Beatdown by Culture-Enrichers

As I reported a couple of days ago, a politician for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) named Andreas Jurca was ambushed and severely beaten in the city of Augsburg by a group of “southern-looking” gentlemen.

Below is an interview with Mr. Jurca recorded after his release from the hospital. It was conducted by Deutschland Kurier, the AfD’s in-house media service.

Many thanks to Brunhilde for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Andreas Jurca was intercepted by migrants on the way home on Friday night and seriously assaulted.
00:09   Andreas Jurca was probably recognized from his election posters for the state election on Oct. 8.
00:15   Dear viewers of Deutschland Kurier,
00:24   I am here today with Andreas Jurca, the chairman of the AfD District Association of Augsburg,
00:30   the chairman of the AfD Faction of the Augsburg City Council
00:34   and seventh-place candidate for the state election for Augsburg and Swabia.
00:38   Andreas is the father of a five-year-old daughter and a six-month-old son.
00:44   Andy, can you please tell us everything about the incident?
00:49   First of all, I would like to apologize for not looking quite as fresh as usual.
00:54   Usually I’m presentable when on the road.
00:58   So how did it happen? I won’t try to exaggerate.
01:03   We had a kind of little barbecue party for all the election campaign aides who helped us
01:08   put up the posters. So at a colleague’s place we had a barbecue and a little celebration,
01:13   and I accompanied a party comrade home and planned to take a taxi from his house.
01:21   But I thought, my place wasn’t that far away,
01:24   so we just walked and on the way we encountered a larger group.
01:28   I’d be lying if I were to give an exact number.
01:31   There were several.
01:34   There were several people from the south, but I don’t mean Italians or Spaniards.
01:38   I think everyone knows what I mean. So my first impression was that there were two for sure,
01:42   but the others were a little — it was dark — you couldn’t make things out very clearly.
01:46   And I honestly have to say that, in any case, they didn’t do anything aggressive.
01:52   So we greeted each other, and then this bigger guy came up to me.
01:58   He was bigger than me. He said, “Hey, you’re Andreas Jurca from the posters.”
02:03   And I said, “Yes.” And then he wanted to shake my hand and introduce himself.
02:07   That’s how I understood it. So I gave him my hand, and at that moment it was like, “Bam!”
02:13   And at that moment it was really black. I heard a colleague, but I don’t know who exactly.
02:18   I wasn’t prepared for this blow.
02:21   I thought I was on the ground.
02:24   I have to say I was gone for a few seconds.
02:28   I think I was briefly unconscious. I really had a blackout.
02:33   I can remember that there was screaming and something about “f***ing Nazi”
02:37   or something. In any case, I was on the ground and they started to kick me.
02:42   I think my colleague tried to fend them off, but I think he also had to defend himself.
02:48   There was screaming and tumult.
02:52   In retrospect, I realized that part of my ankle joint was broken by the kicks.
03:00   And you can see what my face looks like.
03:03   There are a few other small bruises, but they’re hardly worth mentioning.
03:07   I somehow came to my senses and they were suddenly gone.
03:11   I got up, but I didn’t have my glasses on.
03:14   I have to say I have 20/200 vision and I see very poorly without glasses.
03:17   They were on the ground because of the blow. I found them again, thank God.
03:22   And when I got up I noticed that my leg hurt a lot and I could hardly walk.
03:28   I wanted to help my colleague, but I was so disoriented that I walked
03:35   in the totally wrong direction. I heard a cry in a certain direction and went there.
03:39   It was the wrong direction, but I went back and found him again.
03:43   His T-shirt was torn.
03:46   He had a few bruises, but thank goodness wasn’t as badly injured as I was.
03:51   He got ready when I got the punch and fell on the ground.
03:55   He was able to prepare himself for their going after him.
03:59   We called the police.
04:02   I have to say I was still a little confused and in shock.
04:05   I couldn’t process everything at first.
04:08   I have to honestly say I only figured out afterwards it was probably about politics.
04:13   I told the police “I don’t know, they beat us up for no reason.”
04:19   That was my first impression, but then I thought about it. “Wait a minute,
04:22   this must be related to the fact that he asked for my name,
04:26   has me confirm it, and then punches me.”
04:29   I called the police and filed a report.
04:35   I accompanied my friend to his house.
04:41   I took a taxi home.
04:44   I didn’t want to go to the hospital at first because I couldn’t walk. I just couldn’t walk anymore.
04:50   My face looks bad, but you don’t have to walk or do anything with your face.
04:54   My wife and my mother persuaded me to go to the hospital.
05:00   There was an X-ray and a CT scan.
05:03   It turns out that something was broken in my ankle joint.
05:07   Or the bone in my joint. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know the exact terms.
05:12   You’d have to look at the doctor’s letter.
05:15   I have severe bruising on my face.
