The Latest on the Leonie Case

As I reported last month, a 13-year-old Austrian girl was doped, raped, and strangled by four Afghan “youths” in what seems to be a classic instance of what is commonly called “grooming”.

Since then a third suspect has been arrested, and the fourth is still on the run, probably outside the country. The case has caused an uproar in the country, with native Austrians divided into two groups: on the one hand, politically correct people who vehemently deny any correlation between ethnicity and criminality, and on the other, more traditional Austrians who are outraged by the atrocity and demand changes in the country’s asylum laws.

Below are four recent articles about developments in the Leonie case. The first, from the conservative Austrian site Unzensuriert, reports that the majority of members of Parliament declined to stand during a minute of silence in memory of Leonie.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation:

One minute of the speaking time of FPÖ [Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party] chief and club chairman Herbert Kickl was used to commemorate Leonie. The only ones standing were the blue deputies and a few of the red

Parliament, July 9 2021

Commemoration for the murdered Leonie: Only blue and a few red deputies stand

The “urgent request” to Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP, Österreichische Volkspartei] and the FPÖ Interior Minister Karl Nehammer yesterday, Thursday, was used by the Freedom Party for a minute of silence for Leonie, allegedly murdered by rejected Afghan asylum seekers.

Speaking time used for a one-minute commemoration

Austrian Freedom Party chief and club chairman Herbert Kickl used his speaking time in Parliament to show his sympathy for the 13-year-old girl — who was made compliant for sex with drugs, repeatedly raped and killed — as well as for her next of kin. He asked all the deputies in Parliament to join with the Freedom Party members for a minute of commemoration. However, only the blue faction and a few Social Democrat deputies stood in contemplation; the others remained seated, sometimes looking furtively into space.

Sobotka refused commemoration of Leonie

As reported a day earlier, on Wednesday, National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka (Austrian People’s Party) refused a commemorative minute for Leonie in Parliament. He wanted no politicization of “the single, very very tragic incident,” he said in an argument for his refusal. Kickl then stated that that was just a flimsy excuse; after all, commemoration minutes had been held for the victims of a massacre in a homosexual club in Orlando, USA, or for victims in the Mediterranean as a result of the mass migration from North Africa. He accused the Austrian People’s Party of making an unpleasant topic taboo.

The second article, from PolitikStube, quotes an Afghan political scientist who says that it is impossible for illiterate feral Afghan immigrants to be integrated into Austrian society.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Leonie case

Political scientist on young criminal Afghans: They cannot be integrated

After the brutal murder of a 13-year-old in Vienna, the police caught three suspected refugees from Afghanistan. The barbaric crime against a girl leads to a heated debate about responsibility, asylum procedures and deportation procedures.

While the politically responsible and experts are discussing and possibly puzzling over the motives of the “refugees” from Afghanistan, Sarajuddin Rasuly, who comes from Afghanistan and holds a doctorate in political science and is a court interpreter, finds clear words about criminal asylum seekers from the Hindu Kush and the associated problems that make sheer integration impossible.

“The girl who was killed must have sought connection. These criminals took advantage of that.” And further: “If young Afghans come and commit several crimes, they should be deported. They cannot be integrated. If they get out, they’ll become criminals again.”

Why are his compatriots so conspicuous? “In Afghanistan women are constantly groped. Young men do not learn to deal with the opposite sex. The smugglers also promise them that they will have beautiful women in Europe and live well.”

Many would have come as criminals, trained mostly in drug trafficking. This would then become permanent. In addition, many — in contrast to other refugees, for example from Syria — are illiterate. “In order for any kind of integration to work, you have to learn the language first.”

The third article, also from PolitikStube and translated by Hellequin GB, reports on the storming of the offices of the online news portal oe24 (associated with the newspaper Osterreichischen Tageszeitung). Left-wing extremists of the feminist persuasion were angry that oe24 had identified the Afghan suspects in the Leonie case:

Left-wing extremists storm oe24’s office because they named the Afghan rapists and murderers of Leonie!

Vienna: About twenty hooded left-wing extremists from the group “Alerta Feminista” tried to storm the offices of the leading Austrian online platform oe24 yesterday afternoon.

They reached the oe24 advertising sales offices via the garbage dump and attacked several employees there. The left anarchists, who call themselves “Alerta Feminista”, allegedly wanted to protest against the “racist reporting” by after the recent murders of women.

They distributed leaflets with the following appeal: “You say sexualised violence against FLINTAs — women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans people — has been imported. We say that violence against FLINTAS is the cruel consequence of a sexist society, of capitalism and patriarchy.”

When the oe24 sales office was attacked, the masked anarchos assaulted several female oe24 employees personally and physically. There were no injuries.

The police were there within a few minutes. The rest of the masked people fled from the police and then tried to occupy the Secession Building on Karlsplatz.

The activists’ goal of occupying the newsroom or TV studio was not achieved, thanks to police action and the resistance of oe24 employees.

After the siege of the ORF center by right-wing corona deniers a few days ago, this is the second attack by extremists on an important media institution in Austria.

oe24 managing director Niki Fellner makes it clear in an initial statement: “We strongly condemn this violent intrusion by masked extremists into the freedom of the media. We will not let anyone — and certainly not such actions — hinder our critical reporting. oe24 played a leading role in uncovering the judicial failure of the recent murder of a woman by four Afghans and will not allow itself to be silenced by any action. In particular, we condemn the attacks on our female sales employees, who were terrified by the activists, and demand the strictest consequences from the executive.”

Finally, a wrap-up of the latest news on the progress of the investigation: three Afghans are in custody, and a fourth is still a fugitive.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Kronen Zeitung:

Girl killed

The Leonie Case: Wanted 22-year-old already convicted three times

In the Leonie case, the 13-year-old girl who was found dead last weekend on a green strip in Vienna-Donaustadt, a fourth suspect is also being sought outside Austrian borders. The 22-year-old, like the other three young men already in custody, is from Afghanistan. Three times since 2018, the fugitive has stood before the court and been convicted. His deportation was authorized in 2017.

The fugitive, like his co-suspects, arrived in the country as an unaccompanied minor and applied for asylum in 2015. Around two years later, in October 2017, a negative asylum decision was issued. A return notice was issued, against which the man filed a complaint.

Apparently, nothing has happened since that time, for about four years. A provision in the Asylum Law (27 AsylG) requires that a complaint procedure must be completed as quickly as possible when there is already a proceeding of termination of residency in process against the person concerned.

Convicted in 2018, 2019, and 2020

On top of that, according to information from the APA [Austrian Press Agency], in June 2018 the 22-year-old was informed by procedural order of his loss of residency rights due to criminal offense(s). Not only has he been tried by courts — in 2018, 2019, and 2020, apparently for offenses against drug laws — and convicted, but also reported six times to the police — for among other things, drug dealing, receiving stolen property, and assault.

It is not clear if there are clues as to where the 22-year-old fugitive is or might be. In this regard, the authorities are keeping a low profile. There are reportedly, however, intensive efforts by the police to find clues concerning the location of the fugitive in the Afghan community in Vienna.

Three suspects previously sentenced

In addition, two other suspects, (18, 23) in the case — as reported in detail — have previously come into conflict with the law several times, and in some cases, served jail sentences. Only the 16-year-old has no criminal record.

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