Justice for Leonie?

I reported last summer on the case of Leonie, an Austrian girl who was gang-raped in Vienna by Afghan culture-enrichers and died of an overdose (previously: 13-Year-Old Austrian Girl Strangled by Afghan Culture-Enrichers, The Latest on the Leonie Case).

Now Leonie’s alleged assailants are finally being brought to trial. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung:

Threat of life imprisonment

“Leonie Case”: Charges, but not for murder

Propped up against a tree in a Vienna green strip — that’s how 13-year-old Leonie was found, after she experienced terror the night before. The prosecution has now brought charges against three alleged Afghan perpetrators. Nothing stands in the way of the trial!

Unsuspectingly, the young girl met with the three men on the evening of June 25. She knew one of them from Instagram and fleeting meetings — he would always offer her drugs. On this evening, she decided to take an Ecstasy tablet and went with the three men to an apartment in the 22nd district.

Choked from overdose

According to the charges, the three allegedly decided at that moment to put her under the strong influence of drugs and gang-rape her. The prosecutor is certain that the young men violated the unwilling and defenseless Leonie — they gave her seven Ecstasy tablets beforehand. The girl was defenseless and at the mercy of the Afghans. After about an hour and a half, Leonie choked from an overdose. She was found the next day on a green strip propped up against a tree.

No murder charge

After a long investigative process — originally, the number of perpetrators was unclear; one of the men fled; another lied about his age — charges could now be filed. Namely, rape and severe sexual abuse of a minor. Not for murder, however. According to the law, the intent of the crime must be considered. The men allegedly only planned to rape Leonie, not to murder her.

Up to life imprisonment

The penalty is the same, however, for both crimes. The first defendant is facing up to life imprisonment. At the time of the crime he was 22 years old, thus, of legal age. The other two were just 18 years old and are considered young adults under the law. They are facing a sentence of 20 years. The defense attorney Wolfgang Haas is representing one of the defendants in the trial.

According to the indictment, the previous accounts of the men differ greatly as reflected in the reports. They either did not intend to rape her or had consensual sex with her, and knew nothing of the Ecstasy overdose. When the trial will take place has not yet been determined.

— Sophie Pratschner

2 thoughts on “Justice for Leonie?

  1. This is why I believe in our Second Amendment and stand your ground law in Arizona and the entire USA. Depending on the state even in America these so-called cultural enrichers might only get a slap on the wrist. They should get the death penalty and nothing less.

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