05:21   They wanted to keep me there overnight because of my head injury.
05:26   But I wanted to go home and see my children.
05:30   So that’s pretty much the whole story.
05:33   Andy, how do you feel about this cowardly attack by migrants
05:40   who evidently attacked you because of your political convictions?
05:46   I don’t feel all that great, as you can see.
05:51   And I have to honestly say, as dumb as it sounds, that my first thought
05:56   when I got up from the ground was not “Thank goodness they didn’t pull a knife.”
06:01   Or “Thank goodness…” I just thought “Please, I hope my leg works tomorrow because
06:05   I have to put up posters.” That was really my first thought, as dumb as it sounds.
06:09   I didn’t think of my face, or the pain. That was my first thought.
06:13   But if everyone says that we live in a safe country
06:22   and the AfD is just talking or unnecessarily inciting or exaggerating,
06:28   I think we are not exaggerating, because that’s not normal.
06:31   Honestly, that’s not normal.
06:34   And it’s not like you get a notice so that you know
06:39   there will be trouble and can go somewhere else.
06:44   You can also avoid trouble, right? But if they act
06:48   in such a sneaky and targeted way, what can I say?
06:52   I have to change my way of thinking.
06:56   In any case, walking alone at night — even with two people…
07:01   may be better to take a taxi, not drink, and drive a car.
07:07   That’s more advisable now.
07:10   Do you think that your safety and the safety of other AfD members
07:16   is now more threatened by migrants who evidently feel provoked by posters and campaigns?
07:25   I wouldn’t generalize that way.
07:28   I blame the incitement against us,
07:33   the fact that we’re demonized, that we’re portrayed as if we’re the ones who
07:39   endanger or attack others. Let’s just look at the facts.
07:42   When have we ever heard of 5 or 10 AfD members attacking an Arab or someone like that?
07:49   That just simply contradicts reality.
07:52   The reality is that we are being attacked more and more.
07:55   Whether it’s migrants or a left-wing extremist who paints your house door
08:02   or terrorizes you in some other way. It doesn’t matter.
08:06   The fact is that we are being oppressed, even physically attacked.
08:11   My wife said afterwards,
08:16   “You didn’t get stabbed?”
08:19   I said, “No, no.” And I hadn’t even thought about that.
08:22   For me that wasn’t even in the realm of possibility. I’m probably too naïve.
08:25   But who knows when that will happen?
08:28   Thank God you’re alive. How would you react to those who might claim
08:33   that you deserved the attack because of your political positions?
08:44   I’d say that I entered politics precisely because of those people.
08:48   These are the people who want to lead us back into tyranny.
08:52   There is no moral edict for violence.
08:58   If we live in a democracy, we have to be able to accept
09:01   the fact that others have different opinions.
09:04   We don’t call for violence. We may have a more conservative opinion in certain areas.
09:09   Some say we’re controversial. Yes, but we don’t call for violence against others.
09:13   We don’t engage in violence against others. We don’t do that.
09:17   We don’t censor anyone. We are censored.
09:21   We are attacked. And the sad thing is that all of this gets excused.
09:25   And is partially funded by our tax money, by the public authorities.
09:29   So what can I say? Either they are people with a completely different worldview,
09:35   so maybe there’s no point in talking to them; in that case they’re just a danger to me.
09:40   And I hope that people like that never have anything to say in politics.
09:43   Or I hope that they will look into themselves and ask themselves who are the bad guys
09:49   and who are the good guys. I’m not saying that
09:52   we are the good guys, but we are not in any way the bad guys.
09:55   How do you see the role of the media when such an attack
10:00   on an AfD politician gets so little attention?
10:04   And to what extent do the old parties and the media play a role in a politically motivated attack?
10:11   It doesn’t fit into the narrative that we are the danger to the nation.
10:15   When we get more and more reports of how we are being attacked for no reason,
10:20   then people will form a different opinion and say that what you are telling us is not true.
10:26   They are the ones who are being attacked all the time. They are not even doing anything.
10:31   Of course, that contradicts the narrative that they have been building up for years
10:36   and that they can hardly maintain anymore, because it simply contradicts reality.
10:41   I hope that there are still journalists with a professional ethos
10:46   who still see themselves as having a duty to the citizens and to their own aspirations,
10:52   their own ethos, to really inform the people and the citizens
10:57   and that the truth always comes to light.
11:01   In this example you can see what the old parties’ incitement and the real media
11:07   propaganda against AfD politicians have caused.
11:11   In recent years, such attacks have increased in number.
11:16   The threat level is rising. We are not safe.
11:20   But there is an alternative. The alternative for Germany. The AfD.
11:25   Thank you very much. See you next time.

