Germans Are Shocked — Shocked! — to Learn That the Greens Lied

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So the Greens lied to us about the nuclear power plant issue!

The Greens assured us again and again that it would not make sense to continue operating the nuclear power plants. We would have “no electricity problem,” said Economics Minister Robert Habeck, Environment Minister Steffi Lemke and Green Party leader Ricarda Lang, like a mantra. But that was a lie that was spread against the advice of experts: This is proven by 166 documents from the environment and economics ministries, which environment minister Steffi Lemke (Greens) had to hand over to the Die Welt am Sonntag and the Cicero on application [both are behind a paywall].

Explosive: Robert Habeck and his Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection refused to hand over the documents, which they are legally obliged to do! He wanted to cover up what Welt was able to prove anyway: the Greens lied to us in the nuclear debate — and neutralized experts who wanted to tell the truth.

The files show how Habeck and company put their crude anti-nuclear ideology above the security of supply in Germany: Against the advice of their own experts. Experts in Habeck’s ministry “obviously” considered the continued operation of the remaining nuclear power plants to be the right, sensible decision — Habeck ignored them. Just like the Ministry of the Environment, which apparently let a letter from the BMWK [Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection] experts go straight into the wastepaper basket, ignoring the words of the experts as well. When the head of the “Society for Reactor Safety”, which is close to the ministry, criticized the phase-out of nuclear power, he was quickly muzzled by State Secretary for the Environment Christian Kühn (Green Party) and was no longer allowed to comment.

Afterword from the translator:

The Greens and the truth: a very difficult subject for them. It starts off with fake CVs and then there’s no end of misery in sight for the people when they get their ideologically retarded ball rolling.

Also, one wonders why the EU had classified Nuclear Power as climate-neutral? Could it be that other EU countries can have that very “cheap” electricity, and Germany will be no longer competitive because of the ban by the Greens?

To me it looks like the end stadium of the Morgenthau Plan, just on steroids, because they are also busy destroying agriculture.

2 thoughts on “Germans Are Shocked — Shocked! — to Learn That the Greens Lied

  1. Breaking news: the system works. A close collegue of foreign secretary Baerbock switched ranks. He got employed by Germanys largest provider of electricity, RWE , who runs coal, gas, fuel and nuclear power plants.
    Like all of his ilk, he is highly qualified for an executive job in the industry having a bachelors degree in ethnology and another blabla science. My guess is that in the case of a nationalisation of this sector, ten thousands of well cushionned jobs would be created for the green fellows.

  2. So the “greens ” in German politics goal is easy civil services jobs overseeing running windmills or overseeing coal mining operations who would have thunk it what ever is the flavor of the day! How many left leaning democrats in the American Congress or Senate have stock or family and friends have stock in green energy companies that the government is going to flood with “build back better money”? How many have stock in arms providers as we gear up to WW111 with a demented old man at the helm of American government!

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