Knife Jihad in Gothenburg

A “Swedish” man named Milad Salari went on a stabbing rampage yesterday in Gothenburg, seriously wounding a little girl. Mr. Salari is a Swedish citizen who was born in Iran and came to Sweden with his parents when he was three.

It is now known that the wounded girl is a Dutch citizen who was visiting her grandparents in Sweden. The little girl’s grandmother was slashed on the arm by the attacker, but her wounds are not serious.

It eventually emerged that — surprise! — the suspect shouted “Allahu Akhbar”, which is Arabic for “I am a victim of systemic racism and Islamophobia.”

Later the Dutch outlet RTL Nieuws reported that the girl is out of danger. Evidently Dutch sources say she is 9 years old, although Swedish outlets say she is 10.

See Petterssons Blogg for a mug shot of the perp, and this English-language Dutch article for more.

Below are several articles and a video about the incident in Gothenburg. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating the articles and the video, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

First, the video:

The first article is from Nyheter Idag:

Here is the suspected perpetrator being led away by police after the attempted murder of the girl

A girl was stabbed at Brunnsparken in central Gothenburg. The girl was reportedly stabbed in the throat and stomach, according to information obtained by Aftonbladet. The girl’s condition is reportedly serious.

The young girl who was stabbed was taken by ambulance to Queen Silvia Hospital, Thomas Fuxborg, police press spokesman in the West Region, tells the newspaper.

A relative of the girl also received knife wounds in one arm. The relative is not seriously injured, but she went in the ambulance to the hospital, police report.

Police were called to the scene at 12:35 and arrested a suspected perpetrator at the scene.

“The alleged perpetrator was arrested at the scene immediately, and he is 35 years old,” says Thomas Fuxborg.

A Flashback Forum user who claims to have witnessed parts of the course of events reports that the severely-injured girl seems to be a teenager with a Swedish appearance, while the relative with minor injuries is a woman who appears to be in her 60s.

The Flashback user also uploaded a photo that reportedly shows the perpetrator being taken into custody by police.

Aftonbladet reports in an updated version of its article that the girl who was stabbed is 10 years old and that there appears to be no connection between her and the suspected perpetrator.

“At this time, there is really nothing to indicate that they knew each other or anything like that. Naturally, he will be interrogated and is suspected of two counts of attempted murder,” Fuxborg says.

Police tell Expressen that several members of the public managed to seize this man before the police came to the scene.

“Fortunately, several people from the public were able to seize this man. Police came to the scene and were able to take over the arrest,” the police press spokesman Hans-Jörgen Ostler tells the newspaper.

According to Expressen‘s profile of the suspect, the man has an extensive criminal record and has been convicted of, among other things, robbery, violence, and theft, crimes committed both in Sweden and abroad.

During the winter he was convicted of stealing a computer from a shop near the location where today’s incident occurred, but avoided prison because probation officers maintained that there had been “a significant improvement” in his otherwise criminal life.

“The district court finds that probation can help prevent NN from committing further crimes,” the court wrote.

Translated excerpts from a Fria Tider article, linked in the previous article:

According to information from the freelance journalist Joakim Lamotte, the perpetrator, who has been convicted of several crimes, screamed “Allahu Akhbar” during the act…

A 36-year-old immigrant from the Middle East has been taken into custody, suspected of attempted murder. According to police, he has no known connection to the girl, who is 10 years old. He has Swedish citizenship, and therefore, under existing law, cannot be deported even if he is convicted of the crime.

Finally, excerpts from an article at Samhällsnytt:

Samnytt has learned the identity of the suspect from reliable sources. He is a 36-year-old man who was born in Iran and who came to Sweden together with his mother, father, and two siblings when he was 3 years old.

The 36-year-old has since been convicted of a large number of crimes. The first time was when he was 16 years old, and after that repeated times throughout his adult life. Among others, he has been convicted of several thefts, an assault, and two robberies.

Just before Christmas of 2015, armed with an object similar to an automatic rifle in appearance, he robbed a gold shop in central Gothenburg. He took watches with a value of over two million kronor.

The penalty was three years in prison. He has since been convicted for further criminality. On two occasions, the punishment was nine months and three months respectively.

Video transcript:

00:01   Police were called to the scene at 12:35 due to a serious crime.
00:05   A 10-year-old girl was reportedly attacked by a 35-year-old man who allegedly
00:10   stabbed her in the stomach, among other things. Resolute members of the public managed to overpower
00:14   and detain the perpetrator, and police were immediately at the scene and made the arrest.
00:17   Now we are conducting an investigation concerning attempted murder.
00:20   This 10-year-old girl has been taken to the hospital by ambulance;
00:23   she is severely injured and is being treated now.
00:26   We have a range of investigative actions we are following at the scene.
00:30   We are working further in our preliminary investigation.
00:33   “The condition is said to be serious or critical for the girl.”
00:38   — Thomas Fuxborg, police press spokesperson for West Region
00:44   In addition, the woman who is a relative of the girl has a knife wound in one arm.
00:49   She is not seriously injured, but she has gone in the ambulance to the hospital, police say.

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  1. A lot of talk about a sad everyday event –
    Sweden is rotten and heading towards a
    caliphate. Forget Sweden, don’t visit Sweden
    Sweden is [excrement] through and through and 85 %
    of ethnic Swedes have holes in their heads.
    Sweden is fated to go to hell. Amen.

    • Nobody is coming to rescue you! You are responsible for your own safety and protection, get armed, train and do whatever is necessary. Quit being a defenseless sheep and start being the armed Wolf.

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