Stockholm is Called to Prayer

Anthony Burgess’ prophetic novel 1985 (written in 1978) opens with this sentence:

It was the week before Christmas, Monday midday, mild and muggy, and the muezzins of West London were yodeling about there being no God but Allah.

The muezzins of Stockholm have recently followed suit, and are yodeling now every night about the same Allah — and taking care to note that he is greater.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Video: Call to prayer at night in Stockholm: “Allahu Akhbar”

In a video clip posted by a resident in Hendriksdal in Nacka, a sound is heard that sounds suspiciously like a call to prayer. The prank was recorded during early Sunday morning — but it isn’t the first time such a sound has been heard at that location.

In Sweden, three mosques have received permission from the police to put out a call to prayer by loudspeaker. They are the mosques in Fittja in Botkyrka, Kungsmarken in Karlskrona, and Araby in Växjö.

But in the Stockholm area of Hendriksdal in Nacka, there is no permission issued for a Muslim call to prayer. In spite of this, residents in Hendriksdal have on repeated occasions witnessed what appears to be some type of Muslim call to prayer.

“Hendriksdal, today at 4:47 am, This howling in the early mornings is recurring. The sound seems to come from the station or its vicinity. As far as I know, this began last year. Today was the first time I was able to capture it on video,” one witness writes in a posting on Twitter. (See below)

Unclear sender

In the video clip, a man’s voice is heard singing in what seems to be a Muslim call to prayer, that “Allah is greater”. The phase, called takbir, is used daily as an introduction to the call to prayer from the mosque at prayer times, which occur five times a day, and is also part of the scheduled prayer.

The time of the recording of the video clips corresponds to the time of the day’s first Muslim prayer, the morning prayer, which is called “Fajr”.

“I don’t know who is playing the sound. The nearest mosque is Södermalm mosque, but this sound must be coming from someplace else,” the witness writes in a comment to Samnytt.

The witness later realized on Sunday morning that he had managed to capture all of it on video once previously, one August morning in 2022, but somewhat less clear. Samnytt has had access to the clip where at the beginning, you can hear a sound similar to the one in the current clip.

11 thoughts on “Stockholm is Called to Prayer

    • Believe me, where I am they are not. It’s only those who are loudest throughout mainstream media. The reasonable ones you simply don’t get to hear. But they continue to exist and if push comes to shove, are still a force to reckon with.

      • Push has already come to shove, and still all too few vote for parties and policies that will protect them, their heritage and their children.

        • You ain’t voting you way out of this any longer. That should be bloody apparent to everyone by now.

        • I said, it ain’t so where I am. Not everybody makes the same experiences. And the dodos occupy the public space, so it’s easy to overlook the undercurrents. There is a low-profile civil war going on already in denser areas, but we haven’t reached the breaking point yet. Even if tenthousands of rapes and murders are terrible enough to those that pay attention, it doesn’t make a dent in the big picture. Wait until that number exceeds a hundred thousand or a million in a big country. Moods can change quickly.

    • Blasting out Maria Callas for those orcs is a waste of good opera.

      I was in a muslim country once where the early morning call to prayer would upset the jackasses, which brayed uncontrollably during and after the exhortations. Perhaps they have a better aesthetic sense than their masters.

      • We brought in ten x 10 stage speakers on the back of a flatbed and played AC/DC, and various other rock bands when the caterwauling began, it drove those effing ragheads nuts.

          • Bagdad and other places in Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Fakestinian territory, Sudan, various other places in Africa and Middle East that will go unnamed to protect the guilty. I almost forgot about asscrackistan. As for the responses in those places, it depended, sometimes it drove them into a frothing frenzy that made it easier to eliminate them, and other times it would send everybody running for cover and everything got nice and quiet. Friday noon prayer always got squirrely though, lol Once you emotionally compromise muslims( which is easy to do), it makes them vulnerable to selective fire.

  1. If I was in Stockholm or any other European city, I would organize Catholics and Lutherans and begin ringing the Bells of near by churches anytime that caterwauling by the devils disciples began.

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