Claudia Roth Calls for More Sambos in Films

Yes, I know the title of this post is over the top, but really — how much more of this woke nonsense must I be expected to swallow? When I’ve ingested a sufficiency of wokery, it makes me want to be as politically incorrect as humanly possible.

Claudia Roth is a member of the Green Party in Germany and currently Minister of State for Culture. Long-time readers will remember that Ms. Roth is so dedicated to the cause of women’s rights that she put on a veil a few years ago when she paid a visit to Iran.

Now that she has her hands on the throbbing levers of state power, Ms. Roth is eager to impose more diversity and equity on the film industry in Germany.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Black Ariel is probably not enough for her: Roth calls for more diversity in the film industry

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth wants to reform film funding. More diversity and gender equality in the industry are needed, she wrote in an article for the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Means: The film industry is not woke enough for Ms. Roth.

After years, in which German directors and German film were not able to achieve any great success worldwide, the Netflix-produced film “All Quiet on the Western Front” has thrilled film critics. Director Edward Berger’s film has been nominated for nine Oscars this year.

The German film industry is finally back on everyone’s lips. Minister of State for Culture and Media Claudia Roth seizes the opportunity to plead for more diversity and gender equality in film before Producers’ Day in Berlin. Conversely, this means: For Claudia Roth the film industry is not yet woke enough. [Jeez, if they get any more woke the audience will fall asleep again.]

Specifically, she calls on the film scene to take changes in society into account. The industry “must look at key issues such as the reality of diversity in our immigration society and gender equality, and give far greater consideration to the issue of sustainability.” So, for Claudia Roth the film industry is not yet diverse and green enough. [No wonder I don’t watch new movies any longer. I want to be entertained and not lectured or propagandized by ideological retards.]

Ms. Roth does not appear to have a Netflix subscription [me neither]

But the reality is different. If you scroll through the series and films on Netflix, you will hardly find a new film that does not comply with modern diversity requirements. The Disney classic Ariel is played by a black actress; in the Bridegerton series, which focuses on the British royal family, several actors are black. In 2022, Disney released a “Star Wars” short story in which Luke Skywalker — perhaps the quintessential Star Wars character — suddenly found himself attracted to men and became an LGBTQ icon.

The streaming services also give themselves clear regulations on the subject of diversity. As early as 2021, Amazon gave itself new rules according to which films from Amazon Studios will be cast in the future: New inclusion guidelines are intended to determine which roles can be played, how and by whom. According to the mail-order company that has become a film producer, it is about “diversity, inclusion and fairness of the products and content”. Not only is the cast of future films in front of and behind the camera determined according to exact gender and origin quotas, but also the relationship between the actors and their roles. “Only actors should be hired whose identity (gender, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability) matches the characters they play.” [That’s why that rubbish flops, because nobody with an IQ above a fossilized number plate would want to watch that drivel.]

So exactly what Claudia Roth is actually demanding has long been reality. [Unfortunately.]

Free film instead of regulation after regulation

Roth’s demand for even more diversity is therefore unworldly. And quite honestly: The constant insistence on various characters, such as a black Ariel, often only seems forced and cramped. Not every film has to necessarily present the diversity of society. This is also shown by the success of “All Quiet on the Western Front”. [What a pity, I’d have loved to see guys in pink petticoats, excessive makeup and heels being mowed down by heavy machine-guns while charging trenches in No LGBTQ+-land.]

Diversity doesn’t play a role there; director Berger doesn’t force himself to create any queer identities after the characters or consciously cast actors according to certain patterns.

So why not just give the filmmakers leeway and not muzzle them with any regulations as to who is allowed to play what and which social issues should be portrayed and how? Then more German films will surely be successful again.

Afterword from the translator:

I’m so sick and tired of all this crap, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t bat an eyelid if someone were to make a new movie or series about Shaka Zulu with an all-black cast, even though white people were under his royal protection. I’m also pretty sure that they would not demand that an Asian or a white or even a Bushman play the role of Shaka Zulu. They’d scream “cultural appropriation” so loud that you could hear it on the other side of the known universe. But since the point is only to destroy Western values and culture… what can one expect?

