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On Monday I posted about the plight of Luna, a 9-year-old Swedish girl who was raped and left for dead by a 15-year-old Ethiopian culture-enricher. The video report below from Swedish TV gives additional details about the case.

Luna’s aunt, who acts as a spokesperson for the family, says that she is not angry at the “youth” who savaged her niece, but rather at the school authorities and social services for not acting on the information they already had about the perpetrator. Their timely intervention might have prevented the attack on Luna.

One group of people that Luna’s aunt is not angry at — and which goes unmentioned in this report — is the political class who crafted the Swedish immigration laws that allowed such a feral predator into the country in the first place. If anybody besides the rapist himself deserves the ire of Luna’s family, it is the politicians and legislators who handed their country over to violent misogynists from the Third World.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   This is the last photo taken of the then 9-year-old Luna before she was attacked.
00:10   It’s summer vacation, and she’s staring into the camera.
00:14   Then, a picture of Luna as she lies very seriously injured in a hospital.
00:20   Today, she sits in a specially-built wheelchair
00:23   and requires round-the-clock supervision and assistance.
00:27   Shortly after 3pm on July 7th, she says goodbye to her playtime friends
00:32   and grabs her bicycle to ride home.
00:36   Around 3:30, a witness hears a scream from the woods near the school in Moro Backe in Skellefteå.
00:43   After almost two hours, police are notified.
00:48   There was this 15-year-old boy there who stopped a woman.
00:52   He had tried to stop several people along the way, and it was she who eventually called the police.
00:57   And there she and several others saw Luna in the woods.
01:01   She was lying there without clothes and was very badly injured.
01:04   She was having difficulty breathing.
01:07   And then the first police who came to the scene saw that Luna’s condition was life-threatening.
01:12   So one of the policemen took Luna and ran to the ambulance,
01:16   and it was police who drove the ambulance,
01:21   because both ambulance drivers had to tend to Luna, and she was taken to a hospital in Umea.
01:27   She was very very seriously injured and was immediately put under anesthesia.
01:31   For the family, all their energy goes into caring for Luna.
01:34   They are too tired to talk to outsiders, and Luna’s aunt, Emma, is for now the family’s voice.
01:40   I have met Luna’s aunt, and the first time we met, not so long a time had passed,
01:49   and one could well say that the family was then somewhat torn between hope and despair.
01:54   They didn’t fully know how serious the injuries were that Luna received,
02:00   and then they got the news after some time that the injuries she received are permanent,
02:05   and she will never be sound again. It will never be like before. She will not be able to recover.
02:11   This has been a very terrible, painful process for the family.
02:16   Luna gets rehabilitation training with a hospital team
02:19   to be able to do as much as possible of what she could do before.
02:23   And she has made progress, and among other things,
02:26   has been able to say, “Mama,” and is more awake and involved.
02:30   But as it is, she cannot speak, and she cannot move her arms.
02:36   She also has no way of controlling her body.
02:41   She cannot eat. And, of course, it is hard for the family to communicate with Luna.
02:46   They can see if she is happy, if she is serene, but she often becomes sad, for example,
02:51   and then they don’t know how much she remembers of what happened to her.
02:54   Emma tells how the anger she feels over what happened is not directed at the convicted 15-year-old.
03:00   She doesn’t want to think about him. She is angry at
03:04   the adults in the school and also at social services,
03:07   authorities who knew and should have intervened.
03:11   Very early on, there were reports in the school about this boy,
03:14   about his behavior, most of all towards girls in the school.
03:19   We can also see that the information about these matters stayed in the school.
03:24   There was nothing that was reported on, for example, to social services.
03:28   Then in 2021 there was also, the summer of 2021, a woman was attacked very close to the place
03:36   where Luna was later attacked, and this woman was able to break free.
03:39   But she was later able to point out this 15-year-old,
03:43   and that led, of course, to a police investigation.
03:47   But since he was then under the age of 15, he was sent on to social services,
03:51   and we can also see that the information stayed there.
03:54   They never contacted the school, for example. So we can see that
03:57   had they been able to put together the information that existed about the boy,
04:00   all the warning lights in the world were blinking.
04:03   But that didn’t happen, rather the information stayed with the various authorities.
04:09   On 19 October, the Skellefteå criminal court convicted the 15-year-old
04:13   of attempted murder and aggravated rape.
04:16   On November 30 came the result of the court’s psychiatric investigation.
04:21   It showed that the 15-year-old suffered from a serious psychiatric disorder,
04:25   both when he attacked Luna and now.
04:28   The investigation also decided that the risk
04:31   of his again committing a serious crime of a similar nature is high.

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  1. Swedes are not angry with their pathetic politicians for that would require accepting responsibility for the Islamisation of their country. Far better to blame the schoolteachers and far easier to do nothing about it. Certainly not vote for people that could halt or reverse the jihad.

