Culture-Enriching Stabbing at the Central Station

The following police video from the Netherlands doesn’t mention the ethnicity of the two men who attacked and stabbed a man at the Central Station. However, the surveillance video footage released by the police shows the clear unpixelated features of the two suspected assailants, and they are plainly culture-enrichers.

If this had been Sweden, not only would their faces have been pixelated, but they would have been “pinkwashed” — that is, they would have had their features artificially Caucasianized by digital means. In contrast, the Dutch police seem truly interested in apprehending the alleged perpetrators.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   A serious incident at the Central Station in September of this year.
00:07   A man who, together with a friend, got into a scuffle with a group of men,
00:11   was stabbed in the stomach and had to stay a number of days in the hospital,
00:15   and could not eat for a long period of time.
00:19   On the night between Friday September 3 and Saturday September 4, the 20-year-old victim
00:24   was on his way to the station when he and his friend came across a group of six men
00:28   who were annoying passersby. At the taxi stand location,
00:31   the two got into an argument with the group.
00:34   At that point it became physical and there were several blows struck.
00:39   The friend of the victim was beaten and kicked by the first suspect, among other things.
00:43   The victim threw a bottle at the suspect. As he does that,
00:47   he is thinking that he will be beaten by the second suspect.
00:51   As the victim takes off, he is not yet free of the young men.
00:55   Here it can be seen that the group ran after him through the station hall.
01:00   After a short while, he sees that he has eluded them and asks someone for help.
01:03   When the tension subsides a bit, it turns out that he is not just beaten.
01:08   The victim then notices that he has been stabbed in the stomach.
01:12   It turns out that he was seriously wounded and had to be hospitalized,
01:17   where he would stay for several days. He was also unable to eat for a long time.
01:22   In addition, the mental impact on him is great.
01:25   This is probably the moment when the victim is stabbed.
01:29   This is the man suspected of beating and kicking the victim, Suspect 1.
01:35   Probably, it can be seen here how Suspect 2 gives the knife to Suspect 1.
01:40   We want to know who the men in the images are.
01:43   If you have information on them or the incident, then please contact us.
01:46   Do you have information for the police? Then contact the clue tip contact line
01:51   0800 6070 or Report Crime Anonymously at 0800 7000.

4 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Stabbing at the Central Station

  1. 2 wishes probably illegal Arabs , hostile and dangerous, !!, poor refugees, they are coming for better life !, unreal , lock up your daughters and granddaughters, it’s coming soon near your ..

  2. If this had been Sweden, not only would their faces have been pixelated, but they would have been “pinkwashed” — that is, they would have had their features artificially Caucasianized by digital means.

    Can you give more details of pinkwashing in Sweden, Baron? I’ve found this article on GoV, but is there a primary source?

    • Sorry, it’s been too long — probably almost ten years since I posted about pinkwashing on Swedish TV. The articles are somewhere back there in the archives, but they’ll be devilishly hard to find.

      • Ok, thanks. Pinkwashing happens all the time on TV and in film, of course, but I didn’t know it happened for real. As someone said once on Steve Sailer’s blog:

        You watch those law and order shows and you would think every criminal in NYC is a white guy terrorizing helpless black people. You watch those CSI shows and you always see some “brilliant” black criminologist solving a crime committed by some evil white. These depictions are not only untrue. They are the direct opposite of the truth.

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