The Vax Damage Lottery

The following report supplies some statistics from Germany on severe adverse reactions to the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. It seems that the younger you are when you get the vax, the more likely you are to suffer serious side effects from the jab.

Perhaps these data are part of what prompted Klaboosterbach’s modified limited walk-back.

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Exclusive survey: Every third young German had severe vaccination side effects

More than half of the Germans had side effects after the Corona protection vaccination. Young people in particular often state that they have/had serious side effects from vaccination.

Every second German has/had side effects after Corona protection vaccinations, which they attribute to the vaccination. This emerges from a representative INSA survey with 1,700 participants for “Schuler! Fragen, was ist (Schuler! Question, what is)”. According to this, more than 52% of those surveyed stated that they had suffered side effects. More than 23% even report having suffered serious side effects.

According to the survey, young people under the age of 40 in particular often suffered from vaccination side effects. 36.6% of 18- to 29-year-olds and 45% of 30- to 39-year-olds had serious vaccination side effects. A trend can be observed: With increasing age, the proportion of vaccination side effects decreases drastically. In people over 70, not even 30% had mild or severe side effects.

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The age trend also runs through other categories. Apprentices and students are much more likely to be affected by side effects than employed people. But even among workers, a majority of 63.5% reported side effects, with 33% reporting severe side effects. Only retired people get away relatively side-effect-free.

Interesting: 79.8% of Muslim respondents and 71.2% of Christians who were organized in the free church stated that they were affected by side effects of the Corona protection vaccination. In the case of Catholic (55.2 %) and Protestant Christians (51.7 %), on the other hand, only a narrow majority stated that they were affected by side effects. The majority (54.4 %) of respondents who were exclusively non-denominational stated that they had no side effects from the vaccination.

For the survey, 1,700 people were interviewed between March 10th and 13th. Of them, 84.9% state that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus at least once.

Afterword from the translator:

With a compliance rate of 84.9%, how can anyone still ask of how the Nazis came into and stayed in power?

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  1. I am willing to bet one beer that if the mRNA injection is really some form of genetic engineering, that that could explain more sideeffects in the young, because the youg have their DNA still working full time, and that makes the mRNA more effective. But the cells of the bodies of the old are not so keen on “updating” so much, I guess, and that makes it harder for the mRNA injection to take hold in the old body.

    You have to bend them when they are young…

  2. The American people believe that they are trying to kill off populations of people to make us more manageable slaves.

  3. It is a New Inquisition. This time by the globalists/eugenicists who have implemented/conscripted forces in all governments, many churches. pharmaceutical, media, technology, NGOs, World Bank, IMF, BIS, Fed, and especially in the USA bureaucracy comprising the administrative state independent of party and politics of left/right. It runs deeper and wider than any former wickedness ever on earth. The secularization began decades ago. These secularists are destroying SEX and renamed it GENDER, which is NOT sex, but a linguistic term for characteristics of nouns and verbs in languages. The goal is to stop/slow procreation and normalize a neutered type of slaves, while destroying all but the ones they need to work for their own satanic goals on earth. It must either be stopped or the earth will no longer belong to humans as we know it from history.

  4. From a high of 79.8% of Muslims affected to a majority of non-denominational recording no side effects… Im not getting the significance of religious viewpoints. Is there an explanation to that because it seems very unscientific.

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