Archbishop Viganò: “What We Need is an Anti-Globalist Alliance”

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a retired Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, has involved himself in numerous controversies over the last twenty years or so. He has been a tenacious critic of Pope Francis and an outspoken opponent of the totalitarian Corona regime that took hold throughout the West in 2020. More recently he has spoken out vigorously in opposition to the proxy war waged against Russia in Ukraine.

In the following video Archbishop Viganò declares his support for Russia, and the Orthodox Church, as the last bastion of Christian civilization against the infernal plans of the globalists of the World Economic Forum and other organizations working to realize the New World Order.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:21   Dear friends,
00:24   it is source of great joy for me to send you this short message,
00:30   during the founding congress of the “International Movement of Russophiles”.
00:38   The manifesto of this movement begins with a word
00:43   that has apparently disappeared from the Western vocabulary:
00:48   friendship.
00:51   In this case, it deals with friendship with the Russian people,
00:55   which is shared by so many people from all over the world,
00:59   and Russia’s friendship with the other peoples.
01:04   Within that spirit of brotherhood whose foundation relies on
01:09   acknowledging that we are all children of the only, eternal Father,
01:14   and brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ.
01:19   When the Western Roman Empire lost its political role,
01:24   under the pressure of the Barbarian invasions,
01:29   the baton passed to Constantinople.
01:34   And when the Eastern Roman Empire fell as well, with the taking of Byzantium by Muhammad II,
01:43   it was Moscow that preserved its political and religious heritage,
01:49   with its saints and its kings.
01:53   The current crisis shows us the collapse of a corrupt Western world,
02:00   where we don’t have someone like Pope Leo the Great who can rescue it.
02:06   But it still has a destiny, if it recovers its own providential mission,
02:11   and acknowledges what it has in common with Russia’s mission.
02:20   Recent events have showed us that the materialistic atheism that devastated
02:26   the Russian Empire and the entire world from 1917 onward,
02:32   as the Most Holy Virgin, Mary, had announced in Fatima,
02:37   today has merged with liberalism into the globalist ideology,
02:43   which is the foundation of the New World Order’s delusional project.
02:48   A hellish project,
02:52   as President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin rightfully pointed out, in a recent statement he made —
03:03   where the hatred for Christian Civilization means to create
03:09   a society of slaves subservient to the Davos elites.
03:15   A dystopian society with no past and no future,
03:20   with no faith and no ideals,
03:24   with no culture and no art,
03:28   with no mothers and fathers, with no family and no state,
03:33   with no instructors and no spiritual guides,
03:37   with no respect for the elderly and no hope for our children.
03:45   We cannot be surprised by the fact that these elites, after de-Christianizing the Western world,
03:51   consider Russia an enemy to defeat.
03:57   The Russian Federation undeniably arises
04:01   as the last stronghold of the civilized world against barbarism,
04:05   and gathers around itself all those countries
04:11   that refuse to submit to the yoke of NATO, the UN, the WHO,
04:18   the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund,
04:23   and all those countless organizations whose goal is the indoctrination of the masses,
04:29   the manipulation of information,
04:33   the outbreak of color revolutions meant to destabilize legitimately elected governments,
04:41   and to unleash turmoil, wars and misery,
04:45   as an instrumentum regni.
04:49   After the recent pandemic farce,
04:52   put into action using criminal methods,
04:56   which I didn’t hesitate to denounce since the early 2020.
05:01   new emergencies followed,
05:05   the Ukrainian one among others. They were deliberately provoked with the purpose
05:10   of destroying the nations’ social and economic structure,
05:15   decimating the world population,
05:19   concentrating control in the hands of an oligarchy that nobody elected,
05:26   and that has definitely perpetuated a world coup d’état,
05:31   A coup they will have to take responsibility for, sooner or later, in front of the world.
05:39   The theorists behind this coup have names and faces:
05:46   George Soros, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, to begin with.
05:52   Whoever declares Russia an enemy considers Europeans to be enemies too,
05:57   and Americans, Australians, Canadians, as well.
06:01   And they treat them as such,
06:04   by persecuting and impoverishing them.
06:09   But, whereas in the Western governments, the World Economic Forum’s emissaries
06:17   can make laws against their own citizens’ welfare,
06:22   and have the world leaders in their pocket,
06:26   the “regime change” drift — which succeeded in other countries — has stopped on the Russian border.
06:35   On the other hand, even the US electoral fraud of 2020 was indispensable
06:42   to prevent President Donald Trump from being re-elected.
06:49   As in 2013, the Deep State and the Deep Church
06:55   succeeded in making Pope Benedict XVI resign,
07:01   and enabled the election of someone who was appreciated by the New World Order:
07:06   the Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
07:12   Dear friends,
07:15   you must certainly commit yourselves to promote Russia’s relations of friendship with all peoples,
07:22   according to that principle of multipolarity,
07:27   which is the only way to fight the globalist unipolarism,
07:33   according to a long-term, wise, political vision.
07:38   This friendship and these relations of concord and mutual cooperation
07:45   cannot dispense with the condemnation of the global coup d’état perpetrated against mankind,
07:54   by dangerous subversives whose declared purpose is to establish an infernal tyranny,
08:03   where hatred for God and hatred for man rule, unopposed;
08:10   so do disease, death, ignorance, poverty,
08:17   violence, selfishness and corruption.
08:23   It’s the kingdom of the Antichrist.
08:27   This Leviathan needs to be detected and fought against
08:31   with an initiative that involves all free nations.
08:35   Above all, by rejecting, with common initiatives,
08:40   the programmatic points present in Agenda 2030 and in the Great Reset.
08:45   What we need is an anti-globalist alliance that gives the power back
08:50   to the citizens, which was stolen from them,
08:55   and that gives nations their sovereignty back,
08:59   which has been eroded and transferred to the Davos lobbies.
09:03   The Russian Federation will play a decisive role in all this,
09:09   and the message conveyed by the International Movement of Russophiles will be important as well,
09:16   and will be sent to the nations of a West that needs to be proud again of its own faith,
09:23   and proud of its own civilization to which Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius contributed.
09:33   We are fighting an epic battle.
09:39   Let’s place ourselves under the mantle of the Most Holy Virgin, the glorious Virgin Nikopoia.
09:45   together with Archangel Saint Michael.
09:49   The victory belongs to Christ,
09:52   and to those who place themselves under the holy banner of the Cross.
09:57   May God bless you all.

