We Have Ways of Making You Take the Vax

Since the arrival of the “pandemic” it has become obvious — if it wasn’t already — that Germans as a culture are collectively immune to irony.

As a case in point, consider the following story from Stuttgart. When someone refuses to accord with what the consensus deems right and proper — in this case, to submit to a COVID “vaccination” — the immediate response is coercion by the state. Not only is the patient to be vaxed against her will, but she happens to be a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust. Obviously, there is no concern about the “optics” of the situation on the part of the German medical and legal bureaucracies.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Pleiteticker.de. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Court in Stuttgart orders compulsory Corona vaccination of a Holocaust survivor

by Jonas Aston, Max Mannhart and Pauline Schwarz

In Stuttgart, a Jewish composer was forced to be vaccinated as part of her admission to a psychiatric ward. The police are already trying to implement the decision. In the meantime, the district court of Stuttgart suspended the implementation of the measure with immediate effect. The background for this unique process is unclear.

On December 6, 2022, the supervisory court in Stuttgart made a remarkable judgment: namely, the compulsory implementation of a Corona vaccination.

At the request of pleiticker.de, the court confirmed the following process: According to a decision by the guardianship court (at the request of her legal guardian), the Jewess Inna Z., who was born in Ukraine in the late 1930s, is to be forced into a closed psychiatric ward of a hospital or a closed unit of a care facility. The background is several diagnosed serious mental illnesses as well as internal diseases; because of those the person concerned is no longer be able to survive on her own — strictly speaking, medical treatment and taking pills cannot be guaranteed without placement.

The vaccination against Covid-19 was necessary “against the will of those affected” as part of the placement for the “benefit of those affected”.

In the decision, the court also authorized the supervisor to carry out a coercive medical measure — specifically, the double vaccination against Covid-19.

The resolution justifying this measure states that vaccination against Covid-19 “against the will of those affected” as part of the placement for the “benefit of those affected” is necessary in order to avert damage to health. However, it does not explain why vaccination is crucial to averting health damage. In addition, unsuccessful attempts had previously been made to “convince the affected person of the necessity of the medical measure.”

The caregiver then asked the police for official assistance in carrying out this decision — this means that the police enforce the accommodation, if necessary using force. The police confirmed to pleiticker.de that this administrative assistance was being carried out on January 11th. However, the person concerned could not be found in her apartment, which is why neither compulsory admission nor vaccination have taken place so far. [It must have been an unpleasant déjà-vu for this poor woman. No wonder she ran, and that fact alone tells me that she’s SANE.]

Actually extremely high legal hurdles

As pleiticker.de found out on request, the Stuttgart Regional Court temporarily suspended the implementation of the coercive measures on January 11 with immediate effect. The background is initially not a substantive evaluation, but the receipt of a complaint against the decision from those affected. According to the press office, this was only delivered on January 10th — more than a month after the original decision of the district court.

In principle, there are extremely high hurdles in Germany for coercive medical measures against persons who are not of legal age. As a rule, coercive measures such as forced placements and medication are only approved if there is an acute danger to life, life-saving operations and the like. This even goes so far that those affected are often only for a very short time or not at all forcibly placed, even if they are in acute danger to themselves or others (according to the Mental Illness Act). Treatments according to the BGB (Civil Code), which are used for curative treatment, are only rarely approved.

As long as a person is mature, only what he/she wants counts

According to the Federal Association of Caregivers, as long as a person is of age, i.e. can make their own decisions, only what they want counts. In this case, supervisors “cannot consent on their behalf and also have no right of veto.” If the patient is not able to give consent — which is assumed in the decision — he/she “must be asked (and the matter discussed if necessary). As a rule, his or her wishes are to be followed.” Vaccination against the will of those affected is not permitted, even with the consent of the supervisor. Caregivers are fundamentally obliged to make decisions for the benefit of their charges.

If treatment is to take place against the will of the person concerned — i.e. a coercive measure — a court order is necessary. This order existed — but it remains legally questionable.