  2. .

    Linda V hittade flickan i skogen: ”Jag är arg på mig själv för att jag inte gjorde mer”

    Linda V found the girl in the woods: “I’m angry at myself for not doing more

    Julia Caesar

    Children, Housing, Crime, Multiculturalism, Migration, Sexual offences

    22 December, 2022


    On 7 July, Linda V and her daughter Emilia happened to pass by the spot where nine-year-old Luna lay severely injured and unconscious in the woods near Morö Backe in Skellefteå. It changed their lives. Linda was the one who called 112.

    Here she writes about what happened on 7 July and expresses her heartfelt thanks for the support she receives – not from society’s agencies, but from people who are concerned and shaken by the shortcomings that the Luna case reveals.

    In this dense, thickety forest terrain, Abushi Shamse Kamal, 15, tried to murder nine-year-old Luna by beating her, strangling her and tying her to a tree. Photo: Erica Sundén, Swedish Radio.
    (I have previously referred to the victim as Josefin, but her family has now gone public with her real name, Luna).

    Luna was subjected to aggravated rape and attempted murder with strangulation by 15-year-old Abushi Shamse Kamal. On 14 December, he was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care with special parole.

    Abushi Shamse Kamal, 15, raped and attempted to murder nine-year-old Luna by strangling her with her shoelaces.

    It was the mother of two, Linda, 37, who went into the woods and found Luna. It was Linda who called 112 and saved Luna’s life. The experience left a trauma that Linda and her daughter Emilia, Luna’s peer, still have no help to deal with. To try to understand, Linda wrote down her story and let me read it.

    With Linda’s permission, I am publishing her story here.

    Linda and her two children, Emilia and Elias.
    Linda writes:

    “I am not a hero. The only one who is a hero in this is Luna, nine years old. Who miraculously survived this horrific violent crime. I want to pay tribute to all the medical staff who managed to save her life.

    July 7, 2022, an ordinary Thursday. I had been home with my children all week as illness ravaged my home. On Thursday, everyone was healthy, and on Friday, everyday life would return to normal with puzzles, work and school. What I didn’t know when we woke up this Thursday was that nothing will ever be the same again.

    My daughter Emilia, now ten years old and Luna’s peer, lives for making jewellery, anything to do with bracelets, earrings and necklaces. And she told me that day that she has run out of wire for bracelets. The more time passed in the afternoon, the more I got the feeling that she absolutely should not go to Lekia alone. It was well before 5pm when we set off. We could have left later, we could have left earlier. Only fate knows why we left just when we did.

    Up towards Morö Backe there is a long uphill. When we have come a bit up the hill I meet three people. A dark-skinned younger guy and a woman, and a few metres behind them a man. I notice that they look confused (in my eyes they behave strangely), it looks like they are looking for something. Given that they are behaving “strangely”, I slow down and wait for Emilia who is a little way behind. We don’t have time to go more than what I understand is about 50 meters or maybe 10 seconds before I see an older woman, who is also searching me a bit with her eyes and looks confused.

    I return her gaze, whereupon she stops us and says something along the lines of “Excuse me, did you see a naked woman with bruises sitting down there?”.
    I look at Emilia and think “What? What did she say?”. I reply that we didn’t, but that I’ll definitely go down and take a look. I tell Emilia to stay there with the older woman while I go down.

    Today I am both angry and grateful that I did this. Angry at myself for leaving my little girl with a stranger, given what I was about to experience, and partly grateful that I saved the life of another girl.

    (end of part one of three)

  3. .

    part 2/3

    When I meet these three at the walkway down the street, I want to remember asking “Did you find the girl?”. My memories are strong, but the details are fuzzy. Memories that I wish were blurry, and details that I wish were stronger.

    I get the answer “She’s in there”.

    “Who’s in there?”

    They point to the trees and thickets: “The girl is in there.”

    I see no one and ask “Where?” as I start to walk in among the brush and trees, and they keep pointing and saying “there, there”.

    After a short while I see her. I see two small feet with their heels up. In what feels like slow motion, I see from the heels, two small calves, followed by two small thighs and the naked lower part of a child’s body. There and then I remember screaming in my head that this is a child. I think I am also screaming this. I see that it is a girl the age of my own child. Nine or ten years old.

    What is this? Is it a doll? Who put her here? Is it a trap? How do they know she was here? Did the three of them trick me into the woods like this?

    I remember thinking this. The thoughts flew through my head in just a few seconds. But the feeling stayed with me throughout the whole incident. While having these thoughts there and then, I ran out onto the footpath and called to Emilia to come with my phone, which she had in her backpack.

