It’s Money for Nothing and Everything’s Free!

When you give away lots of free stuff with no strings attached, you can expect a flood of eager would-be recipients to show up to grab their share of something-for-nothing. Right? I mean, it’s not rocket science, is it?

Well, in Germany it takes a special study by a federal agency to discover such an obvious truth.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Foreigners in particular benefit from citizen income


The number of recipients of social assistance with non-German citizenship has risen rapidly. Since 2015, the proportion has grown by 38% to 1.8 million people. 500,000 have been added in seven years. This is the result of new figures from the Federal Employment Agency.

So far, they have received Hartz IV and make up almost 40% of all people in Germany who live on “Stütze” [the crutch]. This does not include the up to one million Ukrainian refugees who immediately receive the higher basic security. As of January 1st, Hartz IV recipients should now, if the mediation committee agrees, receive citizen benefits and get significantly more. This goes back to the initiative of Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD). For a family with three children there is then up to €3776.69 net.

The dispute between the federal government consisting of SPD, FDP and Greens as well as the CDU/CSU is not the significantly higher rates, but only the six-digit allowances. These are likely to further increase the number of recipients, because so far the wealthy have been excluded from Hartz IV.

Citizens’ money accelerates immigration into social systems

In addition to the standard requirement, which has increased by 12% compared to Hartz IV, the basic income also includes the cold rent of up to €1272.60 and heating costs of €291.09 per month. These are numbers for a couple with three children. They are now entitled to an apartment of 110 square meters. But even a single person should receive €1177.31 with rent including heating.

Experts expect that the new basic income will accelerate immigration into the social systems. The economist Bernd Raffelhüschen told Bild: “The refugees are concentrated in countries with generous social benefits, mainly Germany and Scandinavia.”

The Berlin AfD boss Kristin Brinker published the new social welfare rates on Telegram, and wrote: “Asylum seekers are also entitled to the new citizen’s benefit in Germany from January. How long do you think it will take for this spreadsheet to be translated into all the languages of the world?”

Afterword from the translator:

That was foreseeable from the start. It corresponds exactly to the anti-German policy of the Green Red Left donkey-manure.

You know what I’d be doing if I were still living in that place, and after 35 years of hard work (luckily I didn’t for the last 33 years)? I’d quit and go off into lazy fun. Germany is going down the drain, anyway. Then why still work, for whom and for what?! So that I have to scrape by and other people can benefit from my hard labour?

Bugger that. German values such as punctuality, diligence and education no longer count anyway, and in some cases are even frowned upon. No, I would disown that country a second time in a heartbeat.

11 thoughts on “It’s Money for Nothing and Everything’s Free!

  1. At school as a lil’ serf peasant I was enjoying some candy when the nice teacher said finish that up and put away all that you have left, unless you have enough for everyone.
    What will happen when the free milk and honey dries up?
    The Law of the Jungle.

    • You are right. I am just waiting for the first power outages in Germany.
      The next asylum seeker homes are scattered in my city and the surrounding villages.
      I see enough of THEM every saturday buying groceries and THEY have more money than I am. And I work while THEY just sit around.

      I presume THEY will take advantage during the power outages and break into homes, steal, rape and kill.

      Yesterday I found out that I have to do some repair in my flat and I bought a hammer. A friend suggested a claw hammer and referred to an expert called Hammer Girl. She is from Indonesia and had her own show called “The Raid II”.
      And the cutlery in the supermarket was reduced. Now while I dont have steak often, you have to be prepared. And did I mention that they were cheap?

      • I would have thought you would have Grandpa’s old Lugar, P-38, or some other pistol for such uses?

        • Not hardly. The German citizen has been completely disarmed by the state. Even if one owns a firearm, its possession is rigidly controlled, any deviation of which not only will result in losing the firearm, but the owner will be arrested.

          • That is not quite true, for my family never turned in any arms, as a matter of fact, they collected everything they could get their hands on in the aftermath of the war, they had entire armories which still exist today and I have quite a few of those examples in my collection. Including my Grandfathers Lugars, P=38’s and various Browings and Walthers.

  2. This was one of many reasons I opted for voluntary early retirement and left the UK for sunnier climes. Why should I carry on working to support migrants who hate us and want to kill us? By the way, it’s 32C in my garden at present.

    • It seems that quite a few Brits of retirement age are calling it quits for the same reason and moving out of Britain for sunnier cheaper climates. The US is now in the same boat and it’s sinking fast. We had a heat wave today at 33 F

  3. The voting block of people depended on “free stuff” from the government rule who gets elected until the government goes broke. When that happens an “emergency ” is declared by the government the unelected elite step in to rule all of us they have been ruled the “experts” running most western governments today. It is no mistake Bill Gates is buying up most farmland in America, and family run farms in Northern Europe are being bankrupted by green politics .Small family businesses in America driven into bankrupted by regulations in blue cities in America. Waves of illegals enter Europe and America taxing social networks to the max .Crime has is rising in America because Soro,s backed judges get elected in blue cities putting violent criminals back on the streets. Homeless drug addicted and mental ill turn free from mental hospitals to migrate the blue cities for higher benefits to live in their own filth on the streets. It is being for a purpose to brake the systems to destroy western civilization .

  4. It’s today. Feels a bit falling Roman Empire. If communism had had a head start like this guess what. This drunken folly is unbelievable but screw,

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