Knife Jihad at the Gare du Nord

A North African culture-enricher made a nuisance of himself on Wednesday at the Gare du Nord in Paris by waving a sharp object around and inadvertently injuring six people.

During the incident the unfortunate “youth” reportedly shouted “Allahu Akhbar”, which is Arabic for “I have a known history of psychological problems.”

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from BFM TV:

Knife attack at Gare du Nord. Assailant was under OQTF expulsion order

by Cecile Ollivier with Gauthier Hartmann
January 11, 2023

INFO BFMTV— The perpetrator of the attack is a Libyan, aged around 20, arrived in France three years ago.

The man who attacked and wounded 6 people with a knife at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris Wednesday morning was under an order of obligation to leave French territory (OQTF), issued in the summer of 2022, BFM TV has learned.

Known for acts of petty crime

Thanks to fingerprint analysis, police were able to identify this Libyan man, aged about 20. Having Arrived in France three years ago, he was known to police under multiple aliases for petty crimes, principally property damage.

The expulsion order he was subject to had not been executed. Expulsions to Libya are complicated due to the current instability of the country, but also due to the absence of an exchange channel for the identification of Libyan nationals.

On Wednesday at approximately 6:45am, the man, who was “extremely threatening”, attacked six people at the exterior entrance to the Gare du Nord, stated the Minister of Interior, Gerald Darmanin, who was at the scene Wednesday morning.

The individual was then neutralized by police in civilian clothes as well as frontier police, posted at the Gare du Nord. The assailant has been hospitalized after being shot three times by police. Gerald Darmanin explained Wednesday morning that he was “between life and death”.

Below are excerpts with additional details from Europe 1, also translated by Gary Fouse:

According to some witnesses at the scene, the suspect reportedly shouted “Allahu Akhbar” during the attack. An element that the investigators of the Criminal Brigade are in the process of verifying, in cross-checking the interviews of witnesses and victims. At this stage, police who have been interviewed report having heard some remarks made in the Arabic language, without, however, being able to confirm what was precisely reported by certain witnesses.


A false identity?

According to information received by Europe 1, the suspect, who had no papers, stated in the morning that he was Algerian. He gave his name as Mohamed Amine M., a name not known to police, and was born, according to his statements, on April 14, 1991. He would thus be 31 years old. However, the attacker reportedly gave a false identity. Checking the files, his fingerprints matched five aliases with different dates of birth.

Hat tip: F DeSouche.

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