Vax Mandate Lifted in Italy

The recent Italian election that elevated Giorgia Meloni to the office of prime minister is having its effects on public policy: the vax mandate for medical personnel has been lifted, and unvaxed employees may return to work.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Breaking news from just a few minutes ago. The session of the Council of Ministers has ended.
00:04   As previously announced, mandatory vaccination for medical personnel has been lifted.
00:09   It becomes inoperative tomorrow, November 1, and no longer on December 31.
00:14   The medical staff can go back to work, after over a year of oppressive
00:18   and discriminatory measures that were unprecedented in the history of the Republic.
00:22   Only during the Fascist Era can we find something similar, such as the racial laws.
00:27   An extremely dark period of our history is over, at last.
00:32   I hope that the Government, after keeping this electoral promise,
00:36   will not yield to the pressures coming from all sides.
00:40   In the today’s session, the Government has extended
00:43   the mandatory use of masks in nursing homes and in hospitals,
00:46   yielding to pressures coming from all sides.
00:51   But as for mandatory vaccination, it has remained coherent.
00:54   I hope they will not yield to more pressure in the future. As you all know, because of the cuts
00:57   in health expenditures due to the austerity policies, our National Health Service is falling apart.
01:01   Winter has always been a difficult time for hospitals, even before Covid came,
01:07   because we have few physicians and very few hospital beds. So we already know
01:12   there will be a great pressure to restore those liberticidal measures.
01:16   Let’s hope the Government’s approach will stand firm, at least concerning this topic.