And apart from the legal situation: It is actually unthinkable that in this country a woman, who survived as a Jew in the German-occupied areas of the Soviet Union the war of annihilation and the Holocaust in the 1940s, was subjected to such a compulsory medical measure.

How such a coercive measure is interposed, even though the vaccination not only failed to provide the expected benefit, but also harbored a not irrelevant risk of side effects, remains a complete mystery.

When inquiries were made by pleiticker.de the legal guardian of the person concerned could not be reached.

Afterword from the translator:

The judge, that made it possible in the first instance that this lady is to be medically experimented on can only have been an heir to Roland Freisler, the most feared judge in Germany during the Nazi era, a fervent Covidian or follower of the nouveau Mengeles. I cannot believe that any person with half a functioning brain cell hasn’t noticed by now that these jabs are KILLERS in a myriad of ways. Just one look at the “sudden and unexpected” headlines from around the globe would be enough for a normally thinking person to question these jabs, but not so for this judge.

Just have a look at these — 100 Died Suddenly headlines in 10 days.

13 thoughts on “We Have Ways of Making You Take the Vax

  1. That’s the funny thing about Germans; absolutely no irony but they are so dedicated to everything being legal that they won’t just surreptitiously stick the elderly jewess with their poisons in her sleep and be done with it.

  2. Of course a New York Governor sending those sick with Covid to elderly care facilities is just as inhumane, But to then try and hide the disastrous results – that’s CRIMINAL

    Left-wing fascism is now a world wide phenomena, at least in Germany somebody eventually realized what they were really doing before it was too late. Authoritarians are not famous for their humanity; it is Aktion T4 all over again.

  3. The translator forgets ONE thing:

    I just followed orders.

    There was once a blogger in Germany known as killerbee. His blog was shut down a few years ago and he was right-wing, going to Nazi.

    I remember he had a youtube video where a german of today! was asked if he would do something that was against human rights (they didnt tell him that in the open but everybody with two braincells would have known at once.).

    The german answered “Yes.” Then he continued that questions regarding the legality are the job of his boss. So when his boss tells him to do something inhuman, then its the boss decision and responsibility.

  4. Right now in NY we still have “vax” mandates in place.

    Examples: if you want to apply to work in the NY court system, the first thing you have to do is show them proof of getting the shot. It is literally a requirement on their jobs website.

    If you are a nurse or healthcare aide, you cannot work in a hospital or facility unless you’ve had the shop. I personally know 3 excellent nurses who had to leave their jobs that they had had for decades because they refused the jab.

    A young woman I know who has heart trouble had to get the shot or lose her job at the nursing home. She saw no way out, really needed the job so she got the jab.

    Furthermore- the DemonRat Communists that control this state are going to make the shots mandatory for children to be able to attend school. Masks are being “recommended” in ten counties statewide. What’s next? Quarantine camps?

    The situation is not improving in Commie Blue States! We are always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • “What’s next? Quarantine camps?”

      Weirdly, this was the first pandemic where the HEALTHY were quarantined! There’s a story that went around where people were released from PRISON because “they might get covid” while incarcerated.

  5. The story goes to show that it all boils down to POWER.

    Whoever has not had the power to resist for some reason is now jabbed. The old in the care homes are jabbed. The gullible are jabbed. The coerced are jabbed. The confused are jabbed. The fearful are jabbed. “They” are hunting down the weak like predators.

    If it was up to “them”, we would all be in the meat grinder by now. The only thing that has stopped their overreach is powerful resistance and non-complience.

    • That’s the odd thing about all of this; it’s not enough that they just show their power by having their thugs forcibly hold down those who refuse the jab and administer it against their will, but that they require the “consent of the governed”.

      Forcibly administering it would be the equivalent of dropping the mask or peeling off the human suit to reveal the reptilian underneath. They need voluntary consent even if it’s consent under duress. Refusing and compelling them to use force is the fatal flaw in their schemes. Even the most blindered normie cannot ignore it when the thugs are beating those who refuse the jab in order to protect them by forcibly administering it.

      • Some of these “normies” are actually sadists who cheer them on when the thugs force the vax or arrest people for not wearing a muzzle mask.

        These people think that we are going to forgive and forget what they did?


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