10 thoughts on “Beatdown by Culture-Enrichers

  1. It’s a fine sentiment that the AfD doesn’t call for violence.

    However they are fighting opponents who do, and use institutional lawfare to keep them from office, and wink at the violent leftists who use actual violence such as in this instance.

    There will come a point if it hasn’t already where organized protection will need to be arranged for candidates, and likely actual militias like Schicklgruber did with his Brownshirts to take on the violent leftists, communists, and subverted police who act as the violent enforcement arm of the state.

  2. If the afd member had been carrying a Glock or Walther and simply eliminated the 3rd world vermin and walked away like it never happened, it would send a nice message. Don’t forget to police your brass.

    • I don’t think it would have done him much good as he was surprised and effectively disarmed by the handshake tactic. Incidentally, Al Capone used this same method to safely dispatch a business rival, Dion O’Banion, who was unable to reach for his piece when the handshaking individual wouldn’t let go of his hand as his companions gunned him down.

      Returning to the gangster theme, a better response to putting an AfD politician in the hospital would be to put several Green politicians in the morgue.

      Until they know that the AfD means business and attacks will result in their leadership also being targeted, there is no safety or security for AfD leaders or members.

      • Excellent point, I think soon those afd pols are going to get body guards and they dumb if they don’t, then look out.

      • Well it would seem that the afd pols need their own bodyguards and they are stupid if they don’t. The Hell’s Angels are available for hire.

  3. I think it makes my blood boil when I look at afd member eyes more than any German.

    They have been brought up in the absence of community sense. “I am not my brother’s keeper.”

    but it is not invaders’ fault it’s the traitors just power and votes

    no faith no honor

  4. Isn’t it “amazing” that you cannot walk home as a native German, even as a man, alone?
    The Political Elite of Germany must be so proud of their achievement, they definitely created an environment that is extremely toxic, especially for mere mortal native Germans.

    • That was their goal..
      Chaos and disorder on all parts of society ..
      To the point that all Germans will scream for strong leader to restore an Oder and Security..
      Doesn’t ring the bell ??

      • So far the Germans have had weak leaders since the war, it is about time they get a strong leader to sort this out.

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