AfD Candidate Beaten up by Migrants

It’s open season on the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in Bavaria, with culture-enrichers doing the ultraviolence.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Election campaign in Bavaria AfD state parliament candidate beaten up

After a barbecue with campaign workers, migrants are said to have beaten the Augsburg AfD chairman to the point of being hospitalized. Before that, the politician says, they made sure whether it was really him.


AfD politician Andreas Jurca was brutally assaulted. After he thanked campaign workers at a barbecue for their work in the Bavarian state election campaign, he reported to the Deutschland-Kurier that a group of migrants attacked the family man and another party friend on Saturday night. So far there has been no confirmation from the police. The investigative authorities have not yet responded to inquiries from Junge Freiheit. [I rather doubt that there will be a confirmation by the police or an investigation. Those who made these attacks possible are the ones who tell the police what they can and can’t do.]

The chairman of the Augsburg AfD and its city council faction appeared on the portal in a video interview on Sunday evening. Jurca is a seventh-place candidate on the AfD state list for the Bavarian state parliament elections. On the way from the celebration, he encountered a “larger group of southerners,” he reported. “By southerners, I don’t mean Spaniards or Italians.”

Perpetrators ask Jurca if he is the AfD candidate

The leader asked him: “Aren’t you the Andreas Jurca from the posters?” Then, according to the father of a five-year-old daughter and a six-month-old son, the attacker pretended to hold out his hand. He was immediately hit by an accomplice — everything went “black”, Jurca said. Words like “s**t Nazi” were used.

When the 35-year-old fell to the ground, “they started kicking me.” Jurca not only suffered severe bruises on his face and other minor injuries, the perpetrators also broke his ankle. The severely short-sighted politician also lost his glasses in the attack. When the perpetrators left him, he wanted to help his fellow party member.

Party friend also attacked

Jurca was disoriented, he said, and according to his own statements, went off despite the badly injured ankle — but in the wrong direction. Then he found his colleague: “His T-shirt was torn, he also had injuries, but thank God he wasn’t as badly off as I was.” The attack on Jurca had warned him.

Only afterwards did he understand that the attack “had to do with politics”. On the phone, due to shock he initially said to the police, “they attacked us for no reason”. When he thought about it further, it occurred to him: “There must be a connection, if he asks for my name, has it confirmed again, and then the blow hits.”

“I wanted to go back to my children”

His wife and mother then persuaded him, according to Jurca, to “stop by the hospital.” During a CT scan, the doctors found that the bone in the ankle was broken. Because of his head injuries, the doctors wanted to keep him in the clinic, “but I wanted to go home and also wanted to go back to my children.”

Jurca sees the blame for the violence “in the agitation against us, that we are so demonized.” When asked by the Deutschland-Kurier interviewer Gabrielle Mailbeck, who is also the leader of the AfD-Augsburg parliamentary group, what he would say to those who might say he deserved this attack, Jurca said: “That’s exactly why I’m in politics. These are the people who want to lead us back into tyranny. There is no political edict for violence. If we live in a democracy, then we have to be able to put up with the fact that other people have different opinions.”

A new state parliament will be elected in Bavaria on October 8th. According to polls, the AfD is about the same as the Greens and Free Voters in second place. Just last week, Antifa in Hesse called for violence against AfD politicians. There the elections will be on the same day.

Afterword from the translator:

And according to the ruler of the “best Bavaria of all time”, Bavaria is one of the safest states in the Federal Republic. I guess that this is only applicable to non-natives, while the natives are fair game and representatives of the AfD are considered outlaws who can be legally attacked, injured and even killed.

And if I remember correctly from what I’ve seen of the latest polls, the AfD in Bavaria has just 13% — less than in Berlin! Maybe this attack will jerk some jerks out of their complacency, although I seriously doubt it, since it seems to me that most Germans would rather let themselves be killed by “migrants” than be called meaningless names.

With all the [excrement] that we have to deal with here in South Africa, I still prefer living here than in Germany. Even though the “laws” have changed about self-defense, nobody in their right mind would call the cops to a failed home-invasion. We are perfectly capable and tend to get rid of the garbage ourselves afterwards.

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  1. One might think the true Germans would see these attacks as an existential threat to their lives, but I doubt their media will report it.

  2. We can achieve that” Merkel would say referring to importing millions of invaders.

    Merkel has a finger in this man’s beating. Merkel, repelling invaders is an achievement not inviting them. Coming is not like Going. Hungry is not the same as full. What has happened to Western thinking?

    No honor, no conscience, no faith. No wrong or right. Confusion ensues.

    invasion is not liberation. Pirates are not prophets.

      • I don’t know; the best krav maga wouldn’t be of much use against a gang of orcs.

        I suggest the party of Smith & Wesson.

        It’s good enough for Dirty Harry and the real life Kyle Rittenhouse, who sent a pedophile and a beater of women off to unscheduled reunions with Satan with his Smith & Wesson M&P rifle.

      • there is no more ” volk ” in Bavaria :-;
        All ubermensch become ” little bourgeois “.. in Germany..:-))
        Regards from Catholic Polish soldier

  3. The invaders have said on many occasions, first the saturday people then the sunday people.
    Surely, it is time for our side to say, first the commies then the friday people?

    • Did John from little britain actually say this????? OMG ! I am shocked, shocked I tell ya!. Finally, a Brit with a spine.

    • I never fear visiting Germany or any other European country, for I am armed and not afraid to send these orcs to see the devil with my compliments and a smile. For a Glock/Walther (with suppressor) and a smile always goes further than just a smile.

  4. GERMANY Armed Turkish policeman robs German victim at gunpoint.

    An armed “German” policeman, Bülent C. born in Turkey, stopped and searched a car on the highway. And stole $60,000 from the driver’s boot while wearing his police uniform and pistol.

    As more immigrants are preferably recruited by Marxist administration to police the indigenous people and owners of the land they’re replacing, expect more of this to come.

  5. This is scandalous!, that democracy!!??, they always said AFD is threat to democracy, hahaha, it’s just unbelievable, and now this communists , traitors planning to take 400 thousands of reapists, terrorists from Afghanistan!!, it’s a pure nightmare, nothing else , lock up your Daughters and Granddaughters , it will be lots of barbaric crimes, guarantee..

  6. Weimar Republic – Took away all German’s guns.

    Been downhill ever since. You are a fool to live in Germany. Your government hates you and if migrants murder you, so what.

    Advice: Get the hell out.

    • Pssst, most Germans didn’t turn in all those wonderful German engineered weapons from WW2 and hid them. Heck my family there has enough arms to supply a regiment for combat for 60 days.

      • hmmmm You may have hardware but there is no man to use it..
        I you want i can come and pick them up have no use of them..
        Few of my friends in Poland would now what to do with it..
        Regards from Catholic Poland

        • Max, there are plenty of Germans with a spine and the know how to deploy weapons my friend, it just takes a few more pokes to get them to act.

  7. How it was ? … ” Wir schaffen das ” ….hihihihi…German ubermensch get reality check up in his own country..
    hmmm still Germans country ?
    Regards from Catholic Poland !

  8. ..” If we live in a democracy, then we have to be able to put up with the fact that other people have different opinions.”…
    Jurka already forgot Hitler was democratically elected it end it we know from history books
    ” German democracy ” has some problems with understanding this term in framework of classical definition …

    • Democracy is two wolves and a sheep arguing what’s for dinner. Time to bring the Kaiser back.

    • It would have better for everyone if the Germans won the 1st WW, then no naxi’s. Time to put the Kaiser back in charge.

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