Imagine There’s No Migrants — It’s Easy if You Try

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German news portal

“Just Imagine”: This letter to the editor about migration goes viral

A letter to the editor recently appeared in the Schwarzwälder Bote, which has since gone massively viral on social media. It has been shared thousands of times because it obviously strikes a chord with many people. Note from AUF1 Editor-in-Chief Stefan Magnet: “The author has really managed to get to the heart of the essentials in concise and short sentences. Total thrust reverse.”

We don’t want to withhold the appropriate reader’s letter from you:

Just imagine this please: On demographic change

We need migration because Germans don’t have enough children and the population is aging?

That can be changed: Let’s just imagine kindergartens springing up from the ground at the same breathtaking pace as asylum homes. Newborns receive €2,500 in welcome money. The state pays €33 a day for each child for their accommodation. The child benefit is increased to the Hartz IV level — including housing costs. Hundreds of do-gooders stand in front of the maternity hospital with bouquets of flowers. Public transport is free for children. Just like day care centers, sports clubs and universities. Hostility toward children is punished as hate speech. Lunch will be provided.

Kind-hearted citizens donate the first bicycle and the unemployed repair it. Free tutoring is provided for those with learning difficulties. When children come to school without breakfast, the Left and Greens are already in the schoolyard with food parcels. Poor, hyper-intelligent children no longer have to slave away as factory workers because the state recognizes their potential and pays the full cost of their education! Less intelligent people would no longer have to go into politics because a decent existence is secured for them, too, without causing any major damage. And the prisons would be emptier because we would no longer have to focus on the integration of foreign criminals, but on the natural integration of our children into a society based on solidarity!

Afterword from the translator:

Well, is there anything to add to that truth that has been written down here? It hit the nail on the proverbial head, and I’m pretty sure that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is already watching this person as a dangerous radical Nazi and thought criminal. Right now they are most likely preparing a “false flag” event to take that person down. They’re just waiting for the MSM to have their media reports ready and their camera teams on-site, hours before they pounce with their heavily armed thug force.

12 thoughts on “Imagine There’s No Migrants — It’s Easy if You Try

  1. True, deliberate sterilisation of the indigenous population by the government making it impossible to have our own children. Whose agenda is this? Only possibility is the WEF turning us all into serfs and making human beings a featureless commodity, all alike

  2. Nah, I don’t think so. The government needs more money so let’s raise taxes instead, and dilute the value of hard earned money by excessive printing out of thin air. That’s the only solution!

  3. That’s a lovely idea.
    And I too am a dangerous radical. Although certainly not a nazi.

  4. “Less intelligent people would no longer have to go into politics” really cracked me up 😀

  5. Goethe: “Ein neuer Besen fegt sauber.” [a new broom sweeps clean]

  6. Who are these “migrants” you’re queefing on about? They’re ILLEGAL ALIEN [sump-dwellers], you pathologically stupid, [obscene epithet].

    • Illegal disgusting criminals on the loose !!, and this traitors elite called them “ refugees “, just unbelievable..

  7. Nothing about this will change until people seize the fact that the illegal alien invasion is an accomplished standard. Now they’re going to have to come up with a plan to deal with it, instead of ranting about it. And that’s the name of that tune.

  8. First, they brainwash the people to not want children and, thus lower the birthrate. Then they go wah, wah, waaaah! we must have this immigration to pay Angela Merkel’s pension because we don’t have enough people entering the workforce.

    • The main thing is to correct something in the brains of people. I don’t know about you, but here in Russia young women are family oriented. But with men – problems. They do not want to harness themselves to this heavy load and avoid responsibility.
      My daughter had a similar problem – he told her only after the wedding that he did not need children. This infantile needed her to be for him something in between, like a mother and a geisha.
      Not all people have sufficient insight to initially choose the right life partner.
      Something is upset in this matrix.

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