the repercussions of this particular march, for which they jumped through a 1000 hurdles, but the two leaders, Pierre Cassens of Riposte Laique (Secular Response) and Christine Tasin from “Resistance Republicaine” have both been hauled before the courts, personally and their organisations, as have some of their volunteers. I actually assisted at one of these court hearings – 5 muslim parties, state-sponsored so-called “human rights organisations” represented “their side” with I dont know how many lawyers, whereas Pierre Cassens was represented by one lawyer who generously acted pro bono.

      For one of his writers having written that “Islam is a danger for France” in one of the journal’s article, Pierre Cassens and the author were handed suspended prison sentences and fines so substantial that, if applied, would see their organisations destroyed financially. An appeal is pending – to be heard again early in the new year. I will be there !

      Christine Tasin also is before the courts shortly for “incitement to allahblablalbalaallahblaallahbla”.

      Assisting at that trial I was nauseated. It happened in the XVII chamber of the Paris Court, it was an icy winters day (-8 degrees) so we all had hats and beanies etc. on our heads. In France you have to take off your hats before the courts, we all did. However the “other side” kept their blatantly Western Courts-defying scarves, hi jabs and even a burka on and were allowed to.

      During a break in the proceedings, we assembled outside and a pack of “youth” (muslim thugs from the burbs) invaded the courts and were threatening us – and we, the ones on the side of the accused had to be escorted (for safety) by the police.

      Just one aspect of the grotesque Kangaroo Justice.

      And yes, I was surprised myself at the “take-no-prisoners” slogans for this march.

      These two leaders are some of the most courageous French people I have met, their faces are known and I dont know how many death threats they have hanging over them.

      These are their respective sites:



  2. Yes, right on!!!!

    Viva la france!

    Le restistance, begins to show its face to the killers, islam murderers, islam is a fake religeon, its a lie, and its a gang of mafia thugs nothing less.

    [intemperate proposals redacted]

    Islam is ideology of satan, the devil. Of death and hate, its thousand times more violent and vile than hitlers nazis.

    [imprudently phrased recommendations redacted]

    Take note.


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  4. There are no “French men” of “Magrhebian origin.”
    There are “European citizens of Magrhebian origin” that France pretends are Frenchmen.

    I also hear that their cameraman got attacked by a “Young French Man” surprisingly of Maghrebian (Arab) origin.

    He’s an Arab.
    And Arabs can never be French.

    • Personally I agree with you and you will see that I put “a young French man” in quotation marks, indicating that I meant it very ironically. The new French (in)Justice minister, the execrable Christine Taubira calls her protégés even “Youth”, a euphemism for arab and sub-Saharan thugs from the islamised suburbs of any age whom she will not incarcerate because according to her “they carry the weight of colonisation on their shoulders”.

      Personally I feel also nauseated, when I see young fresh foreign tourists in France who let themselves get seduced by Arabs believing that they have a romance with a French man. Not a good thing for the girls, nor for the REAL French.

      Real French now call themselves “Francais de Souche”.

      PS: The real France does not pretend that Arabs are French, only Arabs do and the Left (Politicians, Media and assorted opportunists).

      And, seeing “Goethe” in your name: in case you are familiar with this great German writer – in Faust he expresses what I would like to say to those wanna-be “French Men” so much more elegantly than I would ever be able to aspire to:

      “Du bist am Ende – was du bist.

      Setz dir Perücken auf von Millionen Locken,

      Setz deinen Fuß auf ellenhohe Socken,

      Du bleibst doch immer, was du bist.”


      [machine translation:

      “You are at the end – what you are.
      Put you on wigs of million curls,
      Put your foot on elle high socks,
      You’re always just what you are.”]

      • I came up with the name after I read Faust. I was pleased that after reading so many similar settings of the Faust myth, particularly the one by Christopher Marlowe in English, that Johann Von Goethe chose mercy for Faust, and embodied his salvation as rising to the divine female principle.
        It is one of the most uplifting narratives in all our literature, and one of the most humanistic and charitable.
        I use goethechosemercy because I need to remind myself that generosity is the lifeblood of democracy, any culture that does not cultivate it will never practice it.
        That said, we must bring our generosity where we know the value is reciprocated. In Islam, it is not.
        The conflict is hopeless, but let us ourselves not be hopeless, we must not despair.

    • Of course he could be French, he could not however be a Frank, or a Gaul, or a Breton. He could be British, but could never be English, don’t get mixed up between national cultural identity (what is left of it) and ethnic identity.

      I have an Arab sister in law, she drinks wine, east pork and hates Islam, she is French, that is her cultural identity and she is an Arab.

      That young man who attacked the cameraman is not French, his cultural identity is Islam, he is a Muslim, and while he follows that political religious ideology he can never be French.

      • totally agree with you on that one.

        We never been able to stop immigration for centuries, but it has always centred on integration, blending in, regardless of religion. Just look at the Italian, Polish Russian names in France. Yet they are French.

        The problem now is the distorted need to somehow bend over backwards to accommodate a hostile minority, above and beyond our own culture, mainstream language and religion. It is totally Re-pungent.

        Agir France (FB)

  5. Arabs can and are French! Ethnicity is one aspect and nationality is another. What is the core issue here is the respect for the values, culture of the country. Indeed there are Arabs who love and respect France, much to the chagrin of the racaille, no doubt. They blend into the society and don’t stand out. Usually they are Christians or atheists.

    Agir France

    • Quote:
      Arabs can and are French! Ethnicity is one aspect and nationality is another.

      Not true.
      Arabs are Arabs.
      The French are the French.
      Ethnicity and nationality were linked at one time in Europe.
      Don’t think that such a policy will not emerge again, particularly if it proves to be protective against the undermining of the West.

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