It Takes a Train to Cry

Based on the following article, anyone who wants to travel safely in Germany is well-advised not to take the train, at least in certain cities.

This report doesn’t even hint at the ethnicity of the perpetrators of these violent crimes in railway stations, but I think any German who reads the news about these statistics knows exactly what is going on.

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23,000 violent crimes per year: train travel is becoming more and more dangerous

The current statistics top all previous years: the federal police recorded more than 23,000 violent crimes at train stations and on trains in 2022. Also crass: In the railway context, 529 police officers were injured in police operations.

Violent crimes at German train stations are increasing. The Federal Police registered more than 23,000 violent crimes last year. These figures come from a response to a request from the AfD parliamentary group from the federal government, reports dpa.

In comparison: in 2012 there were 17,300 offenses registered by the federal police. The numbers have been increasing every year since 2015 (18,100 crimes), with the exception of the Corona years and 2019. With 20,068 cases, 2017 was the year with the most crimes in the last ten years, and 2022 tops this number.

Not always the largest stations

Interesting: Last year, not only hotspots like Berlin were among the train stations in Germany most affected by crime. Cologne, Hamburg, but also train stations in smaller towns. As can be seen from a response from the federal government to a query from the AfD parliamentary group, Nuremberg Central Station, for example, was one of the three stations in 2022 where the federal police recorded the most violent crimes. Nuremberg thus ranks behind Hamburg (1st place) and Hanover Central Station (2nd place).

During the same period, the most weapons crimes were registered at the main train station in Dortmund, followed by Düsseldorf and Hanover in second and third place.

529 police officers injured

The federal government also announced that 529 federal police officers were injured at stations and on trains last year, 68 of whom were temporarily unable to work.

Afterword from the translator:

Don’t worry, these are ALL isolated cases, and have absolutely nothing to do with migration of third-world thugs through the courtesy of the UN, the EU, your respective government, George Soros-sponsored NGOs, etc. etc… Anyone who claims the opposite is a Nazi, a Querdenker (lateral thinker), an anti-Semite, a white supremacist, a conspiracy theorist, a Covidiot and a pacifist scoundrel.

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  1. and here the Climate Crusaders have repeatedly said that we need to be “Well-Trained” to overcome Global Warming. So, from your article, I suppose that we are now being ‘trained’ in climate courtesy.

    • acuara: I’ve increased the frequency and intensity of my climate training, but, it’s still cold outside. What could I be doing wrong?

      As for train violence, if it’s anything like gun violence, the obvious solution is to ban trains.

  2. Well the next German equivalent of Mussolini will establish his reputation by making the trains run without crime.

    Although, judging by the sorry state of the German military its more likely to be Putin, Medvedev, or some other Russian who will make Germany safe for Germans again.

    • It will come from within, power abhors a vacuum, thus we will get a nationalist on steroids and the natives will have the stark choice, us? or them? Deep in peoples bones, they know that their tribe is the place to be.

  3. self esteam powers the loco motive down the behavior tracks to the please station.

  4. “Refugees welcome.”

    Germans are not da dangerous. they are in danger. hahahahahah

    what a dishonorable stupid continent. has no men.

  5. I need the train to get to work. And one station I have to use is Düsseldorf Main station.
    I remember when I first entered this station 1988 there were only a handful of foreigners (read muslims) to see.
    Now, 2023 at least 50% or more are foreigners. (In the morning, when the Germans go to work it is 50 % but after this rush hour the foreigners make up 80-90%).

    And yes, I always look where the next foreigner is and I am as far away from the tracks as possible so no-one can shove me onto the tracks.

    • Carry a suppressed Glock in .45 like I do and don’t be afraid to use it and walk away like it never happened.

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