Culture-Enriching Trick-or-Treat in Austria and Germany

Fun-loving “youths” in Austria and Germany had a hot time last night celebrating Halloween in their traditional fashion — rioting and throwing bottles and firecrackers at police and passersby.

The two articles below report on the All Hallows’ festivities. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian outlet Heimat-Kurier. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Halloween: Migrant riots throughout Austria and Germany

Not only in Linz, but in numerous other Austrian and German cities, there were riots by migrants last night. We document and summarize the processes.

Migrant groups band together, throw firecrackers, fire blank guns and attack passers-by. Then they deliver hour-long street battles and chases with the approaching police. These frightening scenes took place last night not only in Linz, but in numerous other cities in Germany and Austria.

Austria: Linz as a hotspot

According to the current state of knowledge, Linz was the most violent place. As reported, up to 200 migrants ganged up in the city center and threw firecrackers at passers-by. Then there was a real street fight with the police, two police officers were injured. The Krone already has information on the 130 people whose identities were determined by the police: “50% foreigners, 20% naturalized migrants and 30% Austrians or from other EU countries.”

Firecracker riots in Vienna, Salzburg and Klagenfurt

There were also firecracker riots by migrants in other cities. A video from Vienna shows corresponding scenes in the migrant district of Favoriten. In the Floridsdorf district, a group of young people blew up several garbage containers and telephone booths. In Salzburg , two groups — consisting of “numerous aggressive young people” — threw firecrackers into the crowd and triggered a large-scale operation. According to residents, it took almost an hour for the police to intervene. In Klagenfurt, 20 masked youths rioted in front of a family home because they were refused sweets. The father of the family was threatened with a knife, and stones and bottles were thrown at the property.

Riots in German cities

In Germany, too, hordes of migrants used the opportunity for riots and violence. In Hamburg and Berlin in particular, there were outright “hunting scenes” and attacks on the police, as Bild reports. In both cases, the emergency services reported unanimously that “adolescents” and “young adults” were the perpetrators. A police spokeswoman said that in recent years the “scale of such riots has increased”. [I wonder why?]

Netflix movie as inspiration?

Numerous videos of the riot scenes with reference to the Netflix film “Athena” are currently circulating on Snapchat and TikTok. For example, a user writes: “Linz = Athena” or “Linz has become Athena”. In the film, young migrants from the banlieues hijack police stations and turn their neighborhood into a fortress. It’s little wonder that the rioters like this film and, with its morally accusatory undertone, also serves as legitimacy for their actions. [First sue Netflix and then get rid of it and other such rubbish producers.]

Population replacement as root cause

Why such incidents continue to increase can be explained above all by looking at the population statistics and asylum numbers. Due to the progressive influx of migrants, the targeted riots and violence by this clientele is increasing. No symptomatic treatment will help against further escalation — as is now being demanded by numerous politicians — but only a consistent fight against population replacement through closed borders and remigration. [And incentives for the native population to make babies, instead of penalizing them. But what do I know?]

Afterword from the translator:

Well, a blind and deaf man on crutches could have predicted that something like this would happen, will happen again and WILL escalate more and more into open warfare if you bring millions of hostile and testosterone-overloaded young males from Third World countries into Europe. And since Europe isn’t run by blind and deaf men on crutches, but instead by the criminally insane and ideologically retarded, what can anyone expect to happen otherwise? Europe is already a dumpster fire inside a munitions factory, thanks to liberal idiocies, and will rewrite the “Big Bang Theory”.

Secondly, many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung, as referenced in the first article:

Many migrants present

Halloween rioters should lose asylum, status

The “Night of Horror” should not remain without consequences. According to information made available to Krone, the Halloween rioters in Linz were mainly young Syrians, Afghans, and Chechens, many of them asylum seekers. Interior Minister Gerhard Karner now says: Withdrawal proceedings should be started without delay.

130 reports and nine arrests on the night before All Saints’ Day in the inner city of Linz. As reported, the riots — 200 youths rioted for hours and threw firecrackers and glass bottles at passersby and police — were no coincidence. It was rather a planned action. On TikTok, it was announced 19 hours in advance.

The large operation around Halloween night had already been debated in Upper Austria on Tuesday morning. The mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger (SPÖ — Austrian Social Democrat Party), announced that in Linz there would be “zero tolerance for violent acts— no matter the motive.” State Governor Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP — Austrian People’s Party), praised, among others, “the courageous operation” of the security forces. At the same time, he stressed the necessity of “strengthening the punishment for attacks against policewomen and policemen.”

Ruling FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party) — OÖ (Upper Austria) rants against Federal ÖVP

The FPÖ-Upper Austria, which governs the state with the Peoples’ Party, took the occasion of the incident to criticize the Federal ÖVP. “That is the visible bill for the failed and sleepy migration policy of Federal Chancellor Nehammer and Interior Minister Karner,” stated State Party Secretary Michael Gruber.

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) first explained in a press release that he had instructed the state police director and city police commandant to convene a security summit with the mayor in order to “analyze the situation and decide on the necessary measures.” To make it more precise to Krone: The security summit will “be convened immediately” and asylum withdrawal procedure will be “initiated immediately.”

5 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Trick-or-Treat in Austria and Germany

  1. I think if the police would treat those “enrichers” the same way they treat neo-nazis then the entire left would scream about a new George Floyd, human right violations etc.
    On the other hand: It would be less then 5 seconds for their behaviour to end.

  2. Yeah, that was a fun Halloween, wasn’t it? *sarc off.
    And still– no one in power is waking up from the slumber. Best to ignore it and convene another (useless) round table.
    And, by the way, today is the second anniversary of the Vienna attacks. Wreath-laying activities by the government and reps from the Jewish and Islamic Faith Communities at the memorial. It’s really hard to keep a straight face in this madness.

  3. I am amazed that the police haven’t formed death squads yet, sooner or later it will happen, or the people start forming security committees.

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