Sudden Death

Below is the recently-released documentary video Died Suddenly. It concerns the worldwide surge of excess deaths that has been underway since the rollout of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

This documentary focuses primarily on the strange elongated rubbery “blood clots” that have frequently been found in the blood vessels of deceased people by undertakers and embalmers, beginning when the vax was first introduced. The accounts given by multiple embalmers about the clots, and the visual evidence of the clots themselves, are what make the video so valuable — the independent testimony from so many witnesses is difficult to refute.

The rest of the footage contains a lot of sensationalized material, including clips of people who collapse suddenly. Some of these may be fakes, and some samples were definitely taken from videos that predate the COVID hysteria. But the sections featuring the embalmers are convincing, and very important.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video. WARNING: some of the autopsy footage is graphic, and sensitive viewers may find it disturbing:

8 thoughts on “Sudden Death

  1. O’ Looney has been sounding the alarm for awhile.
    These people put humanity over profits and job security.
    Not all will awake and some like boots to the face because they have been brainwashed.
    A tip of the hat to all that sound the klaxon.

  2. Somehow I cannot trust Stew Peters — I do not know why, it is a gut feeling, he does not look honest.

    But with a rational approach, what exactly is happening in the guise of presenting this glossy and apparently Hollywood-style movie?

    The PTB are opening the pressure-relief valve of public indignation:

    They are reassuring the few of us in the know that the jabs indeed kill — nothing that we did not know, while the movie is being confined to the small “alternative platforms”. On Rumble the premiere has had 8,093,479 views in five days: one in a thousand people on Earth have seen it here — far from enough. Then the viewers exclaim: “you see, I was right” — and nothing happens, no more resistance.

    And while a smaller target group is being kept asleep dreaming about the heroic act of exposing the poison pokes of the past, ‘They’ are doing extremely deep and all-pervasive brainwashing of the naive wider public, for the introduction of the 1WO, from an ENORMOUS amount of money, by promoting the “sustainability” scam, electronic payment for the CBCD and so on — as the controlled demolition phase of the great fascist reset is taking place with the speed of light.

    In other words public attention is being diverted, with a partial admission, from the (1) real perpetrators of the war on humanity (2) the strategical attacks that are going on and are being planned.

  3. Stew Peters has just used the exact translation that was made by Rair Foundation, without even mentioning Rair as a source, to my best knowledge.

    At 1:00:04 in the Died Suddenly video:

    Is it legal, is it fair use? Has Peters agreed with Rair? I don’t know.

    What I do know is that Mr. Peters is selling a lot of stuff under his video in question on Rumble, some of which, I guess, are Scientology products (like Paleo). And Scientology is criminal, as you know.

    Mr. Peters might owe Rair Foundation at least some thousands of dollars … or some tens of thousands maybe. A lawyer could tell.

    • I watch Stew Peters from time to time, and yea – he’s like Alex Jones 20 years ago, taking in and spreading any information that comes his way.

      I watch Alex Jones from time to time as well, and I think Alex Jones kind of matured and is more trustworthy than Stew Peters. What differentiates these two is one has 30+ experience “spreading conspiracy theories”, the other does not.

  4. Perhaps we should examine the message, closely, and place the shortcomings of the messenger on the back burner–for a while.
    Peters’ credibility has no bearing whatsoever on the reality of these strands of peculiar material that appear only in vaxed persons.
    Thanks for posting this. I was wondering where to find it, and, lo and behold . . .

  5. It is difficult to believe that anyone would film an autopsy. That would be a fundamental breach of trust of the worst sort. Anyone who did such a thing ought to be sacked (if it was an individual), lost their business (if it was done with management’s approval), charged and then run out of town. Can you imagine if anyone actually did that – the outcry from the deceased’s relatives? There is no conceivable way those clips are real.

    • Nice try. If it was mu relative, I would want the autopsy filmed for civil lawsuit purposes. These fibrous clots are indicators of vaxx effects and I want retribution for the death.

      • When the retribution against these world so called elites and their minions begins, it will be Biblical, as in Old Testament and Fire and Brimstone, and these bastards deserve everything coming to them.

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