    I know that the woman at the footpath asked “Should we call 112?”.
    I ignored her. Don’t ask me why, but in a situation like this, you might not be completely rational. At 5.23pm on that Thursday afternoon, I dial 112.

    After a while, a male operator answers: “SOS 112 What has happened?”
    I think I said something like “There is a naked lifeless child in the woods”. And, of course, told me where. After that, everything is clear but still like a big fog. I remember the SOS operator forcing me to do lots of things, and I remember being completely paralysed. I have never felt such terror, shock and adrenaline at the same time. Ever.

    The shock and paralysis took over. And I’m mostly angry at myself for that today. That I couldn’t help the girl more. That I didn’t pick her up in my arms and whisper in her ear that she’s safe now. That help is on the way. That I didn’t rip off my own shirt to protect her. That I didn’t do everything a mother would want a person to do for her own daughter in that situation.

    The operator says very annoyed (from what I felt and want to remember in his voice) many times that “You have to, you have to you have to”. There were so many things that I had to do according to him. And in my paralysis there were things my body was screaming at me that I couldn’t do. I am so angry today, so terribly angry and disappointed in myself that I couldn’t. I know the body and everyone handles shock differently, believe me. Today I know.

    Ten to 15 minutes into the call, the police arrive. They run into the woods to the girl and try to get signs of life from her for a brief moment, whereupon one of the policemen takes her in his arms and runs off up to the ambulance. It has arrived up at the crossroads, where my daughter is waiting with the older woman. I try to keep up, but I’m quite far behind. Screaming “Get my daughter out of there”, because I don’t want her to see the little girl in that state.

    I see them from a distance putting the girl into the ambulance, while I see my own daughter. I run up to her and take her in my arms. Trying to calm her down while trying to deal with my own shock. Emilia is shaking like a leaf and says, “Mummy, I feel really bad,” with panic in her voice. I ask the police and ambulance staff if there is water for Emilia as she is unwell. But there isn’t.

    Our information is given, and we stand around for a while for possible witness statements. But the situation for Emilia is untenable. Let’s leave. Then it’s just the aftermath of police interrogations, nightly conversations in tears and anguish, strengthened relationships and love.

    Why am I writing this?
    Only for myself. A terribly selfish text. After this trauma, we have received no help whatsoever. As an adult, I find it incredibly difficult to cope with everything I have seen and experienced. But what about my daughter? My daughter, who has seen things that a nine-year-old should never have to see or experience – what help is she getting? None at all.

    I’ve had help with sleep in the form of tablets, and a counsellor who gave me advice on an audio book to strengthen my inner self….

  4. .

    (part three)

    How will an audiobook help me at this time when I no longer dare to let my children out to even walk the dog? How will it help with my sweaty nightmares? How will it help me when my soon-to-be-13-year-old son gets angry with me for no longer letting him go to the soccer field alone to play football? How will it help me when I get angry inside at seeing a child walking alone in the middle of the day?

    How will it help my thoughts about what I could have done more? That I could have done so much more. And HOW is it going to help me when I think EVERY day that it could have been Emilia if I had let her go alone to buy thread for her bracelets that day?
    But we are alive. We are healthy, and I can see my children playing in their fully functioning little bodies. I haven’t had to spend the last six months with my little girl in a hospital bed. But a mother I know of, she has to. And it hurts me so much every day. Every second, every minute, every hour since July 7th of this year.

    That this could happen. On an ordinary Thursday in the middle of the day, when you feel the most secure. It’s terrifying. To be told that some terribly disturbed individual has taken the liberty of brutally destroying your child like this is horrifying.

    And then to realise that it could have been prevented in so many ways. Mainly because the perpetrator had tried to attack an adult woman a year before. That he gave off many warning signs from school and more. But nothing happens. Why didn’t anyone react?

    We think about Luna, her sister, their family and loved ones, every day. You are with us every second of life since July 7, and we send through thought all the strength we can.

    Every breath all our little fragile children take here on earth, it’s a breath to breathe into yourself and breathe out. Then repeat it for the rest of the short life we have. Because we only have one. Several lives involved in this event are more or less ruined, in one way or another.

    There is no help to be had. Nowhere. Despite appeals to schools, health centers, BUP and so on, nothing happens.

    We have screamed, begged, pointed out and asked for help. But NO ONE knows where to turn. No one communicates with us about this, even though we have told SO many times to SO many people about everything that has happened.

    There are so many flaws in the systems, and the focus is on the wrong things in every way. We are aware and have informed so many. But nothing happens. Nothing happens, until those higher up “sound the alarm”. Our and the public’s words mean nothing, until those “higher up” take the lead in what they think is “important”. But should this have to happen before it becomes important in the eyes of those involved?

    I think I speak for an awful lot of people when I say that… “We appeal. Act on the really serious problems in families and in society.”

