The Truth About Climate Change

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this tweet from Twitter:

Do you want to know the truth about climate change? Here it is…

Children learn at school that man-made climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity. You learn that science agrees on this and there is no doubt.

They learn that the generations before them have indebted themselves by using fossil fuels and that moderation is now the order of the day. They learn that they have to be careful because adults, even their own parents or relatives, can claim again and again that this climate change is not or not entirely man-made, could be controlled or would not exist at all.

Young people are financially supported by foreign NGOs in order to devote themselves fully to public outreach, to be stuck on streets, to deface pictures in museums or to block runways at airports. In doing so, they help raise public awareness to accept even serious interference with civil liberties, property rights or democratic processes in order to resolutely fight mankind’s greatest problem before it is finally too late. They know that it is 5 to 12, that any one of several tipping points can be passed at any time and the earth will then inexorably slide into catastrophe.

During their training or studies, young adults can choose whether they want to use methods to prove climate change, to forecast new high temperatures, new lows in precipitation, technical processes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, or political processes to provide thousands of billions of euros of taxpayers’ money to fight climate change or want to work on journalistic or psychological methods of revealing and suppressing dissenting opinions on the subject.

They learn to take responsibility and to publicly confront unconventional thinkers and swaggerers who infamously want to sow doubts under the guise of freedom of expression or scientific discourse.

Adults learn in professional life that all processes must be geared towards combating man-made climate change, that there is no longer time for fundamental democratic discussions and that far-reaching restrictions are urgently needed in the present so that future generations are not burdened even more.

They learn that the fruits of their labor will only be visible after hundreds of years. They know that dissent leads to the end of their careers, that they must not ridicule the research on climate change, the actions to combat it, or the tireless political effort to raise awareness on social media. They will learn where to report colleagues, friends and relatives who do not want to comply.

Older adults know they must accept limits on themselves in order to not make climate change worse than it already is.

They are aware that only by having the smallest living space, if possible in large climate-neutral multi-family housing estates, by avoiding vacation, travel and unnecessary waste of energy, by preferring climate-neutral vegan and/or insect-rich foods and by living a life full of deprivation, which meets the demands of the collective, their complicity in the high levels of carbon dioxide they created from living to excess in earlier years can be redeemed.

Seniors learn in the daily news that climate change is taking place everywhere. That pleasant temperatures in Germany are deceptive. Because somewhere on earth a body of water has dried up, a slope has slipped, a village has been flooded or a new temperature record has been set.

You will be shown how harmful it is to spread misinformation about climate change. That savings and waivers are the only way to get the situation under control. You know that it would now be criminal to disagree with the younger generation who are paying the price for the sins of the elderly and that it is best to spend the final years of your life in penance, humility and modesty in the hope that your CO2 footprint before death may not be so large.

That’s the truth. Amen.

Afterword from the translator:

Well, he said this so beautifully and so spot on that I cannot think of anything right now to add to this. Although I wouldn’t have chosen the word “Amen”, this new “church” and their high-priestly class are served better with “Sieg Heil” or any other such idiotic phraseology.

6 thoughts on “The Truth About Climate Change

  1. They can’t get to you if you ignore the programming.

    Admittedly it’s not easy to do.

    If I had to pick a phrase or logo for these morons I would say that the vapid “Coexist” is probably a good start. Any “Dog mom” or “Pet Parent” bumper sticker is usually a pretty accurate indication that the owner is a Kool-aid drinker. Someone who would proudly proclaim their ownership of an animal instead of the achievement of their child is more often than not a climate change believing idiot. I see them all the time driving alone and masked… True believers of whatever is the latest thing. Doubly so if the sticker happens to be on a Prius or a Subaru.

    • @ Moon

      “They can’t get to you if you ignore the programming.”

      — Stalin says they can.

    • Just saw a sticker in a car window in my small uk town, “ I do love a child with autism”. I suppose you get extra woke points for sharing this.

  2. The “truth” about climate change is the following: In due time, “climate change” with all its nonsense will join other failed, discarded or whacko pseudo-scientific theories, such as the phlogiston theory, the geocentric model of the universe or the flat-earth theory. In their time, all these theories were fashionable and in vogue, and you had to be a fool if you questioned their validity. The remaining issue is whether the dismisal of this nonsense will take just a few more years, or wheter, like the Aristotelian view of the universe, (supported and approved by the church) it will poison the public discourse and environment plus the scientific media for centuries.

  3. C’est aussi ce Guutterez de l’ONU qui entretient ce délire ! Une nécessité pour faire accepter une baisse du niveau de vie pour les classes moyennes dans l’avenir : Moins de voyages, moins de voitures, moins de chauffage l’hiver, moins de viande etc.etc.

    [Machine translation:

    It is also this Guutterez of the UN who maintains this delirium! A necessity to accept a lower standard of living for the middle classes in the future: Less travel, fewer cars, less heating in winter, less meat, etc., etc.

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

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