11 thoughts on “Archbishop Viganò: “What We Need is an Anti-Globalist Alliance”

  1. I have seen his videos before and he has been advocating resistance for a year now.

  2. appropriate for this time of year especially,
    a hymn dating to the 7th century when constantinople was surrounded by a combined persian-avar siege by land and sea, while the emperor and army were absent a thousand miles to the east fighting persia in mesopotamia. The future survival of christendom stood in the balance. The patriarch sergios led the defence and entrusted the city’s safety ultimately to the theotokos, the mother of god.
    The famous ‘akathistos’ hymn was sung over and over as they circled the city walls, clergy, army, and citizens.
    It is known in the west but not celebrated as sadly east/west politics had already drifted far even by then.
    One of the core pieces though is most appropriate:

    Τη υπερμαχω στρατηγω τα νικητηρια,
    ως λειτρωθεισα των δεινων ευχαριστεισα
    αναγραφω σοι η πολις σου Θεοτοκε.
    Αλλ’ως εχουσα το κρατος απροσμαχητων,
    εκ παντοιων με κινδυνων ελευθερωσων,
    ινα κραζω σοι,
    χαιρε νυμφη ανυμφευτε!

    • Πρεπει να το ακουση κανεις για να καταλαβη το μεγαλείο αυτού του Ύμνου.
      Είναι ο δεύτερος Εθνικός μας Ύμνος.

      [Note from the moderator:

      Machine translation:

      “You have to hear it to understand the greatness of this Hymn.
      It is our second National Anthem.”

      This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

  3. I am afraid, Russia is in on the fascist reset-type NWO, too (Agenda 2030, CBDC, etc).

    On another note, the main difficulty of the resistance, I think, is that the globalist coup d’état is not only a heart attack — it’s also cancer. Gradual local policies that seem innocent but strategically create the infrastructure for a future totalitarian takeover. Gradually then suddenly.

    • Russia seems finally to be catching onto the mRNA fiasco/scam. It may actually shift Russia over into the anti-globalist camp. Half the world would welcome it….

  4. This should be viewed by the Bishops of the United States…all Priests, deacons and of course — all laity so we would understand what truly is going on and then action is needed. Tremendous insight on the Cardinal’s part– maybe even prophetic.Yvonn

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