An Emergency in the Emergency Services

Emergency medical services in Germany are in crisis, due to a shortage of ambulances, equipment, etc. The problem is driven by the testing and quarantine requirements of the Corona regimen, but that aspect of the issue is not being dealt with.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Rescue services overwhelmed — will the emergency doctor only come selectively in the future?

Massive supply problems

In the provinces of Russia, the emergency doctors are often faced with a difficult choice. Because too few rescue workers are available, they often have to clarify when they call whether it is “worth it” to send one of the rare rescue teams — which would otherwise be missing. Older patients in particular fall by the wayside — because when in doubt, younger people are given preference. I always told my Russian friends that such conditions are unthinkable in Germany.

Unfortunately, all that seems to have changed now. “Ambulance for every mission? ‘We can’t afford that any longer,’” writes Die Welt in an article behind a paywall: “The rising Corona numbers could soon bring the rescue services to the limit again. That may lead to surprising cuts. The chairman of the German professional association for rescue services calls for an end to the ‘fully comprehensive cover mentality’.”

It is astonishing that the chairman is demanding swabs from patients. The obvious idea of bridling the horse from the front and starting with the exaggerated test and quarantine rules is apparently taboo among politicians, the media and doctors who do not want to kick themselves to the sidelines of society. A look across the German borders to other countries would be enough to see how lonely Germany is with the continuation of the Corona panic. And also with all the far-reaching consequences that result from it. Like now the ambulance shortage. Which certainly has other reasons than Corona — but German fanaticism in dealing with the virus plays an important role in the problem.

“There are currently fewer ambulances on the road because the increasing number of Corona illnesses is causing more and more staff shortages. And we are only at the beginning of the wave,” said Marco König, first chairman of the association, to Die Welt. The article goes on to say: “It was only a few months ago that it became apparent how quickly warnings can lead to an acute overload of the rescue services. When a Corona wave caused a drastic increase in infections across Germany in June, the rescue service in Berlin exceeded its capacity limit. For almost sixteen hours, the control centers struggled to find any ambulances at all. Eventually, they even sent fire engines on medical missions to somehow get the situation under control.”

No, you did not misread. Such conditions prevail in the supposedly “best Germany of all time”. And not only in the red-red-green governed capital. “The rising Covid infections are once again presenting the rescue services with problems,” writes Die Welt, and thus dutifully implements “framing”. Because it is the testing regime and the quarantine rules that cause the problems. And just shake their heads at the critical experts.

According to König, patients in many cities already have to “wait longer than usual for an ambulance.” With a few exceptions, rescue services across the country are struggling with staff shortages due to Corona, the official told the newspaper: “To ensure that the medical emergency services do not reach their limit or go beyond every Corona wave, König calls for drastic reforms in rescue services and control centers.” Too many ambulances and emergency vans were sent out, even when this was not necessary at all. These are structural problems that already existed before Corona. But the causes of these problems have not yet been addressed. [I guess if they hadn’t poisoned the vast majority of their population, they wouldn’t be in this mess.]

An assessment that is remarkable. Because if it were said about Corona, according to the prevailing opinion in politics and the media, it would be tantamount to heresy. And this is exactly where the cat bites its tail in the Welt report, because the colleagues suppress the crucial question: If you are already against a fully comprehensive cover mentality — shouldn’t you first have to rethink the Corona measures that contribute significantly to the current staff shortage?

But such questions are not allowed. Or whoever asks them must expect to be ostracized.

Afterword from the translator:

And again the subjunctive is used like a whore on the side of the road; should, could, would, are the most common words used by politicians and the media to project horror scenarios, and the Michel believes this nonsense.

The basic evil is that there is always a lack of money in the health care system in Germany, and it is homemade and more than obvious. Simply put, Germany has one of the most expensive and inefficient healthcare systems. The massive costs from ancillary services eat up the funds. Just ask my mum. Health care costs that are not covered by social assistance and Hartz IV, mass immigration and the resulting increase in treatment costs, since the majority of people in Germany are rehabilitating their health, teeth, glasses, prostheses, etc. etc… While medical doctors and nurses make up the smaller part of the health care costs. The contribution assessment ceiling, which will increase slightly to €66,600.00 annually from January 1, 2023, is a fundamental evil.

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  1. Got to pay for all the ‘New Germans’ and Ukraine somehow. It’s Slivi Ikryini! and Allahu Snackbar! all the way down for Germany at this point.

  2. Yes, the healthcare.
    If I pay I do so for me and (if I had) my family.

    But for muslims it is way better:
    When the first muslims came to Germany they made a deal (and I dont know if it involves Germans making holiday in Turkey) but while a German pays only for his family (himself, wife, children) for muslims the entire clan is in.

    Add the millions of muslim asylum seekers and it is no secret why we Germans have nearly no money.

    But the silverlining:

    When we have no money, the entire EU goes down.
    Good Riddance.

    Bad thing:
    Before the muslims leave I assume they will go on a spree of looting, killing etc.
    But I hope then they are gone, because Germeny can be cold. Colder then South East Anatolia or Syria or Nigeria etc.

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