Those Randy Germans Are at it Again!

The culture-enriching pool gropers are at it again in Germany. Only this time the lusty youths are being pinkwashed in the official propaganda, so that it looks like blond blue-eyed Hans and Heinz are the ones doing the groping, and their puir wee victims are little nappy-headed immigrant girls.

The image above is from the current propaganda campaign, while the two images below are from our earlier reporting in 2016. The conceit is the same — that putting up instructive posters will deter Ahmed from groping and raping little girls in the public baths — but now the depicted perps are those nasty Aryan boys.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Unser Mitteleuropa. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Dark-skinned victims of white grabbers! Campaign against sexual harassment in Cologne’s public baths.

A campaign against sexual harassment in Cologne’s public baths has just started. This can no longer be surpassed in terms of naïveté, stupidity and denial of reality.

“All children and young people have the right to feel comfortable in the swimming pool. With our joint campaign we would like to convey to them that getting help is not snitching or betrayal, but rather courageous!”

The creators of the latest Cologne swimming pool campaign against sexual harassment use these empty words to celebrate their work. The new Cologne network for the protection of children and young people from sexual harassment in swimming pools — including “Zartbitter (Bittersweet)” and the Cologne Child Protection Association — is “unique in Cologne in this form of cooperation” and makes “an exemplary contribution to this,” says the company to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

The only thing that is unique about this campaign: the naïveté, stupidity and denial of reality of the creators documented in it.

Noticeable: On the posters “Stop, groping forbidden” and “Pushing is not funny”, the girls, i.e. the victims, obviously have a migration background, have dark hair and obviously also darker skin. And naturally: The disgusting butt-grabber is of course a German organic potato with blonde hair and light skin. And even on the anti-push poster, it takes a blonde villain so that people even dare to put him alongside a dark-haired accomplice.

These posters describe the complete naïveté and obsessive political correctness with which German politicians and many others view the problem. A reality is depicted here that has not existed in German outdoor pools for a long time, comments the blogger Anabel Schunke on X.

Not the first attempt to combat sexual harassment in outdoor pools in this shamelessly relativizing stupidity. Eight years ago, full-blooded do-gooders came up with the insane idea that women should stick adhesive tattoos on their bodies to deter perpetrators. [The crime statistics have shown that this doesn’t work so well. As if anti-rape stickers will stop some guy from an Islamic country who has a “sexual emergency” while following his prophet’s command towards infidel females… yeah, right.]

And even five years ago it didn’t stop the Mohammeds and Abduls from declaring German outdoor swimming pools their personal hunting ground and infidel girls and women fair game.

Afterword from the translator:

Anyone who knows Cologne won’t be surprised at so much left-wing/green nonsense and stupidity! This is almost as ridiculous as the famous “arm’s length distance” at New Year’s Eve at the Cologne Cathedral, or the disgusting campaign at the Christmas market “no cocoa for Nazis”! For this questionable action, then-Minister-President Hannelore Kraft, SPD, was photographed on the front page. By “Nazis” she meant the children of AfD voters or supporters. The Kölner Stadt Anzeiger is always up for this kind of crap.

  • “I hate white people” — Deniz Yücel, journalist
  • “The imminent departure of the Germans is the extinction of nations at its best.” — Ferda Ataman, Spiegel columnist
  • “Kartoffeldeutsche” (Potato-Germans) — Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, taz columnist
  • “German dirty culture”, “Germans, get rid of yourselves!”

Hat tip: Elena, in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Those Randy Germans Are at it Again!

  1. Germans just can’t help themselves to march into oblivion with the same determination, as they did, when they fought to the last bullet for the Führer…

    • You are so right!
      So glad I am not full-blooded German ancestry; they seem determined to march right of a cliff time and time again.

      My ethnicity is about 1/2 German, but I have always been grateful to the other 1/2, Norwegian, for taking the edge off.

  2. It’s all fun and games, fighting agains stereotypes, until you end up on the other side – stereotyping the truth upside down.

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