Buyer’s Remorse About the Vax

The following video shows a segment from a recent panel discussion on Bild TV in Germany. The panelists focus on the various ways the response to the Wuhan Coronavirus went wrong in Germany. One of them is a severe critic of the harms caused by the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with Corona.

It must be noted that one of the other panelists seems likely to be a Deep State plant. I refer to Jan Schäfer, the professorial-looking fellow with the puce tie, who is the in-house political editor for Bild. At a superficial level, he appears to be aligned with the critics, sympathizing with the victims of the lockdowns and the vax. He even portrays himself as a victim to gain sympathy, all in order to inject one crucial thought into the mix: “No one could have known that at the time. Everyone who got vaccinated did so at their own risk.”

In other words, he was placed on the panel to do damage control on behalf of the Narrative. By subtle nudges he aims to mitigate popular discontent and help keep the globalist boxcar moving down the tracks to its unspeakable destination…

But those are just my paranoid thoughts. Don’t take them for fact.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   More and more experts are asking why there’s such a high mortality rate,
00:04   and now Wolfgang Kubicki, the deputy speaker of the Bundestag, also wants to know.
00:08   In an interview with the newspaper “Die Welt”, he called for autopsies and a review
00:12   of all deaths following the Corona vaccination. In the interview, Kubicki refers a study
00:16   by the Heidelberger pathologist Peter Schirrmacher, who concluded 30%
00:20   of all deaths following inoculation that he examined were caused by the vaccination.
00:26   That’s our discussion here today. Mr. Lütge, Mr. Kubicki is calling for autopsies.
00:30   Do politician have to explain their actions now?
00:34   The clarification of all Corona measures is crucial.
00:39   It’s not acceptable to just say, “Well, we’ve somehow gotten through it.” And we aren’t even
00:45   completely through with it, because there are still Corona measures in place.
00:50   However, we now need to start a real reappraisal of these measures and ask where mistakes
00:57   were made and how can we ensure that these mistakes never happen again.
01:02   So, for you, autopsies are also an action that should be thought about?
01:06   I think it’s one element. By the way, autopsies were done at the very beginning of this crisis.
01:12   A doctor from Hamburg (Prof. Klaus Püschel) preformed autopsies in several individual cases.
01:16   So I think that ultimately we have to know what happened. We can’t just stand here
01:21   with this lack of knowledge that we have at the moment.
01:25   And yet, the vaccination campaign continues.
01:28   Do you still have confidence in the vaccine in the current situation? No, I never did,
01:32   and especially not now since more and more strangeness is coming to light. As we now know,
01:36   the first vaccine didn’t work, and now we’re already
01:39   at the fourth vaccination. It was called “side-effect-free”.
01:42   It was supposedly so well-tested and definitely wouldn’t cause long term damage. Baloney!
01:48   So here we are now with an excess mortality in November of 19% compared to the previous year.
01:53   We’ve had an increase in people complaining about side effects such as skin problems,
01:56   heart muscle inflammation, inflammation in general.
01:59   I must say, all the critics were apparently right.
02:04   That’s why I have very, very little confidence in this untested new vaccine.
02:08   Jan, do you think that governments should accede to Kubicki’s demand?
02:12   Well, in principle I think clarification is always good.
02:15   It’s extremely important with the issue of excess mortality,
02:18   but also for the consequences of the Corona measures in general,
02:22   we need a investigative committee in the Bundestag. A vote on this already occurred,
02:25   and unfortunately it was rejected. What’s interesting is that
02:28   the FDP had been rigorously beating this drum during the election campaign
02:32   last year and insisted on a committee of inquiry during the next legislative period.
02:36   As soon as the Liberals came to power, the committee of inquiry was no longer a real issue.
02:41   Of course we have an alliance of politicians on the Union’s side (CDU) and on the SPD’s side,
02:46   who aren’t at all interested in a committee of inquiry in the Bundestag, but it is urgently needed.
02:52   Do you worry about these numbers? Do you also worry that doctors are saying they suspect
02:58   that there are many more cases? They are noticing connections, but it’s still difficult to prove;
03:03   does that worry you? —Of course, that worries me,
03:07   but I also remember how the situation was in 2020.
03:10   At the beginning of the year, in mid-year, at the end of the year, so if we’re honest,
03:14   and ask ourselves, most of us, I see Mr. Friedrich is already looking critical, but most of us were
03:20   relieved that there was a vaccine. Perhaps that because
03:24   until now I haven’t or we haven’t experienced
03:28   side effects so far. I’m actually very grateful that I had this vaccine.
03:31   We know there was a race against time.
03:34   We also know that the procedures these vaccines went through were completely different from normal.
03:39   Much shorter than for previous vaccines. We’ve been more or less the test subjects,
03:43   but that was certainly due to the situation.
03:48   Certainly it was wrong that many politicians said that it was free of side effects.
03:53   No one could have known that at the time. Everyone who got vaccinated did so at their own risk.
03:59   Therefore… —But it was never said like that, right? —Exactly! That’s also a problem.
04:03   That ‘s also something that must be cleared up. Absolutely correct, without question. Nevertheless,
04:07   I’m still glad that there was a vaccine so quickly, and also made available very so quickly.
04:12   You were shaking your head a little? —Yes, well, because of the reappraisal.
04:16   Recently Jens Spahn, the former health minister, apologized somewhat. Even Lauterbach
04:20   has also now admitted closing daycare facilities was actually de facto not necessary.
04:24   We’re still experiencing the collateral damage today. We will continue to experience aftershocks,
04:28   because society is divided as never before. I believe this needs to go further,
04:31   we definitely also need a legal reappraisal,
04:34   because billions have been wasted. We have economic damage. We have had
04:39   collateral damage within the family. Friendships have been broken, and we need to work through this
04:44   in order to heal and build bridges again. —That’s right. That brings us right to your topic.
04:48   We’ll come to that in a moment. Let’s stick to vaccination for now; the campaign is still going on.
