Verdict in the Leonie Case

I’ve reported previously on the case of Leonie, a 13-year-old Austrian girl who was raped and murdered by Afghan culture-enrichers (see the bottom of this post for links to previous reports). The jury has now reached a verdict, and the defendants have been sentenced for their crimes.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung:

Life imprisonment

Sentence: The painful death of Leonie was murder

December 2, 2022

Raped, murdered, and left leaning against a tree. The sad fate of 13-year-old Leonie. The main defendant was found guilty of murder and rape. The second defendant was convicted of murder by omission and also rape. The third defendant was also found guilty by the jury of murder by omission and rape. Subject to appeal.

The sometimes emotional trial lasted for seven days in the case involving the death of a 13-year-old girl. On the evening of December 2, the verdict was handed down. The charge was rape resulting in death and sexual abuse of a minor. The ultimate question for the jurors was murder, murder through omission, and rape. Above all, the representatives of the victim’s family of Öhlböck and Florian Höllwarth had demanded a murder charge from the beginning.

Highest sentence imposed

Then came the jurors. The principal defendant (24) was sentenced for murder — he had at least one condition of intent. The two other Afghans were convicted of murder by omission. All three were also found guilty of rape of the 13-year-old. For that, the 24-year-old principal defendant received life in prison. For the 19-year-old second defendant, the sentence was 20 years in custody. That was the highest possible sentence. The third defendant (20) was sentenced to 19 years in prison. The sentences are subject to appeal.

The terrible fate of Leonie

On June 25, 2021, the girl went with the third defendant to the residence of the second defendant. They wanted to celebrate a little bit more. The 22-year-old first defendant was also present. During the evening, they mixed at least six ecstasy tablets into her drink. As the effects of the drugs set in, the three Afghans raped Leonie one after another. According to experts, the dose of ecstasy, three times the lethal amount, was ultimately deadly for the girl.

The jurors were able to see the death throes in the courtroom. The defendants documented it on video. However, they claimed they had consensual sexual intercourse with Leonie. After that, they went to sleep. They had no concern that the girl was left in a dazed and ultimately fatal condition. They claimed they did not give her the drugs — they did not know how that could have happened. When the Afghans woke up, they saw that the 13-year-old was in bad condition.

€140,000 compensation money for the family

The jurors did not believe the three defendants. After hours of deliberation, they convicted the Afghans of murder, murder by omission, and rape respectively. The parents were awarded €30,000 each and the siblings €20,000 each.

The judges justified two of the highest sentences: “This involves neither a political statement nor symbolism. We acted according to the law, as to the crime and as to blame. This involves the most serious crime that the penal code knows.” Making matters worse, the first and second defendants have prior convictions, as well as the coincidence of two crimes, and that they rapidly became recidivists. That means two long sentences for both— the highest that are possible.

The third Afghan had no prior convictions up to this point, so he “only” got 19 years. “The way the crime was carried out justifies these sentences, in our view. They used the girl as an object and were indifferent to Leonie’s life,” said the judge in closing the trial in the Vienna Regional Court.

Second defendant (19) accepts the stiff sentence

In each corner of the courtroom, one of the defendants is able to consult with his lawyer. For the time being, the prosecutor is making no statements. Wolfgang Haas and his first defendant/client — he got life imprisonment — are taking three days to think it over. The attorney Thomas Nirk and the second defendant accept the sentence. The third defendant, meanwhile, is filing an appeal through his lawyer Andreas Schweitzer! So none of the sentences are final.

The attorney Thomas Nirk on his 19-year-old client: “ He accepts the sentence. I found this decision more than honorable.” His client was the only one to waive appeal. In contrast is the third defendant. “In my view, the punishment for one with no prior record is very high,” said defense attorney Andreas Schweitzer in filing an appeal.

Victim’s representatives satisfied but not surprised

The victim representatives of the family are satisfied: “We are not surprised, however. There are grounds for a murder conviction, and the jury followed it.” And in all three cases. A conviction that they all wished for. But why? “Because it more strongly stresses the unworthiness of the crime and because it is just,” said Johannes Öhlböck on behalf of the family.

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