13-Year-Old Austrian Girl Strangled by Afghan Culture-Enrichers

Last Saturday a 13-year-old girl was murdered in Vienna, allegedly by two Afghan migrants. The suspected killers are considerably older than their victim, 16 and 18. And, like thousands of other “child” asylum seekers in Europe, they may well be much older than their ostensible ages.

This is one of those heart-rending incidents where, despite the risk of being accused of “blaming the victim”, one feels compelled to say: “What was that poor girl thinking of?” She knew the two suspects and went with them willingly. Hadn’t she heard about all the other gullible young European girls who have met a bestial fate at the hands of culture-enrichers under similar circumstances?

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the conservative Austrian site Unzensuriert:

Bang: Two Afghan youths arrested for murder of Leonie

June 28, 2021

On Saturday, in Vienna-Donaustadt, a girl was found dead. On a green strip between the roadways on the Viktor-Kaplan-Street, leaning against a tree, was Leonie, 13 years young, found with numerous bruises, among other places in the neck area.

Press spokesman Markus Dittrich announced that the location of the discovery of the body was not the scene of the crime; rather it is assumed that the child was killed in a building — thus, it is not a crime in public space.

Lost fight for life

The autopsy revealed that Leonie was choked to death. This is also indicated by several bruises, including in the neck area.

The girl from Tulln in Lower Austria was likely killed violently, because on Monday evening, the police arrested two suspects: Two Afghan youths, aged 16 and 18 (!) are believed to have murdered Leonie.

Multi-culti kills

The foreigners will be investigated through witness statements, as the Vienna State police directorate reported. There is as yet no known information gleaned from an interrogation of the detainees. It is also still unclear whether Leonie had known both her alleged murderers. It is also not known if the murder was preceded by a sexual offense.

It is certainly clear that Leonie would probably still be alive if the Afghans were back there where they came from.

The following report from Wiener Zeitung provides more shabby details about the events that led up to the death of Leonie, including substance abuse and the fact that she knew her killers and went with them willingly. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Murdered girl had accompanied suspects into the apartment

In the case of the 13-year-old girl who was suffocated in the Danube city, a 16- and 18-year-old Afghan have been detained. One suspect has a criminal record.

After finding the body of a 13-year-old girl on Erzherzog-Karl-Strasse in Vienna-Donaustadt, the police arrested two men on Monday evening. The two Afghan citizens, aged 16 and 18, are suspected of killing the girl. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and the Vienna Police President Gerhard Pürstl announced details at a press conference. According to the information, the girl knew the two men and had voluntarily accompanied them to the apartment.

According to Pürstl, drugs were administered there, claiming that “crimes against sexual integrity” had taken place. The details about her death and how the 13-year-old came to the street are still unclear. Pürstl specified whether it was an intentional act still had to be clarified.

According to Pürstl, the 18-year-old — he and the younger boy were arrested on Monday afternoon and are to be questioned on Tuesday — had several previous convictions for drug offenses, and as a result had already been denied subsidiary protection status. The 18-year-old had lodged a complaint against this, and proceedings were pending at the Federal Administrative Court. The 16-year-old had applied for asylum this year.

Possible accomplices

According to Nehammer and Pürstl, there may be several accomplices. The two suspects had been tracked down through an acquaintance of the two Afghans who had turned to the police.

The 13-year-old is said to have consumed ecstasy in the 18-year-old’s apartment, explained Pürstl. A toxicological report should clarify whether she took any other substances.

The suspects have not yet been questioned about the crime, police spokeswoman Barbara Gass had previously stated. “They will be questioned tomorrow.”

Personal description provided information

Witnesses found the body leaning against a tree in a green area between lanes on Saturday morning with numerous bruises, including in the neck area. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful. The young victim was identified by the parents on Sunday. The autopsy had previously revealed that the girl had been suffocated.

Initially, the identity of the deceased was unclear, and there was no missing person report on the victim. After the police published a description of the person, including the clothes of the deceased on Sunday, the parents reported to a police station in Lower Austria and identified the victim as their daughter. The girl had also lived in Lower Austria. How and why the child came to Vienna on the weekend is now the subject of investigation.

