A Banner Day for Dutch Farmers

Earlier today H. Numan reported on Wednesday’s provincial elections in the Netherlands, which catapulted the new farmers’ party BBB into the largest party in the country’s senate.

The following video report interviews Caroline van der Plas, the leader of the BBB, and other members of her party. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Yahoo News report on the Dutch elections (hat tip Reader from Chicago):

Dutch Farmers Turn Protests Into Vote Victory

Dutch farmers dealt a blow to Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s environmental plans Wednesday, ploughing up the political landscape to win elections that will shape the upper house of parliament.

Exit polls showed the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BoerBurgerBeweging, BBB), which was founded less than four years ago, riding a wave of recent protests to win the most seats in the Dutch senate.

The farmers’ party immediately vowed to challenge the Rutte government’s plans to cut nitrogen emissions by reducing livestock numbers and possibly closing some farms.

“What is happening here? We really knew we were going to win, but this is so indescribable,” stunned BBB leader Caroline van der Plas told public broadcaster NOS.

She described the nitrogen plans as a “kind of dogma dictated from The Hague”.

The BBB is on course to win 15 seats in the 75-seat senate, ahead of the 10 seats of Rutte’s centre-right party, based on exit polls from provincial elections that also determine the make-up of the upper house.

Video transcript:

00:03   Congratulations.
00:06   The preparation of the eggs has begun? —Yes, it has begun.
00:12   That’s part of it after a night out… —Yes, I can well imagine that people are pretty hung over
00:18   after a night like yesterday. And so I think I’ll make everyone
00:21   a tasty meat sandwich with fried egg.
00:24   Your mother was praising your cooking skills yesterday.
00:27   You’re making sure she can keep up with the work. —Yes, I feed her
00:32   so she is strong and full of self-confidence when she is in the Hague
00:36   representing the country. —I am curious how the eggs taste.
00:40   Naturally, these are simply wonderful products from our food producers. I love it.
00:47   I just heard you say we have made history. Do you think so?
00:51   I don’t just feel that way, I think that it is so. I know of no situation that is comparable.
00:58   So yes, it is simply crazy. —What do you hear when you drive up
01:02   in a trailer like that, what do they do then, honk?
01:05   I won’t say. Every now and then I get run off the road.
01:08   They are so happy to see me.
01:12   Do you know who this is? —No. —This is the man
01:16   who put me on the tractor in the Hague when you were there. He was the tractor driver.
01:20   As far as you are concerned, can the flags now be turned right side up again?
01:23   I heard that this happened in several places, and I think it is very beautiful.
01:28   Not that I am bothered by the inverted flag. That is a distress signal. That is what ships did
01:32   in the Middle Ages. The flag was hung upside down when they were in distress.
01:36   But I think it is beautiful now that farmers apparently
01:39   have gotten hope again, and that this election for them is a reason to
01:45   again hang the flag in the red-white-blue position.

9 thoughts on “A Banner Day for Dutch Farmers

    • I had the same thought.

      Or put another way, 80 percent of the Dutch voters are apparently pleased with what the ruling elites are doing to food production in the Netherlands.

      I think that Rutte as dumb and evil as he may appear will simply juggle coalitions until he manages to work up a sufficient majority to lock the farmers out of the government regardless of their seats. Kind of the same trick that is used against the AfD in Germany or the National Rally in France.

      • You know that every one of the BBW who is in parliament comes within one yard of Rutte, either in the parliament itself or in the restroom.

        Just sayin….

        • Thats true, and while squashing a cockroach is undoubtedly satisfying it still leaves a mess to clean up and there remain hundreds scuttling about outside of one’s view ready to take the place of their fallen parasite.

          What is really needed is a thorough fumigation of every parliament across Europe and a nuking of Brussels and DC. And a meteor strike on Davos for good measure.

  1. BBB congratulations – it is a pity that not every Dutchman voted against the EU/WEF climate-nitrogen-farm killing measures via the parties SP/PVV/BVNL/FvD. They were fooled by BBB & Pvda/GL. And so the current government will continue to demolish the Netherlands. Together with pvda/gl they have the majority in the 1st chamber. They are going to tighten the climate measures even further – read destroying the climate & economy/meat-Co2-flight-fuel tax etc. – and forcibly implement them very quickly. Too bad for the farmer who will be expropriated. Food/energy prices will skyrocket. Soon many Dutch people will regret their choice when their wallet, freedom and way of life will be hit very hard.

    • The best thing that could possibly happen is that those living in the cities, the likely supporters of all this climate change tripe, face real starvation from their own misguided policies. Let them eat Africans if they are hungry.

  2. It’s a great result, but there are surely not enough farmers in the Netherlands to have achieved it? Rather, Dutch voters have achieved this historic result. They have seen through the green tyranny. Easier for the MSM to say it is just “farmers”. It is not.

  3. Funding behind BBB I’m told is big Agra. Monsanto and such.
    The Farmers party may not be what many think it is…
    Look under the hood..

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