Pimping Her Daughter for ISIS

Camilla Olofsson is a Swedish convert to Islam who accompanied her husband to Iraq to take part in the jihad. This was back in the mid-2000s, before ISIS emerged, when Al Qaeda was trending. Ms. Olofsson took her children with her to give them a chance to be part of the jihad experience, and then stayed on when the Islamic State took over as the biggest stud muffin in the Middle East.

She eventually returned to Sweden, and has now been sentenced to almost seven years in prison for her activities in Iraq, which by Swedish standards is a stiff sentence. Among the crimes she was sentenced for was arranging for the “marriage” of her little girl to one of the mujahideen.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Swedish outlet Doku.nu:

Several years in prison for widow of Swedish Al Qaeda leader

When Moroccan-Swedish Mohamed Moumou died in Mosul in 2008, he was the second-in-command within Al Qaeda in Iraq. Now his Swedish widow, Camilla Olofsson, has been convicted for aiding and abetting aggravated rape against children and human trafficking of her own child. The crime was committed in Syria during the rule of the Islamic State.

Mohamed Moumou was trained in an Al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan and left Sweden when he was listed as a terrorist by the UN in 2006. He died in a drone attack in Mosul in 2008. By that time he had climbed to the position of the number two man within Al Qaeda in Iraq.

According to security police his widow, Camilla Olofsson, and other members of the family were within the radical Islamist environment even after the death of Mohamed Moumou. For example, two of the sons have fought in Syria, one of whom died.

Doku has previously reported on [Child Protection Act] interventions against two of the daughters; in one of the cases one of the daughters was going to take a niece abroad, but she was arrested by police at Kastrup [Copenhagen Airport].

During the spring of 2022, Expressen reported that Camilla Olofsson and a man were charged by the Stockholm court for, among others, aggravated rape of children. The October 11 charge was for Camilla Olofsson’s part in human trafficking on two occasions, aiding and abetting aggravated child rape on several occasions, and forced marriage. The man, who according to an arrangement with Camilla Olofsson was allowed to marry one of her daughters, was charged with aggravated rape of a child.

The prosecutor’s oral evidence was very extensive and included, among other things, interviews with several people within the jihadist environment who were in the Islamic State and who had contact with Camilla Olofsson and the family when the crimes were reportedly committed.

The Solna district court has now announced its judgment. Camilla Olofsson is sentenced to six years and ten months in prison for human trafficking and aiding and abetting aggravated rape against one of her daughters. The forced marriage is included in the human trafficking charge for which she has been convicted, according to the district court.

The man was also convicted, in his case for aggravated rape against a child. The punishment was eight years and ten months in prison.

The judgment shows that it was obvious to Camilla Olofsson that she was taking her children to a conflict zone and to the terrorist organization Islamic State. Her purpose in taking her daughters and housing them there, according to the court, was to help establish and to live in an Islamic state set up under a strict Salafist interpretation of Islam and controlled by a violent Islamist formation. Her purpose was that the children would be subjected to the order and the norms that applied within the terrorist organization. For the underage daughters, who were only 9 and 12 years of age respectively when they were taken there for the first time, that meant that they would marry, start a family, and be exploited for sexual purposes and other activity.

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  1. We’re likely only a year or two away from this kind of thing being normalized in many Clown World countries. Twelve years old is a little extreme but teens can become emancipated and married almost as early in many Western countries. And several centuries ago it would have been unusual for a girl to be married so young but not unheard of. If this practice ever became widespread it would deprive feminism of the oxygen it needs to survive.

    Marrying off a girl before she’s sexually active is the surest way to prevent rampant promiscuity and all the associated societal rot that follows where this is normal. And Europe will get this whether they want it or not, either by being forced to submit when Islam takes over the continent, or by a very unapologetic ultra-conservatism should enough Europeans find their cojones and fight back and defeat the islamists and the WEF globalist elites who are forcing islamism and liberalism/socialism onto the European populace. If that happens, the blowback won’t be pretty and what emerges on the other side will be far more intolerant of anything less than traditional mores.

    • There is a lot of wishful thinking with this. Everybody thinks his or her own morals is the one standard to cure the world. The only difference is, how active and how successful one is in the pursuit of coercing others. There really is only one cardinal sin, all others are its manifestations. And women and men just use their own advantages as a tool. Inside lies that same abyss.

    • Girls are like 14 year olds who get the brand new Ferrari, and don’t understand what they have untill they are 40-50-60, and lose their good looks and natural ability to attract men.

      That’s why Dads always watched their daughters, and if any boy was interested, he better speak to the dad or he might get shot.

      Today, young beautiful girls are a free for all, and the girls themselves don’t get it untill they have had 100+ “boyfriends” and wonder “I want to get married, but where have all the good men gone?”

  2. The comments on this post reveal a strange disconnect with reality. Girls of twelve and girls of nine are a quantum leap apart physically and mentally. Girls of twelve might not be injured during intercourse, but a girl of nine most definitely is. It is the nine and ten-year-olds who are most in danger in Islamic countries, as well as those younger.
    Please try to imagine what it would be like to be having intercourse with a man who has nothing but contempt for you–how rough that would be.
    That’s what these children endure.

    • I don’t think any of the commenters, including myself, believe that intercourse with nine year old girls or otherwise prepubescent girls is acceptable.

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