In brief: “No relaxation of the asylum laws”

He was “still deeply shocked and affected by the cruel act that took place here in Vienna,” said Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) after the arrest of the two young Afghans. At a media meeting at the Federal Chancellery, Kurz spoke to the girl’s family on Tuesday afternoon, expressing his “deep sympathy” and announcing a severe approach to asylum seekers who commit criminal offenses.

In this regard, the Chancellor told journalists that he would “continue his consistent line”: “There will definitely be no ban on deportation to Afghanistan and no relaxation of the asylum laws.” After “such barbaric crimes” one could “not go back to the agenda,” emphasized Kurz: “I promise that we will do everything to see the perpetrators severely punished.” The crime, for which the girl had paid with her life, made him “extremely angry. I consider it intolerable that people come to us, seek protection and commit such cruel, barbaric crimes,” said the Chancellor.

FPÖ calls for deportation offensive

The FPÖ took the case of the 13-year-old killed as an opportunity to demand a deportation offensive to Afghanistan. After all, the two suspects are known Afghans. SPÖ security spokesman Reinhold Einwallner attacked Interior Minister Nehammer and also called for “zero tolerance”.

Something has gone wrong when delinquent asylum seekers roam free while schoolgirls are disposed of in the middle of the night, said Einwallner. Nehammer has to do his job. “Zero tolerance has to apply here,” says the SPÖ spokesman for Interior and Security: “We have repatriation agreements with Afghanistan; why did we not act here?”

“Criminals and Afghans unwilling to integrate” should be deported, demanded the Vienna FPÖ leader Dominik Nepp. All Afghans who are already entitled to asylum should also be checked to see whether the reason for asylum still exists. Afghans are more likely than average to become criminals and “disregard our free society,” said Nepp.

Kickl for ten-point plan

A “ten-point plan to ward off acts of violence by asylum seekers or persons entitled to asylum” was again brought up by FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl. This includes, for example, the requirement to suspend all asylum applications on Austrian soil, to carry out deportations to Afghanistan and Syria as well, or to demand that the asylum procedure be terminated immediately or the asylum status withdrawn in the case of criminal asylum seekers.

Lower Austrian Asylum and Integration Councilor Gottfried Waldhäusl (FPÖ) also held Nehammer and Justice Minister Alma Zadic (Greens) jointly responsible for the “inconceivable act”. He will “definitely not tolerate a single criminal asylum seeker in Lower Austria”. The Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Justice would have “all delivered free of charge to the door”. The 13-year-old who was killed came from Lower Austria.

“How many innocent children and women will have to die because of the completely unsuccessful immigration policy of the turquoise-black-green government? How many families had their children snatched away because criminal asylum seekers are treated with kid gloves by the politicians?” asked the governor of FPÖ Lower Austria, Udo Landbauer, in the direction of the ÖVP and the Greens. The case of the 13-year-old who was killed shows “that the time for fair talk is finally over,” said Landbauer. “Austrian Lives Matter!” he added. “Our children and families have a right to security in their own homeland. “

“But we must not turn a blind eye to the fact that violence against women has increased significantly in tandem with the latest wave of migration,” emphasized the integration spokeswoman for the Vienna ÖVP, Caroline Hungerländer. In Vienna in particular there are “terrible attacks by asylum seekers or persons entitled to asylum on young girls and women” again and again. Deportations to Afghanistan must be implemented “consistently”, says Hungerländer.

Common femicides

This year, 14 women have been (allegedly) murdered by an (ex) partner in Austria. In two cases, couples committed murder and suicide. The accumulation of femicides triggered a debate about protection against violence. After a round table with victim protection institutions in May, the government announced as an immediate measure to raise an additional €24.6 million for protection against violence. Violence protection agencies had demanded €228 million.

Most recently, in response to the murders of women, Parliament made it clear that security authorities are allowed to transfer personal data to intervention centers to protect people at risk even if no entry or approach ban has been imposed. This is especially true in the case of stalking. Names and contact details of people at risk are stored in a central violence protection file.

13 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Austrian Girl Strangled by Afghan Culture-Enrichers

  1. Hey, let’s try to find a motive. The motive is the most important thing. If we could only figure it out.

  2. Oh my God !!, how many horrific barbaric murders Europeans have to take it before civil war starts !!, Merkel&CO you will burn in hell, She have blood on Her hands big time..

