“Amnesty”, Euro-Style

The following article about a Mediterranean Union initiative on immigration reminded me of the most recent push for “amnesty” in the United States, which has just run into a (temporary) roadblock as members of Congress start to get worried about their chances for re-election next year.

The dynamics in Europe are a little different — the grease on the migration skids is the Lampedusa tragedy, which has been widely blamed on the cruel, heartless, xenophobic Europeans, especially those waycist Italians. But the net result is the same: the mass importation of even more culture-enrichers, a mixture of helot laborers and welfare clients — both groups all but guaranteed to vote Socialist after their nominal period as “asylum-seekers” expires.

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a European Commission-led task force for the Mediterranean:

EU to Sign Agreement With Tunisia

Talks completed; partnership to foster worker mobility

(ANSAmed) —Brussels, November 18 —A partnership agreement on mobility will soon be signed between the EU and Tunisia, according to the conclusions of the EU Foreign Affairs Council.

The 28 EU ministers for foreign affairs wrote that the European Union and Tunisia had pledged to bolster their cooperation in migration and asylum issues and that talks for a partnership for mobility between the two had been completed.

Internal procedures are underway for it to be officially signed soon.

The statement went on to say that the EU would be dealing with the challenges concerning the Lampedusa tragedy, in part through the European Commission-led task force for the Mediterranean. In June, the EU drew up an agreement of this type with Morocco as part of a plan to open up more legal immigration channels for countries where large numbers of migrants come from and transit through, while at the same time agreeing to work together against criminal networks and to establish clear regulations concerning repatriation. [emphasis added]

Keep in mind that these migrants are entering a region of high unemployment, more than 10% overall and even higher in the countries on the southern littoral, which is where the new arrivals will land. Furthermore, the unemployment rate for young people — which is what most of the immigrants are — is even higher, 40% in Italy, 56% in Spain, and 60% in Greece.

So these “asylum-seekers”, if they choose to work, will be competing with young native white Europeans. Presumably the newcomers will be willing to accept a lower wage than the natives, and are more likely to be paid under the table to avoid taxation, thus receiving less than the minimum wage. The ones who don’t find employment — most likely the majority — will be fed, clothed, and housed at the expense of the few natives who are still employed and pay their taxes.

Just as in the United States, this process guarantees an expanding helot class of unassimilable antagonistic “brown” people who undermine the local economy, rend the social fabric, and bring with them a predatory culture tending towards lawlessness. Large employers and state bureaucracies will presumably be the beneficiaries of the policy, with the costs being passed on to the state and distributed among the white population at large.

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Now consider two more news stories — all three of these were published on the same day, mind you — about what kind of employment some of these “refugees” are likely to seek when they arrive in Eutopia.

First, from ANSAmed:

Jihadists Possibly Entering Europe From Libya, Warns Bonino

‘Threat to security’, says Italian FM

(ANSAmed) — Brussels, November 18 — Italian foreign minister Emma Bonino said Monday that there are suspicions that among those making their way from Libya to Europe, a number are individuals with links to Al Qaeda or other jihadist groups.

When asked whether they might be involved in terrorism, she replied “I don’t know. But it’s a security threat”.

And from AGI:

Bonino Warns of Al-Qaeda Infiltration Among Migrants

(AGI) Brussels, Nov 18 — The Italian Foreign minister Emma Bonino warned about the possible infiltration of jihadist or al Qaeda elements among the illegal migrants reaching Italy from across the Mediterranean. “We suspect that among the migrants there are jihadist elements”, stated the minister at a press conference in Brussels, while talking about a “security threat”.

Once again, this is very much like the problem we have here in the States, with the unimpeded flood of immigrants coming across our southern border.

However, the Hezbollah and Al Qaeda operatives who make it into the USA are at least required to cross thousands of miles of ocean, and then learn enough Spanish to pretend to be Guatemalans before they enter the United States.

In contrast, these mujahideen who arrive in Italy are already expected to be Arabic-speakers. And all they have to do is climb into one of those rickety boats and spend a day on the open sea before they are safe on the soil of the European Union, ready with some sob story about starvation and oppression in the land they just fled. Then they can tap into the local Salafist network, acquire firearms and explosives, and proceed further north, where the targets are richer and the welfare benefits more generous.

Germany, say. Or Belgium. Or maybe Sweden.

As Fjordman has said repeatedly:

“The European Union is the principal motor behind the Islamization of Europe. It is formally surrendering an entire continent to Islam while destroying established national cultures, and is prepared to harass those who disagree with this policy.

“This is the greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

Hat tips: Insubria and C. Cantoni.

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  1. Bonino Warns of Al-Qaeda Infiltration Among Migrants

    It does not matter how many times you warn the dhimmis, they will never repent, reconsider, or focus on the danger that envelops the western world. The dhimmis are blind, deaf, stupid, idiots, duncical, foolish, unconscionable, zombielike. Is this what happens to people and politicians when they become secular. Do they have the right or the face to blame The Inquisition or those who incarcerated Galileo when they EU politicians are murdering the whole nations. Who is putting these ideas in the politicians ant like little brains? Satan? Allah? Lucifer? Mo? All of the western countries think exactly the same way regarding Islam and their destruction by its hands.

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