You Never Know When the Gun Might Go Off by Accident

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz seems to be following the Alec Baldwin playbook concerning the coming Long Hot Autumn in Germany. After all, nobody intends to shoot anybody, but we now know that guns sometimes go off, even when no one actually pulls the trigger…

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Olaf Scholz: No one intends to give the order to shoot demonstrators

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz was in Neuruppin (Brandenburg) yesterday evening [17 August] to answer questions from citizens. A question from the audience made it particularly clear how great the population’s fears about the coming Autumn and Winter are: a citizen asked whether there would be orders to shoot at demonstrators who were critical of the government.

Scholz’ answer was in no way reassuring: No one intends to… The Germans already know that.

Scholz was received in Neuruppin at the Citizens’ Dialogue with whistles and calls such as “Get lost!” and “Traitors!” Both the Left and the AfD had previously called for counter-demonstrations, according to media reports, around 300 protesters were said to have been present. However, the concerns of the population were also made abundantly clear in the dialogue. One of those present asked: “When people take to the streets again, will you give the order to shoot? Will the police who are here now be used against the population? We witnessed what close call it was here. The question is meant seriously.”

At this point, a “demonstrators will not be shot under any circumstances” would probably have been the least. Instead, Scholz seemed to prefer to model himself on the German Democratic Republic’s head of state Walter Ulbricht, who on June 15, 1961 made the memorable statement; “No one intends to build a wall!”. As a reminder: Two months later the Berlin Wall was up.

Literally, Scholz said: ”Nobody in this country intends to shoot demonstrators.” And that anyone who spreads such “horror tales” is a very bad propagandist. Time will tell. In any case, the response to his quote on social networks is anything but positive. At the latest, since his about-face in terms of compulsory vaccination, Scholz’s assurances — even if they are more convincing than those of yesterday evening — can be given little credence, as is well known.

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Those present in Neuruppin did not seem to take Scholz’s announcements seriously as a further relief — so far, too little of the promised help has arrived. Instead, they shone with redistribution measures. At least it was announced today that the federal government would like to temporarily reduce the value-added tax on gas from 19% to 7% in order to give relief to gas customers who have been hit by the gas surcharge. [The EU told them they cannot do it and get stuffed, there will be no lowering of that tax.] Scholz was again very optimistic when the announcement was made: “We expect companies to pass on this relief one-to-one,” he said. [And as it was with Corona and Big Pharma, some of these energy companies have made huge profits already. Peculiar, isn’t it?]

We will see that too. It is by no means only the heating costs that make citizens despair despite all energy-saving measures (or will make them despair in the future — for many it only becomes real when the utility bills have been submitted). If politicians want to prevent mass protests in autumn and winter, they will have to act accordingly. In any case, the fact that citizens even ask about a shooting order speaks volumes about the German government.

Afterword from the translator:

Führer Schwab found another set of perfectly perfidious idiots! He laughs himself to sleep every night about how easy it is to manipulate people! Scholz, Habeck, Baerbock and so many others who are willingly doing his dirty work for his megalomania and dystopian fantasy around the world. I don’t know of any politicians at the moment who haven’t lied publicly more than once. I definitely don’t trust them. For me, almost all of them are criminals against humanity.

8 thoughts on “You Never Know When the Gun Might Go Off by Accident

  1. Excellent! The tighter these marxist squeeze, the easier it is all going to slip through their fingers, then the Cescescu days will come creeping out of the shadows. Oh the fun and games ahead, I can’t stand the anticipation of it all.

  2. Just like the dutch police officer shooting at the person at the tractor or A l e c B a l d w in .

  3. No one intends to hang traitorous pustulent quisling elites from lampposts and overpasses either. These things just happen…

  4. Perhaps the German state plans to import UN goons to do the bloodwork, much as Trudeau opted for last autumn.

    While the German state itself merely cancels the protesters – close bank accounts, turn off phones, turn off any residual power supply, get them sacked.

    • I doubt it.

      The Germans are highly adept at perpetrating violence on innocents as history has repeatedly shown. And police thugs are the same the world over.

      When the order is given, German police thugs will again beat innocents with gleeful abandon and Teutonic efficiency.

      • And dont forget that the German police now is composed of not only native Germans but also muslims.

        So they will gladly and with great pleasure beating us up.
        And after some time they may even follow in the footsteps of their ancesters (of the native Germans) who were good at killing innocents. Just ask the people of Poland, Russia etc.

  5. The system will adjust manage for 6 months but after that there will be a serious crisis as everything will have run out. Maybe they can ask Russia for food aid?.
    Mass migration worsens things, but business needs its welfare money from the population. It is MONEY laundering. It is the way the elites get super rich by bringing in masses of people who are given government money that they spend on accommodation, food, etc. This is how big business gets it’s hand on taxpayer money until there is no money left. It happens in Australia too. Mass migration, social welfare and all tax money is syphoned off into the pockets of the rich. The public gets poorer, never complains because welfare is a “noble expenditure” and the rich get richer. Same in the US too. That’s why govts don’t care the public is getting poorer and cannot afford to have children of their own. It’s a “legal” way of diverting govt money into the pockets of the rich.

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