Culture-Enriching Gang Rape at a Malmö Playground

You’ll never guess what happened in Malmö last week.

Ah, those rambunctious “youths”!

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nya Dagbladet:

Five immigrants charged for aggravated rape in Malmö

October 26, 2022

Five young men are charged with aggravated rape that took place just after 11pm on Saturday night in central Malmö. Four of the suspected perpetrators are from Syria while one is stateless.

The rape, which occurred on a playground in King’s Park in Malmö, was broken up by patrolling police. Five persons were arrested and are now in custody for probable cause.

“I am requesting they be held in custody on probable cause for suspicion of aggravated rape. We need to investigate the circumstances more closely,” says Prosecutor Kristina Amilon to SVT [Swedish state TV] News in Skåne just before 11am on Wednesday.

All five suspects are immigrants. Four are from Syria, one is stateless, and they were reportedly born between 2004-2007. The ethnicity of the victim is not known.

It is noteworthy that neither tax-funded Swedish TV nor Swedish Radio state anything about the fact that all of the suspects are of non-Swedish background. Instead, they are briefly described as “youths” in the reporting.

4 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Gang Rape at a Malmö Playground

  1. Who or what were the orcs raping? Male? Female? Rabid donkey?

    That it occurred at a playground implies a minor or perhaps a teen due to the time of the rape. At this point I am past caring about the fate of the raped object. Swedes brought this upon themselves and the fact that none of the police who interrupted the rape thought to summarily execute the orcs demonstrates that they don’t particularly care about the welfare of their own kin. I’ll save my sympathy for those who actually fight back.

    • You are right. In South America the police decided to go Black Ops aka Death Squadron.
      But in Europe and the USA the police doesnt do anything.
      But what the cops forget: in a few years, when they retire, they will no longer have a badge that protects them. Then they will be victim-material.
      And I hope that they then see what they brought upon us and themselves by not-acting.

      And I would consider it the ultimate irony if one such ex-cop would be mugged by a gang and before his eyes are closed forever he sees that the gangleader is one of the criminals that he let go a few years earlier.

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