Raped and Thrown Down a Mineshaft

The following video and article describe the horrific crimes committed by Taher Amini, a “Swedish” culture-enricher whose country of origin is unclear. Like the Somali knifeman of Ludwigshafen, Mr. Amini is a graduate of the Class of 2015. His application for asylum in Sweden was denied, and he lost a subsequent appeal. His deportation was ordered in 2018, but for some reason he never left Sweden.

When a young woman rejected his advances, Taher Amini raped her and threw her down an 80-foot mineshaft. When he saw she was still alive, he threw rocks at her down the shaft.

Somehow the woman survived, and was able to testify against her attacker in court. He has now been sentenced to life in prison, plus deportation. That’s an unusually stiff sentence by the standards of Swedish “justice”, which typically hands down ludicrously short prison terms, or probation. However, I have no idea how many years he is likely to actually spend behind bars. As for deportation — his deportation was ordered once before, so why should we expect him to leave the country after he gets out of prison?

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article from Aftonbladet about the case, also translated by Gary Fouse:

Taher Amini raped and pushed woman down a mineshaft — sentenced to life in prison

Former wife disappeared — Reportedly said he killed her

by Beri Zangana

A woman was raped and pushed down a 24-meter [80-foot] mineshaft where she lay seriously injured for over 31 hours.

She has described the incident as a horror film.

Now 41-year-old Taher Amini has been sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder and aggravated rape.

The woman was found in a 24-meter deep mineshaft in Norberg on 22 April after passersby heard her call for help.

41-year-old Taher Amini was charged with attempted murder and aggravated rape.

The police investigation revealed that the woman was pushed into the shaft by Amini. There the woman remained for a long time.

During questioning, the woman expressed that she feared for her life. The woman herself believes that Taher Amini wanted to force her to marry him so that he would get a residence permit.

Just before the incident, the woman and Taher Amini were reportedly driving together, and he then reportedly said that he wanted to marry her. In the investigation, it was revealed that the man was supposed to drive her to Örebro. Instead, he drove her to a wooded area outside Norberg where he beat her and raped her before throwing her down the mineshaft.

Amini noticed that the woman was still alive and began throwing bricks at her where she lay in the mineshaft. Then he left the shaft.

But the woman miraculously survived.

Now 41-year-old Taher Amini has been sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder and aggravated rape. He is also sentenced to deportation.

“He showed particular recklessness”

The judgment states, among other things:

“The crime must be judged as aggravated since Taher Amini used violence and threats which were of a particularly serious nature and showed particular recklessness and brutality in that there was repeated violence and repeated threats to kill her. Furthermore, the incident occurred in an isolated and dangerous place.”

Councilor Johan Alvner says in a statement the acts were planned and the murder attempt occurred to hide the rape.

“Taking together the plaintiff’s suffering and fear of death, the punishment level for attempted murder is very close to what would have applied had the plaintiff died. Since the man is also convicted of aggravated rape, we have found that the punishment should be life in prison.”

Previous wife still missing

Aftonbladet has earlier obtained documents that show that Taher Amini came to Sweden in 2015 and applied for a residence permit.

The Migration Board rejected his application two years later and decided on deportation. In 2018, the decision was appealed, but the Migration Board rejected the appeal. The same year, the court decided not to grant permission to appeal.

Amini has had three children and has also been married. Before he pushed the young woman down the mineshaft, he reportedly told her he had killed his previous wife, His previous wife is still missing.

The 41-year-old denies both having killed his previous wife and raping and throwing the young woman down the mineshaft.

Amini’s defense attorney, Anders Ylönen, says that they are not satisfied with the verdict and will appeal it next week.

“We are dissatisfied with the court’s decision and will take it to the court of appeal for a new trial,” he says.

Video transcript:

00:01   Yesterday a woman was found in a mineshaft in Norberg,
00:05   and police suspect the woman was pushed down the shaft.
00:08   Passersby reportedly heard cries from the mineshaft and alerted the police.
00:13   Attempted murder in Norberg. This is what happened.
00:17   A man and woman came to the location by car. Police suspect the man raped the woman,
00:23   then pushed her down in this deep mineshaft which lies next to me.
00:27   After he was located, the man was arrested… He was arrested at an address in southern Sweden,
00:31   according to information given to Aftonbladet. He is suspected of rape and attempted murder.
00:37   According to further information given to Aftonbladet, the suspected motive behind this act
00:40   was courtship. The man reportedly wanted to marry the girl but was rejected.
00:45   It’s very true. When I came here, I heard someone calling down there
00:49   with a weak voice and wailing.
00:52   Then I told her we were here and would help her —
00:57   and we had personnel on the way. So we sent someone down, who went down and secured her.
01:05   The woman was saved from the 24-meter-deep mineshaft and then taken directly to the hospital.
01:09   The woman was in the shaft for 31 hours, severely injured. The suspect reportedly
01:13   came back several times to the shaft to make sure the woman was dead, and threw stones at her.
01:21   In October the judgment was handed down against 41-year-old Taher Amini,
01:25   who was arrested shortly after the woman was found.
01:29   He is sentenced to life in prison and deportation for aggravated rape and attempted murder.

9 thoughts on “Raped and Thrown Down a Mineshaft

    This hatred of women shows clearly that he suppresses his feminine feelings.
    It is clear from psychology that those that are the biggest female haters are in reality closeted Trans-Women.
    Yes, this guy wants to be a woman and to avoid facing the reality and acknowlegding it, he beats up, rapes and tries to kill women.

    We should be merciful and help him transition to be a woman, so he can embrace his own feminity.

    …and then we should parachute this … in female erotic underwear to the most backward part of afghanistan. And make sure his clothes emit hormones that make any man extremely …(you know what I mean).
    Of course considering how uptight those muslims are, just the sight of a woman in erotic underwear should be enough.

    • Amazing, essentially I was going to write the same thing without the free trip to Afghanistan, the in depth psychological analysis and the irony notifications. I was going more in the direction of everyone he speaks to only hears, “Oh your want to be a woman?” maybe while doing a Swedish Borat imitation. Keep telling him how he would make a hot woman. Everyone will want her. I will be your first. Maybe you can stay in Sweden as a woman.

    • Just transition him into a goat. Orcs aren’t picky regarding fornication outside their species.

      Personally, I wouldn’t go to the trouble involved. Gibbeting wouldn’t work too well on a Somali since they’d just slither between the bars. And bullets are too expensive and humane to waste on such a beast. A flamethrower would be my tool of choice to cauterize such a festering infestation.

  2. It still surprises me that native white women have not seen theses incidents as warnings and stayed away from these 3rd world savages, but nope they constantly put themselves in danger completely ignoring the warnings because diversity good, white man bad.

    • I don’t find it surprising at all.

      They consistently vote against their own best interests and are easily manipulated by emotional arguments. Extending the franchise to females has been an absolute disaster for the West, and the nations outside the West that have universal suffrage are only a generation or two behind us in the race towards societal destruction.

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