The good burghers of Germany are shocked — shocked! — to discover that the lion’s share of social welfare is being gobbled up by culture-enrichers, a.k.a. Kanaken.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the news portal Auf1.info. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Two-thirds of all German “Bürgergeld”[Citizen’s Allowance] recipients have a migration background

Many still believe the fairy tale that the form of mass immigration that Germany has been practicing illegally and without upper limits for eight years gives the country an economic advantage and makes some contribution to overcoming the much-cited “skill shortage”. Alarming official figures from the German federal government bring home the reality: 63% of the recipients of basic social security had a migration background as of last September.

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, headed by Hubertus Heil (SPD), had to concede this alarming number yesterday during a parliamentary question time following an oral question from the AfD member of parliament Bernd Schattner. Literally the answer says, convoluted and cloaked in official German, but crystal clear and unmistakable: “With regard to the characteristic of migration background, there is information on the employable beneficiaries in the basic security for job seekers according to the second book of the Social Code (SGB II). In September 2022, around 2.35 million of the approximately 3.84 million employable beneficiaries had a migration background.” Since immigration has continued unabated since then, the number is likely to have increased.

Citizen’s allowance for non-citizens

2.35 million of 3.84 million thus correspond to 63% of the total recipients of the “basic security”, which was conceptually relabeled and glossed over at the turn of the year from the worn-out “Hartz IV” to the better-sounding “citizen’s allowance”. The data Schattner asked for proves again that, strictly speaking, a significant proportion of most recipients of this “citizen’s allowance” do not benefit “citizens” and Germans at all — but rather immigrants who came into the country without being asked, and who were often rejected, albeit “tolerated”.

Many of them are so-called “refugees” and problem migrants who often have no prospects of integration at all — neither culturally, socially nor on the labor market. The “citizen’s allowance” that is mostly raised through taxes of local, working citizens is therefore becoming a permanent welfare state institution, which is increasingly becoming Germany’s mortgage of the future.

Window dressing of the system media

Even if one considers the special case of Ukrainians — who are supposedly mostly “culturally compatible”, better qualified and allegedly willing to work — separately, it is noticeable that the majority of these are also supported by the social systems. As early as October 2022, 654,000 Ukrainians under the age of 65 were registered for basic social security, a good 80% of whom were women and children, the IAB Forum reported. Since then, between 80,000 and 150,000 more Ukrainians have come to Germany every month.

And although the increase in working Ukraine migrants is frenetically celebrated by the manipulative system media, in reality only a small proportion of the “war refugees” are employed and subject to social security contributions. And this part is not even proportionally keeping pace with ongoing immigration.

Immigration does far more harm than good. [Isn’t that the whole point of the exercise? The utter destruction of the German and ultimately the entirety of the European people?]

Despite all the political window dressing, the proportion of people with a migration background who receive “citizen’s allowance” is two-thirds — while at the same time the proportion of the population with a migration background is less than one third of the total population (27.2 % in 2021).

And this gulf continues to widen.

This therefore means with mathematical certainty that immigration to Germany does far more harm than good to the country economically, and in terms of employment policy — which, thanks to the latest AfD inquiry, was able to be proven. Conclusion: mass immigration is not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

Afterword from the translator:

If puppeticians had any common sense, they would be considered “unelectable” by their puppeteers.

One has to wonder how these spine- and ball-less “highly intelligent” politicians, in a country that will eventually consists only of tribal fuzzy-wuzzies, believe themselves to be considered the big bullies at the trough? I guess that their life-expectancy will melt like a snowflake in Hell when the money finally runs out.

Also, I really do wonder how they are going to sell them a digital currency, controlled by banksters? I’d love to see them squirm when they finally realise that their own immune system isn’t going to protect them from their toxic ideology.

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  1. Undoubtedly the German response to this information will be to increase their importation of orcs to try and get that 63% figure up into the high 90s.

    If the average German voter had any sense, which by this data strongly indicates that they don’t, they would start self-identifying as orcs too so that they could ride this gravy train for as long as it lasts.

    • Yes funny, isn’t it. In the gender madness, there is already a noticeable faction of those who have discovered how going on a pretending trip can be exploited for advantages. Yet doing the same thing with national origin… seems to strike a chord. Whether one likes to admit it or not. Of course, the bureaucratic and judicial system’s collusion is bent this way and they do make things difficult when they want to. But that’s what the Left’s “march through the institutions” was supposed to fix, and in some areas it didn’t. Could it be just an oversight? Hard to believe since nationality was the first big thing under attack. So this whole chain of logic leads straight to treason, deliberate destruction of one’s own kin. Cui bono…

  2. I’m constantly fascinated by the people who flail their arms like chicken little… then line up to vote at the next election.
    Huh, scratches balls, the dirty guy won, AGAIN? But, but, but me and all my friends said they voted for ‘our guy’. Must be those damned “opposing political party from a different region” bastards!
    [Vulgar intensifier] morons can’t even tell they’re being played.

  3. They elected a communist, Angela Merkel, do expect anything less from the knuckle heads?

  4. I can’t wait until the money runs out, then the fun and reindeer games will begin and the propaganda media and politicians won’t be able to stop it.

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