04:53   Jan, despite all the new information discovered,
04:56   do you think it’s good the vaccine campaign just continues?
04:59   Well, it has been my impression that after the vaccine,
05:05   the Covid cases became milder
05:11   compared to when we had no vaccine. Just look at the panic reaction China is having now.
05:17   There may be other reasons for that, but we’ve seen that the vaccination has offered
05:20   a certain protection. That may not be true for everyone, and it’s quite regrettable that there are
05:25   obviously also many people who now have extreme side effects. With regard to excess mortality,
05:31   there may also have been fatal reactions.
05:34   The one point that Mr. Friedrich made is extremely important.
05:38   The reappraisal is also necessary for future pandemics. We need to ask the questions:
05:42   what did we do correctly? But above all, where did we go extremely wrong?
05:48   One thing can be said with certainty — and we understood this already during the pandemic period —
05:52   how we dealt with the children was an absolute catastrophe,
05:55   and the consequences are already noticeable.
05:58   I think we have to make many high-ranking politicians,
06:02   including the then-Chancellor, a huge reproach
06:06   that they listened far too little to pediatricians during this pandemic. Far, far too little.
06:12   Along with that, the complete disregard of all the negative consequences
06:15   for the children — toddlers, but schoolchildren as well.
06:18   The school lockdowns in Germany were worse than in any other country.
06:23   Yes. —This has led to dramatic negative consequences. That’s where some reevaluation is
06:27   really needed so that something like that never happens again. —Yes. —Depression, overweight,
06:32   social contacts were… —We’ll get into all the consequences more deeply, especially with Mr. Lütge
06:36   contributing his opinion and thoughts on that. Before that,
06:39   I still want to ask Mr. Ruprecht about the vaccine.
06:42   Despite all these revelations, the vaccination still only has
06:45   conditional approval. Do you have confidence in it?
06:48   Not at all. In the vaccine, none at all.
06:52   Once you see high-ranking politicians actually apologizing,
06:57   as in Alberta, Canada, which actually happened, the governor apologized
07:01   for the vaccination regime and for all the measures
07:05   that were taken as well. That’s something that I would also wish for in Germany.
07:09   Actually, it was fairly easy to see that a completely new vaccine, there’s no way to know,
07:17   when there are no field studies, when it is hastily rushed through a telescoped procedure
07:21   with the studies practically being run in parallel,
07:25   of course no one knows the long-term effects. That’s so obvious.
07:30   How can anyone even claim such a thing is side-effect-free?
07:34   Test procedures for vaccines are very rigorous. For normal vaccines. Nevertheless, this one
07:39   not only was certified, but it was recommended and then they recommended it for children.
07:43   And made compulsory! For example, mandatory vaccination is still valid in the German Armed Forces.
07:49   That’s right. —We had guests sitting here twice. Soldiers are still
07:52   obligated to be vaccinated. If they refuse, they suffer financial loss.
07:55   Exactly. —They have endured an insane pressure. —I saw that show. Correct.
07:58   You’ve seen the show? —Yes. —Everybody has seen the show? That makes me happy.
08:02   But can they continue to require it? —No, of course not.
08:06   That’s completely clear. I also don’t understand why
08:10   some politicians are still clinging to it so desperately.
08:14   Of course they’ll try to defend themselves, by saying
08:19   it was the right thing to do back then, but they have to realize that it can’t go on like this.
08:24   It’s only going to get worse. We can already see higher death rates now.
08:29   They’re showing up in the statistics right now,
08:32   and they’re still not rowing back. So, the only thing
08:35   that will really help is the full stop. Stop everything and then row backwards
08:39   and begin to deal intensively with the subject,
08:42   and then apologize, of course. —Jan, why is that always so difficult for politicians?
08:46   It’s hard because it’s the admission of a mistake that you’ve made,
08:49   and admitting mistakes always means
08:52   losing some credibility in the end. There are many who say, “No, that would undermine credibility…”
08:56   Or gain credibility? —Well, a politician who apologizes
08:59   two or three times for things he did wrong has a flaw,
09:02   of course. So I, as a voter, begin to doubt if he can get it right this time.
09:06   Maybe he’ll be wrong again.
09:09   So he remains flawed. So, especially in crises,
09:12   I think it’s good to have people at the head of government
09:16   who haven’t been wrong too often in their lives, because you can assume that hopefully they make
09:22   correct decisions. As we saw with the Chancellor,
09:26   in terms of Corona policy, many times it wasn’t right.
09:30   My impression, in hindsight: we had a sort of self-accelerating development with Corona policies.
09:38   We all recall the federal lockdown, which suddenly appeared. Starting in 2020,
09:44   there was the lockdown until summer. Then came the “lockdown light” in autumn, when all the stores
09:49   were closed. That was followed by an even bigger lockdown,
09:52   and then came the idea for the so-called “Easter Arrest” or “Easter Calm”.
09:55   Take your pick. There was a federal lockdown over the Easter holidays.
09:58   Once again, the whole country seized up for ten days and shut down completely.
10:02   What kind of world are we in? —That’s why we need an apology and back-peddling.
10:07   For that Easter season alone, this so-called “Easter Calm”,
10:10   we were all being sold the idea we have to stay at home in peace.
10:13   It was actually really an “Easter arrest.” I was actually forced,
10:17   we were forced to stay at home. So around this time, it started,
10:21   the even faster, even further, even higher
10:24   Corona policies being pushed forward by the Chancellor.
10:27   She had rightly put together an advisory board,
10:30   but it plowed forward in one direction only. Other voices were not heard.
10:34   When you find yourself in such a situation and in such… —Panic.
10:38   Yes, it just snowballed at accelerating speed. —Just one way, though.
10:43   Exactly, that’s the problem. —Look how fast we arrived at your topic, Mr. Lütge.
10:47   For you, an apology is not enough. More must happen. It must be really confronted.
10:52   We’ve already addressed some of the topics just now on this show. Whether it’s about children
10:56   or about how schools and daycare should never have been closed —
10:59   that time is lost for children now.
11:02   It is your time and it is your camera. How we would go about correcting the past three years.

