Keep ’Em Out!

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer claims he wants to emulate Trump and build a wall in Eastern Europe to keep culture-enrichers out.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Fence must be “very high”: Chancellor Nehammer wants Trump’s wall for the whole EU

Chancellor Karl Nehammer is calling for an EU border fence: It should be as safe as the one that Trump had built on the border with Mexico: “Very high, very deep in the ground, consistently monitored.” Austria’s federal police chief is therefore currently there to see “which measures are working”. [How can that fence be “working” when it wasn’t finished?]

Chancellor Karl Nehammer is now following in the footsteps of former US President Donald Trump: he is calling for a fence on the EU’s eastern border similar to the one between the US and Mexico that Trump had built. The German “Bild” newspaper quotes him as saying: “We need effective barriers,” demands the Chancellor. “They have to be very high, they have to go very deep into the ground and they have to be monitored consistently — technically and personally.” Only with this “trinity” can illegal migration be contained. [You’ll need a five-pronged approach, which includes anti-amphibian and anti-aircraft defense, otherwise the German government will keep flying or shipping them in in ever greater numbers, especially if that fence were ever to be put up.]

“Must share knowledge from USA with EU countries”

“The chief of our federal police is currently right there,” adds Nehammer in the Bild. “He looks at the US-Mexico border to see what measures are working. Our aim is to then share this knowledge with other EU countries such as Bulgaria in order to improve our EU border protection.” Robust protection of the EU’s external border is “a absolute must for the free Schengen area and counter-terrorism in the EU.”

At a summit in early February, the EU states agreed on better protection of the EU’s external borders, but left the way to do it wide open. Nehammer had repeatedly called for fences. [How are they going to protect the EU borders from amphibian assault? Like those so called “Sea Rescue ships”? Will the Navy sink them? I rather doubt it. And there’s another invasion army waiting in North Africa to embark.]

“There are still an incredible number of migrants waiting on the routes”

With regard to the upcoming summit, Nehammer said the migration development was “definitely dramatic. And there are still an incredible number of migrants waiting on the routes. In Iran alone there are three million Afghans who want to go to Europe. Added to this is the situation in the earthquake area in Turkey and northern Syria, where more than a million refugees from Syria live and have now lost everything again.”

Asylum procedures, according to the Chancellor, will continue to exist. “The EU stands for respect for human rights. But migrants must finally be prevented from crossing several safe countries in order to then apply for asylum in the countries with the best social systems.” [But only if those humans are NOT native Europeans will they have their “human rights” respected by the EU, right?]

Criticism comes from the SPÖ: “Trump as a role model — everything said”

The SPÖ criticized Nehammer’s statements : “Solution-oriented politics has been completely canceled in the ÖVP,” said SPÖ security spokesman Reinhold Einwallner. “The ÖVP is not about solutions, but only about buzzwords and headlines.” A new European asylum system is needed. “In the EU, concrete solutions have been on the table for years, which are not implemented, among other things, because of the blockade by the ÖVP. If Nehammer takes Trump as a role model, everything is said.”

Afterword from the translator:

Maybe I’ve become too cynical or too wise over the years to believe in the sincerity of Nehammer’s statement. After all, he’s a puppetician whose strings are being pulled by an unelected “elite”, and everyone should know by now that a puppetician’s loyalties do not lie with the people of his country, but with the bank balance of the highest bidder. And everyone should be aware by now that when their lips are moving, they are lying through their teeth. And to top it off, there are regional elections going on in Austria this year, and in January, in Lower Austria, the anti-immigration Freedom Party (FPÖ) won 25.4% of the votes. And that tells me a lot about why this is now being touted by the “ruling” government party.

6 thoughts on “Keep ’Em Out!

  1. The eastern European countries don’t need to spend a fortune building border walls to keep out orcs. About €50 of 9mm Parabellum and some well publicized instant deportations to Paradise and its waiting virgins or whatever the african equivalent is would quickly motivate the ones already in Europe to leave and the ones trying to get in to stay out.

    A more permanent solution would involve the building of gallows outside every western European parliament and the liberal use thereof.

  2. 🇬🇷
    Once we had mines across the borders and not a fly could enter our country.
    Now the leftists are trying to have these orcs in our parliament in the elections of this year.
    The leader of the nationalist party is in jail as a a leader of a terrorist organization.
    For them being a nationalist you are a terrorist.
    We built a fence but the NGO help them to enter in the islands.
    A war will save us.

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