Nightmare in the Bundesallee

This report from Germany reads like something out of a noir science fiction film: a woman was run over by a truck, but the rescue workers couldn’t reach her because of a blockade by climate protesters. Then the driver of the truck was stabbed by an unknown person, and had to be hospitalized.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Berliner Zeitung:

Cyclist critically injured: Climate adherents impede the fire brigade

A truck rolls over a cyclist on the Bundesallee. Because of the climate blockade, the fire brigade does not come to the scene of the accident. Climate adherents are “dismayed”.

A cyclist was run over by a cement truck on the Bundesallee in Wilmersdorf in the morning. The woman was trapped under the truck and suffered life-threatening injuries. She had to be freed by the fire department.

To do this, a rescue vehicle with special tools had to be requested, which is stationed in Siemensstadt. But because climate adherents were blocking the A100 at the time, the rescue vehicle got stuck in a traffic jam on the Rudolf-Wissell Bridge, said a fire department spokesman. This delayed the rescue of the woman.

“Our emergency services were forced to free the woman by other means.” Due to the traffic jam, other rescue workers arrived late.

Unknown man stabs the driver responsible for the accident

The woman was finally saved from under the cement mixer and taken to a clinic under the supervision of an emergency doctor. It is said that her condition is critical. The fire brigade was on site with more than 40 emergency service personnel. Four witnesses who saw the accident needed psychological care.

The police were initially unable to provide any information about the course of the accident. The Bundesallee is closed between Nachodstraße and Bundesplatz. The traffic investigation service of the police is currently dealing with the recording of the accident, which should take several hours to complete.

Investigations led to another incident: as a result of the accident, the driver stopped his truck. He got out to help the woman. He was stabbed by a man. The perpetrator fled. The driver was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. As is often the case with stab wounds, it will only become clear in the hospital whether these are life-threatening.

Afterword from the translator:

I wonder if one of those Climate Terrorists is responsible for the stabbing of the Truck-driver, or a culture-enricher? I guess we’ll find out — or not, depending on the politics.

2 thoughts on “Nightmare in the Bundesallee

  1. I wonder if the legal actions in case of imminent danger for life would allow to just tear those demonstraters off the blacktop they glued themselves to, regardless of bodily harm to their hands. To clear a passage way would last seconds and the perps will always remember due to a mutilated hand. Maybe some ” new Germans” on their way to work will be less patient than our law enforcement.

  2. Update: On Thursday morning, the cyclist (44), who fell under a concrete mixer in Berlin-Wilmersdorf on Monday, was declared brain dead in the hospital.

    The police first issued a message at noon that the patient had died. Shortly thereafter, she corrected: “The cyclist did not die, contrary to initial information, she was declared brain dead by doctors. The woman continues to be treated in intensive care in the clinic!” Source:

    The problem isn’t a handful of weirdos blocking a street, but the police who doesn’t clear the street immediately.
    The police act on government orders.
    Let’s see if action is now taken against these criminals.
    But I doubt it, this poor woman is after all only brain dead.

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