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  1. Someone running verbal interference on behalf of a scheme of mass injury and mass murder is an accessory to the crime. The punishment for these activities should be severe. Those advocating or participating in putting the killer vax into arms deserve even more punishment.

  2. As far as I am concerned there can be no reconciliation let alone forgiveness until there are executions of key players, jail time and public humiliation for lesser players, and confiscation of all assets from anyone that played a role in persecuting those who refused to be jabbed.

    • First we should find out if those in power got the vaxx or not.
      I remember there was an article here on GoV where a french politician said that he suspected that the majority of politicians who demanded the jab like Macron were never jabbed or if jabbed than it was a non-harming saline injection.

      So, if they are not jabbed, then they first must be jabbed – at least 4 times and then, as they are such jab-fanatics – I suspect they will have nothing against it, if we volunteer them for being guinea pigs in future vaxx testing, especially mRNA vaxx.

  3. If the “mainstream” comes to the conclusion that the mandatory injections have indeed poisoned them, “the people” will lose it. I have long held the belief that this might be the ultimate psyops, the goal is to make people lose their minds and go on a killing spree en masse.

    If the Covid Vaccines, in the eyes of the “mainstream”, prove to be a long term poison, arm yourself and run for the hills – that would be my only advice. Because something very close to a Zombie Apocalypse might be coming. Once all the Police and Military and Engineers and Doctors lose their cool, all bets are off.

  4. Those who commit genocide have lots of excusers and excuses. In the end, all are dead so revenge is a here and now proposition.

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