Our Brothers in Palestine

In the following video an unidentified “German” man in Berlin exhorts his audience to support their brothers in Palestine.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:000   Israel! The only reason it is able to commit these atrocities against the Palestinian people
00:06   is because there is a ring around them,
00:09   which protects them! If this ring didn’t exist — which protects them —
00:15   then they would have to stop with this!
00:18   But the intelligent people won’t do this;
00:21   instead they watch! If only one of us had the power,
00:24   if even just one of you had the power to do something
00:27   against this, then the water dam would crack!
00:30   You would not tolerate it, you would turn
00:33   to your neighboring countries and you would say:
00:36   “We are all brothers; the Palestinians are also our brothers!
00:39   Why would we not help them? Why would we tolerate this?
00:42   Help them!”
00:48   Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar!

7 thoughts on “Our Brothers in Palestine

  1. Stupid Germans , they imported this savages in millions, and now it’s a big problem with Islam , and is over yet , they are still coming, Qatar, Dubai , all this rich Arabs countries, they don’t want not even one of them , zero!!, no “ Refugees “ and that stupid EU. Taking them all ..

    • Not just EU. They have forced ALL western countries to destroy christianity/homogeneity/cohesion and community strength with destructive migration. I am convinced it was to destroy christianity as the elites found it a barrier to complete domination and brainwashing.

  2. The ” brothers from Palestine” would be shot and kill if they cross over to Jordon ,or any other Moslem country to leave Gaza ,West Bank or any other part of that fake country ” Palestine””. They are just cannon fodder for the rest of the Moslem world good photo shots and youtubes of dead babies ,as the leaders of Hamas live good lives in safe Qatar or other Moslem lands. As the useful idiots in the west march hand in hand in protest defending rapists ,baby murders, murdering up close personal with knives and guns whole families asleep in their homes, kidnapers ,jihadist who hatred of Jews(and other non-Moslems when they run out of Jews to kill)and the west are more important then then the lives of “brothers or children of Palestine “. Israel took in the Jews that were expelled from many Moslem majority land around Israel between 1948 to 1070s no Moslem country will take in the “refugees” from the Gaza see the contrast ,they rather they be all killed to push their cause of removing Israel from the map and killing every Jew there. Israel is little Satan to them, America and western society on a whole in big Satan.

  3. Gosh what I wouldn’t give to watch a couple of thermobaric bombs falling from the sky into that mob.

  4. Can’t help but when closing my eyes, the black/green/white “palestinian” flags in this video morph into red flags with a black swastika in their center. The speaker shouting his vitriol in German transforms in a little, ferocious, mustachioed man, equally barking in angry German, his arm raised straight up, haranguing the masses. The kefiyas and hijabs becoming brown shirts. “Alahu akbar” becomes “Sig Heil”. But the message is the same, the hatred is the same, the adoration by the masses is the same, and the inaction and complacency of the commonfolk watching is the same. The blame on the Jews is the same and the subsequent rioting in the streets is the same. And the city, Berlin, is the same. Scary, scary, scary.

    • good call, but there are different forms of propaganda for people of different circumstances.
      There were decades where nobody in German politics so much as raised their voices on account of recent history – I found it most unsettling in its falsity.
      Merkel imported inevitable civil war into Europe with the calmest and most reasonable of bloodless tones.
      At least the shouting shouters reveal the base state of affairs

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