Mass Immigration: Austria Says “Forget It!”

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

“No way! No chance!” — Austria launches anti-mass migration campaign

Like Germany, Austria has long since reached its breaking point due to a destructive migration policy. ÖVP [Österreichische Volkspartei, Austrian People’s Party] Interior Minister Karner wants to use a “No Way! No Chance!” campaign to discourage potential migrants and combat people-smuggling. Criticism always comes reflexively from the same side.

“We have record numbers of asylum applications. There were 42,000 in 2022 by the end of July. That’s more than in the whole of last year,” said Austria’s ÖVP Interior Minister Gerhard Karner. Karner’s ministry has therefore presented an online campaign that — as has been used successfully in Australia since 2014 — is intended to discourage migrants from making their way to Europe. According to Karner, there are many asylum applications from people from countries who “have practically no chance of asylum”. Nationally and at EU level, it must be clearly signaled that there would be no positive prospects for certain applicants, for example from “holiday countries”.

For example, pictures show a border soldier with a shepherd dog standing in front of a border fence with barbed wire, with the words “There is no way” underneath. Other pictures read in different languages: “You cannot stay” or “You will fail.”

In Austria criticism comes — how could it be otherwise? — from the same green corner. The Green Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic — like her German comrades — puts the well-being of migrants above that of their own compatriots, and demands: “We have to create legal escape routes. The Greens and the People’s Party have agreed to that in their Government program and give people the opportunity to apply for a work visa.” The Greens unashamedly spread the lie that mass migration from the Muslim poorhouses of this world would solve the alleged labor shortage.

The Viennese migration researcher Judith Kohlenberger — she is a permanent commentator on the subject of migration on Austrian public radio and writes regularly for the left-wing combat newspaper FALTER — criticizes that there is no evidence whatsoever for the success of such information campaigns.

A false claim by this mass migration cheerer. How it works was shown in 2014 by the then-conservative Australian government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott with the campaign “No Way” — “No chance — Australia will not be your homeland”. The government in Canberra spread this message in a total of 17 languages — from Albanian to Arabic, Farsi and Somali to Vietnamese and placed advertisements in several countries — including in Pakistani newspapers. The unmistakable message: Any boat illegally entering Australian waters will be pushed aside. “This rule applies to everyone: families, children, unaccompanied children, the educated and professionals,” the government clarified. “Think twice before you waste your money. People-smugglers lie.”

As a result, the number of mass migrations via boat landings fell drastically. In 2014 only one boat was registered — a year later not a single one landed. Migrants who do make it to Australia have been held in detention centers abroad — in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. And despite this success — in the end countless people were saved from drowning — the intolerable criticism by the Greens. It was “obscene” that the Australian Government was investing the equivalent of $16 million in a “fear campaign”, according to the then-migration policy spokeswoman for the Australian Greens, Sarah Hanson-Young.

Afterword from the translator:

How many times do I have to repeat myself in this: just STOP giving them incentives, don’t pay a blue cent for their upkeep, and they will not come any longer in droves. It’s as simple as that.

2 thoughts on “Mass Immigration: Austria Says “Forget It!”

  1. Being an Austrian citizen myself – our government is proposing one thing, but doing another.
    Like they always do.

    It’s just shadow boxing for the public to get a higher rate of voters approval.
    Because of the sanctions and energy crisis the coalition parties already are in dire straits.

  2. As an Australian who has witnessed boat arrivals to this country for decades, I am amazed by the reluctance of European nations to copy the policy of just saying “no”. The Australian policy was successful and saved many lives. It has also avoided an increase in violent crime attributed to different belief systems that lead to violent behaviour as we have seen in Germany, Sweden and any other European country where large numbers of “refugees” have entered.

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