  3. Look, I used to get upset about it until I realised there is nothing that come be done as these Europeans brains are so addled by all this multicultural crap that you can’t have a reasonable conversation with them. They would abuse you for racism if you tried to warn them. They have been so brainwashed, they are like members of any cult, unthinking zombies. Just like in any cult situation, those who are able to resist brainwashing are in the minority as it requires a certain personality to disagree with everyone around you. We are able to see what’s wrong as we grew up in a different world. These young people have never seen that world and have no vision of what it was like. It is like another country for them, like going to Poland. Lol

  4. When Nazis are arrested, they end up running into the doors of cars, miss a step and fall down and other things. And one leftwing terrorist was even killed while resisting arrest, sorry he committed suicide (Bad Kleinen Wolfgang Grams).

    Would be nice if those two would have similiar “accidents”.
    And no, I am fully the opinion that the police should behave 150% according to the regulations.

  5. No doubt the poor culture enrichers are mentally ill and stressed from living a racist society so the judge will be lenient on these poor people.

    /sarcasm just in case.

  6. I cannot wait until these 3rd world vermin rape/murder the wrong mans daughter and he retaliates with a vengeance that will be profound and absolute where it stands out to the point where others will do the same.

    • Wonder wish but sadly won’t ever happen, cuz every German knows the “migrant”-loving monsters ruling the State would put the grieving dad in prison for 30 years.

  7. Like in Norway or New Zealand? It will take a seriously radicalised army of wrong men with or without sons and daughters. With orders from above.

  8. Dear Baron,

    With so little information to go on, I do not know how one could feel compelled to say anything. But you are indeed victim blaming when taking at face value the newspapers’ reports that the girl “went with them willingly”.

    Consider this: A group af men from the Middle East feeding drugs to a child and combining this with vicious group rape and, ultimately, murder – does this scenario not remind you at all of something you heard from the UK? Please recall the organized and widespread character of the child trafficking going on there. It is a well-established industry. That it has only been exposed in Britain does not mean that it does not happen in other European countries. It would, indeed, be quite strange if it did not, since the present political climate offers ideal conditions to operate undisturbed. The trafficking network is known to be international: Some girls from Britain were trafficked as far as Morocco. Moreover, sickening local eye witness reports from other Western European countries strongly suggest that the exact same thing is going on on the continent… God only knows on what scale. But the cover-up is still successful in the EU. Please don’t help it along. Instead, help to connect the dots.

    You know the method they use in Britain: The child is lured in with positive attention (or, in some cases, simply snatched off the street and abducted in a car), then fed drugs (in some cases force-fed); then raped by multiple men to break her will; then threatened to either prostitute herself or have the same thing, and/or a violent death, happen to her siblings or her mother. The threats are real: British girls who resisted were in some cases decapitated or burned alive. You know all this.

    We have no way of knowing what this girl was thinking on that day. But she may have been thinking of her mother or sister… Additionally, since she was murdered, it is likely that she refused to do whatever they told her to. Perhaps she threatened to go to the police and expose them.

    Please do remember that the child trafficking in the UK was allowed to go on for decades because of the exact idea that you voiced above. The police officers defended their disgraceful passivity because the girls allegedly “went willingly with the men” and returned to their company… Girls aged 11 and 12, mind you… The police claimed that they could not interfere because the girls had “made a sexual choice”… They were categorized as “promiscuous, willing” prostitutes – not victims of blackmail and hideous violence, which is what they were. Even when the girls themselves went to the police for help, they were turned away. (The argument about the “willing girls” was ultimately a screen to hide the policemen’s selfish worry that they might be branded racists if they did their job and arrested the perpetrators…)

    Never, ever blame a child who has fallen into the hands of such men.

    We have no idea how they got a hold on this particular girl, but we do know that at least one of them was a serial offender, a veteran in crime. All the blame is his, his fellow rapist-murderers, the authorities who tolerated their crimes knowingly, and the perverted journalist who, not knowing what went before, wrote that this child “went willingly” to her torture and death.

    If you are looking for willing prostitutes, look to that journalist instead.

    • Yes, these are excellent points. Thank you for bringing them up.

      There are indicators that what you say is true. The girl was far from home, and her parents did not report her missing, which indicates that she was probably a habitual runaway, exactly the type of child who is often lured into sexual captivity.

      It would be interesting to learn more about her situation with her parents.

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