Pierre Martinet: “The Ideology of Hamas is Very Widespread in Europe”

Pierre Martinet is a former agent for French intelligence. In the following video he discusses the Islamization of Europe, with a focus on Scandinavia.

RAIR Foundation provides this introduction:

Former DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) agent Pierre Martinet recently shared insights on CNEWS, shedding light on the growing threat Islam poses to European societies. Leveraging his extensive intelligence background, Martinet discussed the pervasive reach of Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the broader trend of Islamization across the continent.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Just a reminder: a few months ago they dismantled a Hamas cell in Denmark, if I’m not mistaken.
00:07   So that means that the philosophy… the Islamist ideology of Hamas is very widespread in Europe.
00:16   And to go back to what you were saying, in the late nineties there were targets,
00:24   in particular in Stockholm, south of Stockholm, near the peninsula of Gålö,
00:29   and we were already enormously surprised, at that time,
00:33   by the way this Islamist ideology had impregnated these regions of northern Europe.
00:40   And since I left, I went back a little everywhere, where I was on a mission,
00:46   but it’s phenomenal how it has accelerated. And why has it accelerated in recent years?
00:52   Because there has already been a banalization of this Islamist movement,
00:58   which is the Muslim Brotherhood. There has also been, by way of submission,
01:03   the denial of this rise of Islamism.
01:07   And there has been an acceleration in recent years, because there has been,
01:12   from Lampedusa, from the Canary Islands and from other regions,
01:16   a massive arrival of — how should I say it — of Arab-Muslim people
01:22   who also adhere to this rigorous Islam, to this fundamentalist Islam.
01:26   So it is hardly surprising that, compared to 35 years ago,
01:31   now it’s to the twentieth power, to the tenth power. But what makes me very…
01:36   Sometimes it bothers me a little, because I say to myself, it didn’t help that much.
01:40   We were talking about the report requested on the Muslim Brotherhood. Every five years there is one…
01:45   Report requested by Gérald Darmanin, we learned of it last Sunday.
01:48   Exactly, there is a report. I found a report dating from 2018 on the state
01:52   of the Islamization of our societies, of French society, but it’s the same thing in Europe.
01:57   I also lived in London for five years, where I worked even more than in Sweden.
02:01   I worked in Sweden, in Belgium, in Switzerland a lot.
02:05   And the current state of the Islamization of European societies is catastrophic.

2 thoughts on “Pierre Martinet: “The Ideology of Hamas is Very Widespread in Europe”

  1. This has been a planned leftist/Islamofascist alliance. We slumber to our demise.
    One hopeful element in the US is the Israel supporters ( many Christians, fraternities) are counterprotesting, booing… People are incensed to see the Palestinan flag going up after taking down the US flag. People cannot stand to be blocked on the way to Disney by Queers for Palestine. Normal people see them as violent, useful idiots. I hope this leads to an eye opening change in our government.
    It’s hard to know if this will help as the deep state is so entrenched.

    • “I hope this leads to an eye opening change in our government.
      It’s hard to know if this will help as the deep state is so entrenched.”

      A simple understanding of who votes (and continues to vote..) ‘toddlers into positions of power (i.e., the average voter) and you’ll quickly understand why we’re all just one Pampers dump away from Obamanation.

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