    If there is one, there are so many more of these incredibly sick people.

    Your systems don’t work.

    Do it again and do it right!

    Lex Luna!”

    Linda V

    Linda and her daughter Emilia (the same age as the victim Luna) happened to pass by the crime scene and saw the badly injured Josefin. They were traumatised and have not received any help with their trauma.
    I have told you in previous articles that as a result of her trauma, Linda lost control of her finances, gave her children everything they wanted and failed to pay the rent, SEK 8,300 a month. She works full-time in a department store and is single with her children.

    The family was due to be evicted on 16 December, but thanks to money sent to her by my fantastic readers, they have been able to pay their rent debt of SEK 50,000. She and the children will be able to stay until the end of March 2023.

    “It feels like a huge relief” she writes in an email to me and sends a big thank you to everyone who has helped her:

    “I would like to say a big thank you to EVERYONE who has contributed. I cannot describe in words what this has meant to me, you have my eternal gratitude. Would also like to thank all the tremendously nice messages, I see you all. And thank you to those of you who have called me and wanted to help in any way you could.

    Finally, I want to say that Luna, the family and everyone who cared for/cared for her, they are the heroes. Although I have been given the word hero, I certainly do not consider myself one.

    Me and my daughter were just passing by and I did all my brain could do in this terrible event. Blue light personnel, journalists and many in the community say that this is by far the worst thing they have had to be a part of, read about and have experienced.

    That Luna survived this terrible event, that’s all that matters.”
    (not redacted)

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    Julia Caesar – Flickan i skogen. Om händelsen i Skellefteå – Swebbtv Embedded

    Julia Caesar – The girl in the woods. About the event in Skellefteå

  5. Sadly, most women tend to be liberal. These tendencies often lead to catastrophe. The national policies they created for Sweden are paying off, literally in spades.

    • While you’re right that most women are liberal, equal blame goes on the so-called men — equally stupid and liberal– who went along with their open borders.
      ….And we’re seeing the same thing here. Have been for several years, but hugely worse since Porridgebrain was installed.

      • All American politicians are bought and paid for, and I mean all of them. The only hope we have is Convention of States.

    • Well ole Kipling said it best, womans suffrage will be the end of western civilization, and he was right.

  6. A civilised country would have hanged this immigrant.
    And I cannot think of one Western country that is now civilised.

    • I am reminded of the speech that Emperor Wilhelm II gave before the german corps was sailing to China during the so-called Boxer rebellion.

      He said that the germans should teach them chinese a lesson that even in a thousand years no chinese would dare to look in a wrong way at a german.

      This should be done with the “enrichers”.
      And we would need to start with the good ole roman punishment of decimation.

      But, we are weak and atomized, one not trusting the others, because if push comes to shove nearly 99% will betray at once if asked by the cops.

      • “But, we are weak and atomized, one not trusting the others, because if push comes to shove nearly 99% will betray at once if asked by the cops.”
        ….You’re certainly right that over 90% of U.S. citizens would inform on anyone the cops wanted them to. And since the politicians control the cops, and the cops attack in force and have us civilians hugely out-gunned–full automatic M-16s against semi-auto handguns– firefights would be suicidal, and to no purpose.
        ….So certainly, cops are a big part of the problem. But the *real* problem is your political rulers: the open-borders, forced-vax crowd, spend us into poverty crowd, both Democrats and RINOs.
        ….As long as they’re in power, things won’t get better. And since neither Democrat judges nor so-called conservatives on the supreme court have shown any sign of wanting to stop massive election fraud, I’m out of ideas.
        ….Men who have children would seem to have a big stake in the future–for their children, if not for them. But until children are fully grown, no father can risk prison or death since that leaves your kids without a main source of income and defense. So ironically, the men who have a huge stake in the future are motivated to NOT take effective action, for the sake of their young kids.
        ….So again, I’m out of ideas. Thanks, Democrats.

      • Back in the 1970s, there would be fee betrayals. However, those same upstanding folk today would, indeed, turn state’s evidence.

        The January 6th stunt has had the desired affect.

    • It is because you got TOOO bloody civilized that we cannot take out the bloody trash! The fact that you don’t bloody see it says it all! Now on to tea time ole chap and hrrrrummp about it while doing absolutely nothing to change it.

  7. Angry Muslims are taking your photograph as you pass by. Intimidating. Just in case. Very intimidating. Even frightening. Police deballed. Population unarmed. Women in power bending menfolk over.

  8. I am from Canada. We know your country to be the most dangerous in Europe.

    You should be criminally prosecuting the Kumbaya Social Democrats who enabled this. But you won’t. You need to sink further before something is done.

    Might I suggest moving Social Democrat politicians to Somalian enclaves as these ensconced elites need to be awaken from their idealism.

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