When I look at these “women” in the German Green Party I’m actually not surprised any longer that they want to import all those Third World thugs. Which self-respecting WHITE male would want to touch someone like that, even with a barge-pole? Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the likes of her all over Africa through the years with their black “toy-boys” in tow.

10 thoughts on “Claudia Roth Calls for More Sambos in Films

  1. Thus disenfranchised by genetics or by fate, individuals often possess a compensating degree of cunning, callousness and yearning to exert revenge on all that is desirable and forever out of their reach. Or they fall for gratifications offered by someone of superior machiavellism, who knows how to steer them by their own delusion (which i.m.o. is the same mechanism that drove the executors of the Red Terror wave and similar campaigns.)

    Wretches into power, the tried and tested recipe for doom. The current installment actually contains some specimens that arguably don’t burn a hole in your retina at first sight, but on the other hand manage to bottom out in competence to a degree that inevitably invites theories about what forces swept them into positions so far above their league, and what purpose this should serve. The effect is even more damaging than blowing up pipelines.

  2. My father actually managed a Sambo’s for a while before I was born. I was vaguely aware of the story of Sambo but I had always thought it was an Indian title since it was about tigers.

    I had seen the remake of All Quiet on the Western Front and I thought it was quite good. My wife has a Netflix subscription but I rarely watch anything. The irony is that the foreign content is generally better quality with actual plots and mostly free of wokeness.

    I would think that the Claudia Roth(weiler) types are so nasty that there will soon come a point when even self-respecting Africans wouldn’t want to touch them. Perhaps by then teledildonics and sex robots will be able to replace African love tourism; at least until even robots demand the right to not have to service such sows like Claudia.

    • Yes, and there was one in Claremont where I live. The food was pretty good for a while but then it became boring, so we went to Kick Back Jack’s across the street.

  3. So, she wants more diversity in movies?

    Why not?

    (Ok, WARNING!!, Baron, I am going over the top.)

    What about a movie of the 3. Reich with Heydrich portrayed by Samuel L Jackson?
    Eva Braun portrayed by Viola Davis?
    A re-shot of the Invasion where the germans are played by African children soldiers?

    I dont like Roth. Lets just say she should be grateful not being born in Sparta.

    • Creatures like Roth are a symptom of an excess of wealth and affluence in Western societies. Only in the West is there such an excess of taxes or corporate profits, financialized theft etc, to allow such creatures to exist and be maintained to where they have the time to worry about such made-up problems.

    • Heh! Thanks for the chuckle, Alex.

      We seem to be in the ridiculous position where not only should Shakespeare’s “Othello” not be played by white actors in blackface (as in the classic film version with Olivier, who admitttedly hammed it up as usual- can I say that?) but it has to be a black one.

      Othello, in the play and in real life, was a “Moor”, ie he was from the Mahreb (roughly north Africa west of Egypt), so he was Arab, Berber or a mixture of the two. That is to say, the people who occupied Spain for centuries, and enslaved (and still do) black people; also white ones- check out the Barbary pirates;

      Irony indeed.

    • In a Met production of Parzival, the great Grace Bumbry performed as Kundry, the witch. This worked well, Klingsor too might be enacted by a singer of colour, but the knights? No way. BTW, these roles have never been questioned being set by pocs, though they show ” bad” caracters.

  4. That monkey pox in the Bundestag it’s useless and nasty Hexe !!, if Germans don’t change government quickly ( Greens and SPD ) it’s finished..

  5. In Soviet times, we were shown films about American Indians made in the GDR.
    The main Indian was played by the handsome Yugoslav Goiko Mitic, tanned to a crisp.
    I don’t remember who would be there in the episodes, but it seems like some Yakuts from the USSR.

    It was a strange contrast. I was small, I don’t remember everything, but I noted this fact for myself.

  6. The fact that diversity has never worked in the history of man does bring a small comfort, because in the end of this madness lies war and massive bloodletting that hasn’t been seen in over a millennia, even WWI&II will pale in comparison since it will be mostly civilian deaths and not soldiers. There will be wholesale slaughter of anyone not us. Every 3rd worlder will be running for the border before they are dealt with and the same for their leftist enablers including all WEF types and their wretched families, thus bad times will breed hard rough ruthless men and statues and songs around 10,000 campfires will be sung for a thousand years as a result.

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